The Medic

The Medic

The film is set in a modern war, probably between a European country and a country in the Far East. Behind the battle lines, in a medical unit, a surgeon falls in love with an idealistic nurse after an initially difficult meeting.

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The Medic torrent reviews

James T (ag) wrote: So moving and absorbing, it makes history feel like I'm living it.

Benjamin L (nl) wrote: This is quite atmospheric and enjoyable for a low budget horror flick. I would have liked it more if the supernatural creature was more tangible though.

Niklas J (it) wrote: Parts of it is ridiculous and extremely bad while many other parts are surprisingly good. Overall a wasted potential.

Manny C (mx) wrote: It's a coming of age tale as told by David Duchovny, in his directorial debut. He has a good eye for scene set-up, but a tin ear for dialog. It's what kills this period tale about Tom Warshaw (Duchovny), an artist residing in Paris with his French wife, remembering his life in Manhattan in 1973 when he was thirteen, an age his son is now reaching. That when things turn back to Greenwich Village, where young Tommy (Anton Yelchin, in a quite good performance) is dealing with his nurse mother (Tea Leoni, Duchovny's real-life wife) battling depression after his father passes from cancer. Tommy finds solace in his visits with a delivery guy named Pappas (Robin Williams, not doing too well). He and Pappas come up with a plan to to buy a bicycle, hiding their cash for the bike right outside the Women's House of Detention, or House of D. It's there that inmate Lady (Erykah Badu) extols advice to Tommy on how to get drugs, get a girl (Zelda Williams, Robin's daughter) and cope with the plot complications usually reserved for made-for-tv movies. There is authenticity in the movie, but it's only on the surface. The heart isn't there.

Lenora M (gb) wrote: I liked this movie a lot and the leads had chemistry. I also liked the guy who played the eye doctor. I just didn't like that we don't find out if she fully gets her vision back. I guess it makes sence for the killer to be some random guy but I wanted a twist. It was still enjoyble to watch.

Luke P (nl) wrote: Attempting to come across as a smart satire on the music industry, Ring of Darkness instead just comes across as amateurish to the extreme. Bad acting, bad screenplay, bad idea; just bad bad bad bad. A zombie boyband that steals the life force from others. That actually sounds pretty good actually. Except it's not. It's interesting to see how low Adrienne Barbeau's (the ex Mrs John Carpenter) star has fallen. I'm actually intrigued by some of director David DeCoteau's other work. Films such as Voodoo Academy, Grizzly Rage and Leeches! all sound like good fun. Which this film kind of is too. Inept in every department, but a good film to stick on if you've got friends round who fancy a laugh.

Isabelle W (de) wrote: Uma crtica genial a uma viso evolucionista de mundo, trazendo a tona um futuro em que as relaes humanas dariam lugar a contatos frios e superficiais entre pessoas totalmente manipuladas. A lgica, a tcnica substituindo a vida e a liberdade.

Calum P (kr) wrote: Although missing some of the regular cast members (Joan Sims and Charles Hawtrey), this Carry On is one of the better ones in the series. The script is sharp with some great gags deftly delivered by the ensemble. Sid James plays the experienced Captain of a cruise liner in charge of a crew with some inexperienced new recruits. This is the perfect setup for a series of disasters and the film duly delivers. Cruising is one of the earlier Carry Ons (first in colour) and maybe because of this, everyone seems fresh and on top of their game. The editing complements the script and the cast seem to have an energy which sometimes flags later in the series. The newer cast members keep the mix interesting and stand out performances from the wonderful Esma Cannon, Kenneth Williams (shower scene !) and Sid James combine to produce one of the definitive Carry Ons.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Amusing musical about broadway girls who take part in a musical production during the Depression. Great opening with We're in the Money as well as a funny segment with the three girls in their apartment. A bit overlong, but it's an entertaining movie. However, for a Busby Berkely musical I was expecting more songs as well as more big numbers. Though the whole storyline with the girls taking advantage of the rich people was funny, I didn't expect it to take up most of the second half of the movie. Anyway, I liked it, I'll check out the other Gold Digger films.

Blake P (it) wrote: Whether the satire comes out and bitch slaps you or goes along nicely with your playful mindset doesn't matter to me - "Black Dynamite" is parody with bite, at once self-effacing yet distinctly aware of the subject it so lovingly laughs at, which is, in this case, the blaxploitation genre. Unlike the spot-on reverse portrayals of "MADtv" and "Saturday Night Live," its eagerness to deliver a chuckle is not based in a low-profile eye roll but genuine love; its makers, like me, have a soft spot for the low-budget, in-your-face filmmaking era. It's a modern "Shaft," "Superfly," only a little more self-aware and a hell of a lot funnier. You don't have to be a blaxploitation expert to get a kick out of all the action-packed hysteria. Our titular Black Dynamite is played by a magnificent Michael Jai White, who, when not chewing scenery and sexing up foxy ladies, is ridding the ghetto of invasive species of crime. As the film opens, he is in the process of avenging his brothers death and investigating the peculiar inclusion of heroin into the orphanages of the area. Kicking the asses of bad guys and spitting out one-liners like an addiction is all in a day's work; so unexpected is just how far the heroin case goes, and how Black Dynamite, normally a man who uses women like toys, begins to fall in love with Gloria Gray (Salli Richardson), a black power activist. There was not a moment during "Black Dynamite" that I wasn't smiling - it is so meticulous when evoking the shoddiness of blaxploitation that it sometimes seems like an extra-long sequence of the era's most laughable moments, from horrendous lines ("The worst thing about these pushers getting these children addicted to this new smack is that these children are orphans, and orphans don't have parents!") to an extended scene during which the boom microphone is clearly visible. Sanders's direction is fiendishly spot-on, and his screenplay, co-written with star White and Byron Minns, makes comedy seem effortless. But don't be fooled - consideration blaxploitation was always accidentally funny to begin with, unsuccessful parody could easily be seen as pale imitation. It's a good thing the creators of "Black Dynamite" are so perceptive. Then what would we have?? It's so pitch-perfect I could praise it for hours. There's the way Black Dynamite loves to refer to himself in third person (the characters around him never using "you," only his full title), the way the characters have names ranging from Tasty Freeze to Mo Bitches, the way the lyrical content of its soundtrack always reflects the current situation (not a stranger to real blaxploitation), or the way the final fist fight of the film leads all the way to the White House, where Dick and Pat Nixon have a brawl versus Black Dynamite perhaps as equally brutal as the confrontation between Vernita Green and The Bride in "Kill Bill." Undemanding, sharp, and ultimately satisfying, "Black Dynamite" will thrill fans of blaxploitation while still being universal enough to appeal to casual viewers. A delight.

Ed T (ca) wrote: Helen Mirren really doesn't blink while firing the machine gun :)

Joetaeb D (ca) wrote: Utterly flat in script, performances, direction, and fact that the singer twin is the not Elvis Presley, The identical could have been better if put straight to DVD.