The Memory Thief

The Memory Thief

A Los Angeles tollbooth clerk becomes obsessed with the Holocaust after meeting a survivor.

A growing obsession with the Holocaust exacerbates the mental breakdown of a lonely tollbooth operator. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus W (ru) wrote: Pearce and Pattinson try hard, but this vehicle quickly runs out of gas and then they spend the next 100 minutes trying to push it.

David J (de) wrote: Good acting and a gripping story carried this indie film.

Champ S (gb) wrote: Heart-warming film about teenager and their parents, but the story is a little slow for me.

Jason K (kr) wrote: Its the groundwork for a good film w cinematography, cast, and idea- just not a overall good mesh of story and screenplay to deliver it

Jamie W (gb) wrote: It just kept getting better the more I watched.

Jho R (it) wrote: Not as charming as the original.

Andrej B (ru) wrote: Much more fun when you find out that the giant rats in this movie are wiener dogs dressed as rats!

DENNIS F (de) wrote: Damn, this movie rules! Kelly really shows off his rock thowing skills in this one.

Nick M (gb) wrote: Yesterday (Sunday) started out with me waking up at 10:22. Why did I tell you the time down to the minute? For the simple fact that I told C that I would meet her (yes, the 'her' with a boyfriend) at 10:35 in the lobby of my dorm. We had planned to go into the city (Center City, Philadelphia) the whole week. Our train was at 11:00, the security car was escorting us at 10:45, and I was laying in bed at 10:23. I jolted out of bed and ran all over the place, thinking of all the things I had to do, but not accomplishing any of them (it is what I do when I realize I am in a hurry). I then came to my senses when I saw it was 10:28 and ran down to the shower. That must have been the fastest shower I've ever take. It wasn't even the slightest bit enjoyable and I don't think I washed my shins. I ran in my now slippery sandals down the hallway and entered my room. I rolled on some deodorant and sprayed some AXE to make me smell all sexy. I threw on some cargo shorts and a polo shirt and grabbed my wallet. I made it downstairs at 10:37. Not bad, eh? The day in the city was great. We both were saying how we love the city and were planning on visiting it frequently. We arrived at the train station with 5 minutes to wait. We looked at the big map which was encased in thick, almost bulletbroof, plastic. An older man apporached us and asked us if we needed any help with directions or what to take. We asked him how to get to the Philadelphia Art Museum, South Street and the Ritz East. He had all the answers. He sat there informing (even though lecturing would probably be more a more apt verb) us how, when and why. He even told us how you can bargain the prices of the fares. I must say that I have never seen anyone as compassionate about public transportation as he was. He even started talking about his mother and how she you to work int he secretarial field in NYC. He was a kind old man, and he must have given us about a dozen brochures and schedules. After that we talked to this wise old black woman who seemed like she had been through a lot. She was very outspoken and rambled on about politics and criminals when all we asked for was to validify that the bus we were on would stop at the art museum. Some homeless guy approached me and asked for a dollar and she gave him the dirtiest look I've ever seen and hissed, "He don't have a dollar for you!". It was so awesome. The evil glances they gave each other were priceless. She then told us that if he tried anything, she was ready to reach in her pocket and give him some Mace in the eye. She was so kind, I wish I could meet people like her all the time. The only thing that made me sad about meeting her was that she seemed like she had many life experiences, and now she was so distrusting of the world. It is why at times I enjoy being rather ignorant to certain things. We ate some Thai food at a place called Pagoda (yes, of course I decided to go there due to the name being synonymous with one of the best characters in [i]The Royal Tenenbaums[/i]). It was asian-tastic. It was also conveniently located right next to the theater. On the surface, this affecting morality tale looks like just another teenage revenge story, but it has deeper levels than the usually shallow vindictive tale. The whole cast, blemishes and all, turn in amazingly powerful and touching performances. The movie slightly wonders aimlessly and isn't without it clichs, but it never loses focus of it message of peace and the superfluity of violence, especially when unprovoked (which is something I feel strong about). I have witnessed on numerous occasions playful acts of violence. You know, like when a buddy punches you in the arm as a joke. I just don't find it funny and the filmmaker obviously doesn't either. This movie plays up these acts and in a way mocks them. It will make you feel a varied amount of emotions. One moment you will find yourself saying "aww!", and the next you will be saying, "ohh!", with sympathy and hatred also being felt constantly. [b]B+ [/b]There was unfairly only 5 people in the theater, including my friend and I. I rewatched [i]Election [/i]because for some reason unknown to mean, I felt a spontaneous impulse to watch it again. I had seen it, and thought it was merely good, and I'm sad to say that I stick with that opinion. It is far too flawed and jumpy to really get into the story or believe that these characters really exist. [b]B[/b] I caught [i]Germany, Year Zero[/i] on TCM at 2 AM and I'm surprised that I stayed up to watch it. I was dead tired when I got back to my dorm and as I flipped through the channels at 1:45, I remembered it was on. I pulled up a chair and stared at the screen. I am a fan of neorealistic cinema (with The Bicycle Thief being on of my favorites of all time), so I knew I was in for a realistically depressing and artful tale. That was exactly what I got. [b]B+[/b] Oh yeah, the art museum was beautiful. I'm going back there soon. There is way too much to take in on only trip. In February, they are opening an exibit on Salvador Dali, so you bet your ass I'll be there. Right now I have to go get my math book from my friend who I lent it to, so I can do the homework for the class (which is in 2 hours). I have to do my laundry, take a shower and get a hair cut. Is this what it is like being a college kid?