The Men of Sherwood Forest

The Men of Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood is persuaded by two nobles whom he believes to be loyal to King Richard to recover secret plans attaining to the rescue of the king from captivity in Germany. Though disguised as a troubadour, Robin is betrayed and captured. Lady Alys and the merry men help him escape in time to foil an intended ambush on King Richard as he returns from the Crusades.

The story opens in 12th Century England, King Richard is being held to ransom in Germany and Prince John is attempting to usurp the throne... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg G (es) wrote: All I have to say is wow...

Robert I (ru) wrote: Bright Abbott and his roommate get sucked into a porno universe ala "Last Action Hero". That alone is 4 stars. Sadly, there's not much you can do when that's your plot and your movie is not actually a porn. While it isn't very funny, it's amusing. And isn't that what late night comedies are all about? Besides, it's cool to see Chris Pratt still in "Everwood" shape and before he gained the weight and beard for "Parks & Recreation".

NawfSide C (mx) wrote: I've seen this movie over a million times and I love it

Ryan C (ag) wrote: The lack of cinematography and effects make it more realistic and enjoyableA somewhat heartbreaking ending to see his obsession with the pool literally rob him of all he desired

Naughtia N (it) wrote: I loved this movie. Robin Williams and Liev Schreiber were outstanding. This movie is set during WW2 in Warsaw where Nazis have taken control of a community of Jews. Jakob is one of the jews and somehow the word gets out that he owns a radio which according to Nazis is not allowed. Jakob tells his fellow citizens news that he claims that he has heard on the radio and this keeps the hopes up in the community, hopes that the war will soon have an end. This truly is a touching story and it is so well played by these talented actors.

Lee M (ca) wrote: The story is written for a young audience, but it makes the mistake of talking down to them rather than drawing them up.

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Mo B (ag) wrote: Rating: 93%WarGames is intelligent and suspenseful, with a surprisingly good performance from Matthew Broderick and a tense premise.

Mike L (gb) wrote: Warren William and Loretta Young star in a story about a department store in NYC, back then a very big deal. We see the appeal of Williams as a star in the very first scene with his speech in front of the department store executives, he is the focus and a focal point. Williams is a ruthless store manager, Curt Anderson, a role that he portrays par excellence. Loretta Young is Madeline, an unemployed looker seeking employment at the department store. The two meet after hours at the store and through mutual flirtation they agree to dinner and ...uhm...her employment. To increase sales Anderson holds a meeting with the executives to brainstorm ideas, one of which is to sell men's boxers next to men's ties next to women's articles because women buy men's boxers. As we progress Madeline and Mr. West, Wallace Ford, become an article just as Mr. West is promoted to Mr. Anderson's assistant, to the chagrin of Madeline, who despite what Martin says she does know Mr. Anderson better than Martin. The ruthless nature of the store is apparent when Higgins, an employee of 30 years is dismissed and then commits suicide outside the store after Anderson fires him and tells him he is useless. There is a scene at a party when Anderson and Madeline are under the influence and Madeline then pops a number of balloons with a cigarette, perhaps I read to much into this but I believe that this is symbolic of Anderson taking Madeline's virginity and a reason why she is seduced/raped by him at the party. Once Anderson is aware that West and Madeline are married he becomes enraged and tries to break up the marriage. The ending is complicated and great, Madeline drinks poison, West shoots Anderson, Anderson forgives him, Anderson hooks up with the hussy, Anderson gets the store back on track and the hussy gets left in the dust. In one of the great modern day scenes Williams drops the hussy's toy dog in the trash can when he informs her that he still has a job. If only we could do that with all the reality TV women who have a small dog, and drop the women in the can instead of the dog.

Scott M (nl) wrote: I have no idea of the historic accuracy of this film. Still, the music, costumes and locations cannot be faulted.

Jerry A (us) wrote: I was actually wanting to see this movie but it was no where near what I was expecting. Along with it being boring as all get out, the whole movie was from a cameras perspective. I can't stand those type of movies and can't believe the people who comes up with that type of movie thinks it's actually a good idea and something interesting to watch. Not worth the hour and a half to watch.

Maddy C (kr) wrote: This fifth instalment of the Harry Potter series sees another year at Hogwarts and once again its gets darker, more dramatic and better. With what is effectively the start of the dark days you can sense the intensity of the situation from all aspects of this film. Yet that it not entirely the case as Harry makes an even scarier discovery than ever. Girls. With hormones running high we see some lighthearted moments in the aftermath of the events of the fourth film. This is one of the greatest of the instalments so far. Another must see.

Kevin R (es) wrote: Don't ask me to make it rain.The Great Karoo is an area in Africa where many animals reside but the zebras have a secret watering hole there that they keep to themselves. One day a young zebra named Zhumba accidentally spills the beans on the water hole which leads to his exile. He is determined to find a new waterhole that will save his people and clear his name."You were faster than all the boys.""No. Just smarter."Anthony Silverston delivers Khumba in his major motion picture debut. The storyline for this picture is above average and fun to watch unfold (it did remind me a little of Open Season). The animation was excellent and way better than I anticipated. The voices were also better than I anticipated and include Steve Buscemi, Laurence Fishburne, Liam Neeson, Charles Adler, Jake Austin, Loretta Devine, Catherine Tate."No creature gazes upon the wings of doom!"I watched this with my daughter and I will admit we both enjoyed the animation style but found the story a bit boring (she was on and off interested). I do feel this is an above average cartoon with a solid animation style but the characters and plot are fairly mediocre (I did enjoy the conclusion). Overall, this is worth a viewing but I wouldn't add it to my DVD collection."I'm grooming for stardom here."Grade: C+

The Phantom C (jp) wrote: Despite the generic title, Santa Claus is a very unusual movie.

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: What makes Unthinkable good is the questions it forces it viewers to ponder. Samuel L Jackson is his normal great self and even though the film becomes a bit heavy handed it never becomes preachy and allows for criticism and support of its very real issues.