The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller

The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller

Samuel Fuller discusses his career as a filmmaker, illustrated by plenty of clips. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller torrent reviews

Michael D (fr) wrote: I don't think I got the metaphor or whatever this film was trying to convey. It had a couple moments that were funny but overall it was watching awkwardly as our main character is a spoiled jerk. The scene with the waitress from the restaurant in his boat must have had a deepen meaning. Something about being disconnected from other people or something.

Gary M (nl) wrote: Why did i watch this? I found it so boring.

Anjul G (au) wrote: finally got to see this on tv... acting wise huha movie.. but this liberal macbeth adaptation lacks some of the charm which omkara had.. maybe coz of the weaker music....

Rico F (us) wrote: I have to admit that I watched this movie nearly 15 years after it first came out. However that probably means that I appreciate it more now considering how the film still manages to maintain it's message all these years later. Denzel Washington proves that he has 'got game' once again. He seems to have a knack for taking on roles where the audience is able to not only identify but also sympathise with his characters, and this is no exception. Considering he is not an actor, Ray Allen proved to hold his own on-screen and this was refreshing to see. Not sure there are many other basketball players out there that could have held there own on the same stage as an actor like Denzel Washington.

Will E (gb) wrote: Fun as a period piece about the influence of punk rock--although not mentioned by name--but not much else. Diane Lane & Laure Dern are impossibly young! Cool live performances from members of punk giants the Sex Pistols and the Clash.

Elise M (us) wrote: I just wanna have something to do to-nite, to-oo-nite, toooooo-niiiiiite!

Louis K (mx) wrote: It's suppose to be corny, but I liked it.

Lee M (nl) wrote: Covering a two-year period, the outcome is at times disjointed and episodic as the title character played by Natalie Wood emerges more nebulous than definitive.

Tom H (us) wrote: a good old action movie in the form of the illegal moonshine business and the dangers it include. like high speed chases from both gangsters and tax agents. Mtchum did a great job here as always. his son Jim played his little brother, and except from the age difference you cant tell them apart.

Jason M (nl) wrote: One of Stanley Kubrick's early films. It is a telling of a crisis within the ranks of the German officer corp at the front lines in WW1. This film contains some of the greatest no man's land battle footage ever filmed. Kirk Douglas is fantastic in the lead role as Dax, a German officer that is trying to seek out some sanity from his superiors when his regiment is faced with certain death. A must see for WW1 military film buffs.

Vincent P (nl) wrote: Beverly Garland makes what would be otherwise ridiculous believable... until IT actually teeters out of the cave. What a hoot.

Ellen C (us) wrote: [COLOR=DarkOrchid]I love William Shakespear play the Midsummer Nights Dream especially the movie with Michelle Pfeiffer, Calista Flockhart and etc. Its such a romantic story I also love the fairies and the costumes and makeup. I also love Romeo and Juliet, its so romantic two people willing to die together for love :fresh: [/COLOR]

Sanity Assassin (gb) wrote: one of the best old war films and one of the best films starring john wayne. until viewing this the horse soldiers was my favourite performance by the duke. don't get me wrong... he's the usual man we know but here he does it better with gumption. he's very well supported too with good performances mostly by all concerned

Richard S (es) wrote: The Humbling made me laugh allot. A classic!

seth c (fr) wrote: We are Still Here is a standard ghost story done slightly better than most. The production values are decent as is the acting. The story is nothing special: a family moves into a haunted house and the town is aware of it and creepy. Things happen and the story is resolved. I did enjoy the cinematography and the ultra-violence, but in the end the film felt all too familiar.