The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail

The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail

Yoshitsune Minamoto, disguised with his retinue as monks, must make do with a comical porter as their guide through hostile territory en route to safety.

A Japanese general and his men disguise themselves as monks in order to pass an enemy border patrol. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Men Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail torrent reviews

Linda N (de) wrote: This is a really, really funny movie about mistaken identity. Great comedic twists. I promise you'll enjoy it.

The V (jp) wrote: One of the most annoying and most stupidly made films of 2014. A group of stereotypical writers become envious of the new blonde who gets her book published. During the course of the film, the characters meander and don't have any likable qualities. I think the screenwriter must have had some beef with people who shouldn't be writers. Because the way these characters were depicted felt harsh and a bit cruel in the way they were written. I almost felt bad for the actors themselves portraying these sad losers. Well, almost. Also the direction is one of the weirdest. It tries to pull off a Modern Family approach of directing, but forgets that in order to make a mockumentary you have to not use the basic two or three shot system because then you're just making a movie where the characters are breaking the fourth wall. You're meant to capture "real life" and it's meant to be somewhat authentic. Here it's never authentic and painfully forced. There is one small bright spot to all of this: Teri Polo. She was funny and sexy in equal measure and the movie should have been more about her character.

Jason C (ru) wrote: If you can imagine ordering a salad with all of your favourite ingredients and you're actually served with the limpest of diseased lettuce instead, that might well sum up your reaction to Lay the Favo(u)rite. Neither drama nor comedy, this kind of mess smacks of studio interference but, whatever happens, just avoid it.

Private U (jp) wrote: Konstig film... Fattade typ ingenting av handlingen.

Michael H (ru) wrote: sadly done borderline pathetic...

Sarah P (de) wrote: Quirky movie, definately with some cute moments, but nothing outstanding. It was a little slow moving, but okay overall.

Andy F (kr) wrote: It starts brightly (and darkly) enough, but sadly fades into a wholly predictable thriller.

Duncan C (br) wrote: Someone get that donkey a posthumous Oscar.

barry k (gb) wrote: This movie has my favorite musician John Prine.

Dominic W (gb) wrote: Fantastic film. Effects are great, story is great. I have grown up with this film and I still love it.

Dean T (es) wrote: A documentary composed of a series of interviews with some of the eccentric residents from a small town in Florida. There is no overarching message, just a warm portrayal of odd characters. Each one is engaging & unwittingly hilarious as they discuss the minutia of their lives.

Barry N (nl) wrote: You can only do so many jokes about cars before the whole thing becomes tired and familiar. This movie used the same worn out tired formula out the first 3 movies that becomes really old, very fast. I laughed maybe twice, throughout the entire film. The title doesn't make sense at first, until the very end which was a lame attempt at a joke. The lamest and weakest of the Herbie francise.

jay n (ru) wrote: Gritty western with a melancholy tone. Stewart and Fonda do good work as adversaries although Henry is a conflicted villain. He has some good scenes with Inger Stevens that humanize his character. Inger imparts a real sense of muted sorrow to her part but also a core of strength, a very subtle actress.

Jonathan M (gb) wrote: Lindsay Anderson's "This Sporting Life" is a fantastic film primarily about frustrated desire (rugby player for his landlady, the director for his star) with a bit of overdone symbolism offset by great performances and Anderson's ability to frame Harris on the screen as this monumental physical presence.

Art S (br) wrote: A perennial favorite, now with extra detail and more appropriate technicolor on blu-ray. The Archers, Powell and Pressburger, score a bullseye with this adaptation of Rumer Godden's tale of nuns transplanted to the Himalayas. Of course, they slowly go crazy, due to culture shock, altitude, what have you. Beautiful to watch and full of the heightened emotions that seem so extreme in these otherwise repressed Brits. There are a few glimpses of the attitudes of the times (toward the "primitive" locals) but generally these beliefs can be attributed to the characters not the filmmakers. This is a must see (for art direction alone!).

Tony T (us) wrote: A great movie, I especially enjoyed the portrayal of the future with the Mega Structures. Also like the fact that it get's straight to the point and we're chucked into the deep end along with Dredd and Anderson. No wishy washy story telling.

Silvestre S (nl) wrote: Final Destination has a outstanding plot but it all goes away with actors that didn't make their performances believable and didn't cause any thrills for the audience the more times you watch the movie the more boring it gets.

ken k (br) wrote: On Sept 8th 1960 arguably the most frightening and haunting film of all time blazed across the movie screens of the world. At that innocent place in time no one could have been prepared for the overwhelming shock of this horror and drama masterpiece. I first saw the film at the Sunset drive in in Skokie Il with one of my first girlfriends. My intentions upon entering the drive in were suddenly and completely altered with the Bernard Herrman score and the immediate hold this film had on both of us. Having just watched "Hitchcock" the story of the production of Psycho I can say with all conviction that Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johanson have captured the true life drama behind this one of a kind experience. Hopkins was Hich ( Hold the cock) and the revelation that his wife Alma was his equal partner made this a great film also. By all means go back and see this captivating telling of the true story behind one of the most important films in Hollywood history.

JeTuan S (fr) wrote: Decent Comedy- Eddie Murohy is a great actor and the movie was better than expected. Good mix with the cast.

Kurt F (fr) wrote: 10/24/15 After our recent trip to Napa Valley, it just seemed appropriate to watch this again. I had already seen it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it the second time through as well. It is pretty funny what a mess these 2 guys are, and it is entertaining watching them bumble through the week. We were told in Napa that this film single-handedly killed the Merlot varietal of wine, and I am shocked by that. It was just one line in the film! (He says he will NOT drink Merlot). We also learned that the 1961 wine that he has been saving is indeed a Merlot! This film is somewhat of a classic and probably a must see for most adults.