The Mephisto Waltz

The Mephisto Waltz

A frustrated pianist himself, music journalist Myles Clarkson is thrilled to interview virtuoso Duncan Ely. Duncan, however, is terminally ill and not much interested in Myles until noticing that Myles' hands are ideally suited for piano. Suddenly, he can't get enough of his new friend, and Myles' wife, Paula, becomes suspicious of Duncan's intentions. Her suspicions grow when Duncan dies and Myles mysteriously becomes a virtuoso overnight.

The Mephisto Waltz is a 1971 American horror film about an occult-murder mystery. In this film, Alan Alda's character is a music journalist whose career as a piano player came to an end when his debut concert received undeservedly scathing reviews. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian K (de) wrote: I rarely walk out on a film, but my wife and I couldn't take any more of the boredom and pretentiousness. There's no narrative drive, no comedy, no drama, and the characters are uninteresting. It's a sad end to a sometimes-great director's career.

Andy B (fr) wrote: Once upon a time Rutger Hauer was a big name in the 80s action/thrillerand Sci Fi/Fantasy big studio movie productions. "Nighthawks" caughtmany casting agents attention, a bad guy terrorist role he excelled inalthough it had no real substance to speak of, his 'Wolfgar' charactergave him enough scope to out class the movies leading man, oneSylvester Stallone who had yet to fully become the huge action starthat he would become. "Bladerunner" immortalised Rutger in the realmsof Hollywoods, magic screen moments (although certainly not straightaway, Blade Runner took a while to collect is legions of fans) with hisnow famous death speech scene at the movies end.Starring in the family fantasy adventure movie 'Ladyhawke' widenedHauers fan base and in 1986 he starred in his second iconic role in'The Hitcher', his subtle performance winning him much accolade(although not from famous critic Roger Ebert who felt cheated by whathe saw as a dishonest portrayal of the two lead men's relationship withone another, personally I think he was wrong but do read his review onEberts website to see if you may agree with his take).Action movies 'Wanted Dead Or Alive', 'Salute Of The Jugger' and 'BlindFury' kept his leading man status alive and well and his acting chopswere put firmly to the test and found to be particularly formidable in'The Legend Of The Holy Drinker', one of, if not, his finestperformances, as well as tackling a huge issue of the day, Aids, in thehaunting 'On A Moonlit Night'. By 1990 Rutger could well have continuedto keep himself fit in the gym and carry on taking larger budget actingparts, but he made an interesting decision, he simply wasn't interestedin chasing the larger roles, even turning down the lead in 'Robocop'.Although he continued to swim, there's no getting away from the factthat Hauer started to pile on weight after he quit running and trainingin the gym.Next came the lushly shot four hour mini series 'Desert Law' (laterbutchered into 90 min version retitled 'Beyond Justice')shot for TV.Not particularly well received Rutger opted to star in a differentstyle of thriller than he'd previously done. 'Past Midnight' was a tautpsychological movie, cat and mouse, akin to 'The Hitcher' but withoutthe formers gore and action scenes. Partly due to the fact Hauer wascarrying extra weight, and because it suited the material, Hauer seemedto be thinking this new type of role may suit him more, and maybe itwould have if the original script hadn't needed emergency work byQuentin Tarantino perhaps a tad rushed. But the main damage was thismovie never got the Cinema release it was intended to get. Instead itwas deemed not suitable to be unleashed across the big screens ofAmerica on a large scale, with HBO picking the movie up instead. The movie was a success for HBO, with its ratings proving that HauersTV audience was large and appreciative. Although this had already beenwell established with the widely viewed WW2 dramas already aired on TVduring the 80s (Inside the Third Reich & Escape from Sobibor, for thelatter he won a golden globe for best supporting actor).Around the same time as 'Past Midnight' a lower budget sci-fi 'Wedlock'had been shot. In this Rutger got to enjoy himself without thepressures he'd be under on a large studio movie. It was a pleasurableworking practise for him and one he'd continue from there on in, he'dwork in lead roles on TV movies and lower budget direct to Video (andDVD) releases. Throughout the 90s he starred in a few interestingsmaller scale movies some even reaching the UK big screens ('SplitSecond' and 'Surviving The Game').Although always different, it would be fair to say that the majority ofthese movies fell short of their ambition, but Hauer was always THEwatchable component in any project he appeared in so this writer had notrouble sitting through some of the less enjoyable examples of his BMovie leading man 90s era. For every few frustratingly bad movies like'Blast', 'New World Disorder' and 'Crossworlds', Hauer pulled off quitea few extremely watchable curiosity movies like 'Omega Doom', 'The CallOf The Wild, 'Bone Daddy' and his camp outrageous 80s parody bad guyrole in 'Tactical Assault', precisely the kind of picture that just 10years prior would have been given a huge budget.And this brings me some 11 years later after many smaller cameos inmedium to large scale movies and the odd lead in some less thaninspiring projects, Hauer took on 'Hobo With A Shotgun'. A parody ofthe exploitation action movies of the 70s and 80s (some of which Hauercould claim to have appeared in himself) 'Hobo..' was chosen out ofmany other trailers to be made into a Grindhouse Production. (HellRide, Planet Terror and Death Proof had set the tend)The reason I went into some detail of Hauers earlier career was to helpshow why 'Hobo..' was welcomed so much by long term fans and why eventhough the critics mauled it, it achieved its aim, it successfullyparodied the movies it chose to affectionately lampoon. Hauer stars asa disaffected homeless drifter, angered by the moral and social decayhe sees all around him.He decides, in very 80s shoot em up movie-esque fashion to hit back,and hit back he does. What follows is an action packed 80 mins ofexplosions gore and silly fun with awful dialogue lovingly over playedby all parties involved. This movie should have pleased long term Hauerfans, and hopefully encouraged some of the younger viewers to check outhis 80s work and beyond. Viewed for what it is, 'Hobo With A Shotgun'is a fun ride and well worth renting for a night in.

Liliana M (fr) wrote: My lil girl lovez tinkerbell

Deric B (br) wrote: This piece of trash is the aborted fetus, the result of a pairingbetween Andy Warhols Empire having back alley sex with the Trustinusfilm Nightmare Asylum. If movies suffered from birth defects, this onewould be suffering from Downs Syndrome and Quadriplegia.This movie tries to accomplish many things... it fails at all of them.The entire thing comes off as a first year film student project by astudent who should have been taking special education classes insteadof film making.It tries to be informative, proclaiming itself to be part documentary.But in the 4+ hours of running time, there is nothing you won't learnthat you wouldn't get from spending 5 minutes on Wikipedia. Thearchival footage that is used is sparse, and the actual relevant bitsof archival footage take up less than one minute of the 4 hours ofrunning time. The "re-enactments" that make up the most "shocking"moments of the film are horribly acted, terribly shot, and ridiculouslylong paced. The "actors" used to portray the prisoners are all healthyand attractive looking Caucasians, all 7 of them. The movie (I refuseto call this a film) shows you all seven "prisoners" in the beginning,and as it it counts down each prisoners death we are often shown theothers sitting in their cell, no looking frightened, or sickly, or evenmalnourished, but just plain bored. When the "experiment re-enactments"are shown, every actor involved looks like they are sleep walkingthrough the scene... They put up no resistance, the lie there almostsedately as teeth are pulled, internal organs are ripped from theirvagina's, they are burned alive, etc... The entire time they are beingtortured these victims show all the emotion of a wooden plank orderingcoffee.It also claims to be a horror film, but it fails that horribly as well.For horror to work, you have to have an emotional attachment, and thereis none to be found here for anyone. You don't feel anything for thevictims, who just sit around looking like they are waiting for a busuntil they meet their fates. You don't feel any resentment towards the"doctors" who look just as bored with their work. The only person withany on-screen dialog is the old Russian guy, the only personinterviewed in the movie, Anatoly Protasov. The movie claims he is aformer doctor and a translator who lived within a stones throw of thecamp. He comes off as a sympathizer to the doctors. And the it isclaimed he was an eye-witness to the events, it becomes clear from hisown interview that he witnessed nothing. In each interview he seems onthe verge of jerking off when talking about Unit 731.What the movie tries to be more than anything else, is torture porn, ofthe most obvious and deliberate variety, but it can't even get thatright. The effects are horrible, worse than any 90's 20 dollar "shot ona camcorder" film.The shots of people who have supposedly been skinnedalive, the musculature under the flesh, looks like heaps of modelingclay.Regardless, the gore would have failed even if it were done by experts,as it is edited so horribly, that any effect it would have on you otherthan than boredom is lost. This movie is the equivalent of porn focusedon nothing but long drawn out scenes of a semi flaccid penis going intospoiled grapefruit interspersed with 4 minutes scenes of falling snow.There is more to get excited over watching a 12 hour long bingo gamewhere no one wins, than there is in this movie.There is nothing redeemable, nothing shocking, nothing entertaining,nothing informative, and nothing shocking about this movie... Anytimeit comes close to having even a moment of those things, the horribleediting, abysmal pacing, and absolute lowest caliber of directing andacting ruin it completely. The only thing this movie accomplishes, isbeing the single most boring and self indulgent piece of trash I haveever watched.The only people who will find this movie worth watching are mentallyhandicapped reprobates, and I am positive the only reason it was filmedwas to give the director something to masturbate to.Avoid unless you really want to waste your time in the most boring andtedious manner possible.


Daniel M (de) wrote: One of Williams' best performances. It's a story about a man that is on the end of his rope, and trying to find work. To tell anymore, would be giving too much away. A small gem.

Claire E (es) wrote: One of the greatest Carry Ons with fantastic performances from all, probably Kenneth Connors best! And is it just me or does that captains uniform really suit Sid James? lol maybe he was a sailor in a previous life lol

Brett C (ag) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Niagara would mark the first film I have seen that features the legendary Marilyn Monroe. I started with Niagara due to it being the earliest film found in my recently purchased Marilyn Monroe box set. I came into this with no expectations as I knew very little of the film beforehand and it is rarely ever found in the best-of Monroe performances lists.Niagara's core problem is in its focus on George and Rose Loomis, as though they are essential to the film's thrills, they certainly lack the complexity and depth that would make me the audience cares for their personal issues. The film's writers seemed to be more concerned in writing fascinating set pieces rather than fine tuning the internal tension and history of its two leads. If the film didn't spend so much time in its first act, exploring the characters and setting up the film's mysterious atmosphere then this wouldn't have been a major issue and would have allowed the film to elevate its pacing. Thankfully, the film's supporting roles were handled with more effort and coming off more interesting than the film's two leads. I would have been satisfied if the film instead revolved around them and view the primary couple in their point of view.When the film's plot started to roll, it started to change its atmosphere and play out like a typical Hitchcock film. I am not sure whether or not director, Henry Hathaway, was attempting to pay homage or compete with the director, but nevertheless the thrills he produced were effective enough to rival some of the Master of Suspense's best scenes. If one doesn't feel even the slightest sensation during the film's climax, then someone has seen too many thriller/action films. It is just a shame that the film couldn't back these scenes up with interesting characters and a sense of purpose or connection to the film's setting.Marilyn Monroe's performance in Niagara is far from being great as many of the film's dialogue exchanges, she came across as campy but fortunately her performance was tolerable enough that the film suffered at a minor level. I was disappointed with Joseph Cotten's performance as I have already seen a couple of his key films and he provided the audience in this film with an indolent presentation. Jean Peters was the film's acting highlight as there is this quality in her performance that allows me to show care for her character's personal issues.Niagara is an average thriller that lacks in characterisation and slightly below average performances from its actors. The film makes up for it though with thrilling set pieces that had me shaking for a couple of moments.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Only decent part of this movie was Spartacus (Liam Mcintyre)