The Mermaid Chair

The Mermaid Chair

A married woman (Basinger) falls in love with a Benedictine monk.

A married woman (Basinger) falls in love with a Benedictine monk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John H (br) wrote: Pedestrian movie with slow pacing and no surprises whatsoever (besides the central premise I suppose, but even the idea of "evil kids" is not exactly new). The protagonists make all the usual dumb scary-movie decisions along the way to a damp squib ending. Don't bother.

Ian H (kr) wrote: I'm homebound and working my way through all of these recent-ish foreign films I keep adding to the Netflix queue but Jenny won't watch with me. Headhunters is so excellent because you think it's just your standard movie about an insecure art thief stealing paintings to provide baubles and luxuries to his wife who he thinks will one day find out is too good for him. It blasts off into pure insanity after he messes with Jamie Lannister's shit. And from there it's an edge-of-your-seat roller coaster ride that gets tied together in a perfect little bow and comes to a close as a morality tale. The film also throws in some absolutely pitch black humor that really wonderfully balances out some of the horrors Morten Tyldum puts on display. I feel like Tyldum got pegged as a "safe" director when he was nominated for his work on The Imitation Game (which I loved) but watching this one makes me extra excited for his work to come.

Zach L (br) wrote: a horror scifi movie

Bill N (kr) wrote: rubbish! a waste of talent. madsen, carradine, durning, russo all wasted!

Li H (nl) wrote: Great film, storyline and nice bit of gore. Another great Jackson role.a

John S (es) wrote: Interesting concept, but needed some better cutting, especially in many of the interviews, which went on and on, and which were only broken up by music and a quick succession of images before settling in to another interview. Creative in parts, but didn't hold up.

Kristina K (ca) wrote: Pretty good, although more was expected from Sam Worthington... and I mean more minutes on movie. :) Also, developing the characters more is always a plus, but it didn't happen here - that's why it's a 3,1/2

peter h (kr) wrote: as documentrys of film go this one is just really fascinating. Why ? well this takes a good hard look at the greatest horror films from 1968-1978 and what were the social issues were at the time, and it beggs the question dose art really imate life. Its just intesting to here Tobe Hooper , George .A .Romero, John Carapenter,Wes Craven, and SFX effects meistro Tom Savini dissucess what made the great films like Night of The Living Dead, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Masscare , Dawn of the Dead, and The Last House On the Left so schocking when they were realsed. RECOMMENED FOR ANY HORROR FILM NUTS OUT THERE THIS DOCO IS SO YOU..

Scott C (nl) wrote: A perfect example of how to take terrific source material and turn it into a really boring film.

Stevie S (us) wrote: I forgot how epic this movie is! I still hate those cg alligators though.

Philip S (us) wrote: Saw most of it. It was pretty painful. I had seen the stage play previously and enjoyed that much more. Mamet doesn't always work on screen and this is a prime example. What seems like energetic dialogue on stage seems silly and forced on screen.

Amber G (it) wrote: Any movie with Christian Bale I want 2 C! I've not seen this movie but I am sure it's good!

Al M (mx) wrote: A solid finale to William Lustig's Maniac Cop trilogy, Maniac Cop 3 continues the no-holds-barred psychopathic mayhem of its predecessors and maintains the series' unique blend of comedy, gore, and horror. While this is probably the least impressive of the three films, it still demonstrates how the combined talent of Larry Cohen and william Lustig can create B-Movie gold.

Gimly M (us) wrote: Of the two indie rom-com's that came out this year starring Adam Brody and female leads from the TV series "Community", this is the better one.The other was "Life Partners", and I actually surprisingly enjoyed that one as well, but "Sleeping With Other People" is better. The genre is not my thing at all, in fact, it's about as far removed from "my thing" as a movie can possibly be, but damn it if I wasn't engaged as Hell watching it.I never thought I'd see the day where a cheap, Yank, romantic-comedy would make it in to my top ten (or even top.. like... 30) films of this year (or any other) but here we are.