The Michael Nyman Songbook

The Michael Nyman Songbook


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The Michael Nyman Songbook torrent reviews

Ryan E (de) wrote: 4 Stars I watched this movie this weekend with my roommates. We loved it! It was unique and fun. It had moments that were sad and meaningful but also times that were really funny. I only wish they developed more of the characters. Movie rating My rating system:5 Stars - I am glad I watched this movie, I recommend other watch it, I will watch it again multiple times4.5 Stars - I am glad I watched this movie, I recommend others to watch it, I would watch it again4 Stars - I am glad I watched this movie, I recommend others watch it, I might watch it again3.5 Stars - I am glad I watched this movie, I may recommend others to watch it3 Stars - I am glad I watched this movie 2.5 Stars - I am glad I watched this movie, I won't recommend others to watch it 2 Stars - I wish I did not watch the movie1.5 Stars - I wish I did not watch the movie, I will recommend others to not watch it1 Stars - Do not watch this movie

Farah R (au) wrote: I never liked these dance movies.

WS W (mx) wrote: Well decent. And John Light was smoking cool.

Jay M (kr) wrote: This is an entertaining martial arts film; pretty basic as far as the plot goes, but enough good martial art fight scenes to entertain a martial arts buff as well as an action movie fan that just wants to watch a basic martial art film. Michael is a former Hong Kong cop that was a part of a unit that was selected to be injected with a special drug: that gave them super human abilities. The enterprise was taken on to combat Hong Kong's drug wars, but when the super human drug showed to be unstable the enterprise was: to be terminated along with all members of the unit. The commander of the unit learned of this plot, Michael opted to help them escape this certain death. He escapes & tries to forget his violent past by living a quiet life as a librarian; in that time he has made one friend; ironically enough his new friend is a cop; the department calls Inspector Rock. Michael Learns from Rock that drug kingpins have been being taken down (believed by other drug lords) Michael soon learns that his old unit is responsible. Knowing that his unit is too dangerous for the police to handle he disguises his identity with Kato's black mask that will lead into one thing: a martial art show-down.~For just a basic martial arts film, I give the film a B.

Jenna G (ca) wrote: Streep & MacLaine are so funny and are just a blast to watch. I couldn't help to feel like that film could've been much deeper than it came off to me, but I still enjoyed watching it.

Larry C (de) wrote: "Hobgoblins" is basically the demon spawn of some sort of unholy trinity consisting of "Gremlins", "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" and "Troll 2". If community theater acting had Razzie Awards, this would get laughed off the stage. Featuring some of the worst fight scenes ever recorded on camera, and some of the worst acting this side of "Manos: The Hands of Fate", this movie is a strong contender for a spot on the Worst Movie Ever Mt. Rushmore.Hobgoblins starts off in a dusty old movie studio, where a crotchety old guard has diligently laid watch over a secret that lies inside for decades. His secret is a group of hobgolbins, a blatant ripoff of Gremlins, that crash landed on earth who are so dangerous that it necessitates confining them inside a huge bank vault, but one that doesn't feature as much as a zip tie or shoe lace to actually secure the vault closed. Naturally they get out because of a series of inept guards, and they wreak havoc on the town, getting inside the minds of idiot teenagers and getting them to behave recklessly and ultimately die by making their fantasies seem like they're coming true. Everything culminates at a public access version of the "Road House" bar, and the teens must work together to destroy the hobgoblins and break the spell they have on the minds of everyone inside.It's terrible. Just terrible.

David D (ca) wrote: I just saw a poster for this on some website yesterday. Unbelievable title but it sounds like it could be interesting.

Kyle B (de) wrote: It's a really well shot movie with beautiful cinematography and well directed tense scenes but in the end, it was kind of a let down. The performances are fine, Jon Voight can do little wrong in my book, and the writing is ok.

seth c (nl) wrote: Housebound is the rare movie that achieves an almost perfect balance of humor, horror and mystery. The real standout here is the story which twists and turns its way to a bizarrely satisfying ending. The characters are also well fleshed out and interesting throughout. It's so unusual for a movie to be original in this era of film and this is definitely original. It takes common movie tropes and turns them on their heads. I can't recommend this film enough. Fantastic!

Handr H (br) wrote: A movie that shows that is very normal`` to invade a hospital with an weapon for save your son. Exaggerated and awful.

li b (jp) wrote: Billy Connolly can elevate the humor in just about anything, but I wished we had more of him. The adults' arguments felt a bit mannered, and I know it's hard to write kids that really sound like kids, felt a bit like a made-for-TV movie with a slightly-too-earnest ending.