The Middleman

The Middleman

A bright and idealistic young graduate steels himself for a dog-eat-dog world, only to flounder in a job market packed with thousands of other hopefuls. When he eventually decides to start his own business as a middle-man, he discovers that the world of business does not live up to his lofty ideals.

After months of unemployment, recent college graduate Somnath enters business as a middleman, but he finds out when success means finding a client's weak spot, the price is more than mere ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luisa M (nl) wrote: commedia nera assurda e dissacrante, regia top.

lewis g (it) wrote: The Man From Earth puts into question history, humanity and religion through a cleverly written script. I definitely preferred it to K-PAX even if the acting wasn't perfect during certain scenes.

Fong K (jp) wrote: Though tempted to scoff at the ostentatious flesh parade, this historical action delight impresses with gorgeous cinematography, exciting blood-drunk battle scenes and a surprisingly vivid and stirring narration.

Samantha S (de) wrote: was ok ,looked low budget but good if ur into martial arts.

Marion S (ru) wrote: pas facile d'etre precis avec ce systeme d'evaluation cinq etoiles...

Jordan P (au) wrote: their live singing is hwt aamde is kinda brill

Alexandra B (au) wrote: Average American Drama

Dragan S (au) wrote: Great fun, check it out! :)

John M (ag) wrote: At least Spike Lee is trying. So the city of Chicago has gotten to be so violent that a number of residents have stopped calling it by its original moniker, and have chosen to start calling it Chi-Raq (a combination of Chicago and Iraq, if you didn't gather). This is an adaptation of the Greek play Lysistrata, only placed in this modern setting, and it is about the women of Chicago abstaining from their men until they choose to stop with all of the violence. I will give this movie credit for at least one thing: it's different from any other movie you've ever seen. I have yet to see the vast majority of the classic Spike Lee joints like Do the Right Thing or Malcolm X, and I'm sure that will be rectified soon enough as my wife and I are making our way through the 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list, but I do at the very least have a respect for him as a filmmaker, even when his projects aren't wholly successful like this one here. Now this was released simultaneously in theaters and on streaming, and I suppose this is Amazon's attempt to be like Netflix; while Netflix released an Oscar caliber movie in Beasts of No Nation, getting the rights to the next film from an art-house director like Spike Lee makes total sense. What you should know about this prior to going in is that it is based on a Greek play, which means that this comes with everything that you would expect; yes, that means that characters speak in rhyming verse. That said, it's not like they are using olden language, and given the urban nature of the majority of characters, you have slang and swearwords thrown in the mix. It makes for this crazy, bizarre and unique experience, and it is most definitely an experiment, but I don't think it is one that really works. There are scenes that work to this, and Chi-Raq does have a good message of wanting to stop violence of all kinds. There are also these strange musical numbers with choreography spattered throughout, and again, I can't stress how unique this is. It could have used a lot of tightening up though, and the utilizing of the rhyming verse sometimes leads to clunky and awkwardly executed scenes. It doesn't 100% succeed or even 50% succeed for that matter, but I do award points for at least trying to put together something new.

Matthew O (nl) wrote: Andrea Arnold took the Oscar for her short film wasp, and 'Red Road' would be the debut feature length film. The film is a gritting low budget brit film based in murky Scotland, which bagged the director the Cannes Jury Prize in 2006. There is a lot of talent obviously from Arnold.'Red Road' Follows a CCTV worker Jackie who catches a face on one of the camera which brings back torment and anger for Jackie, reasons that are at the time unknown. This appearance releases a series of bizarre behaviour by Jackie to track down the man in the video.A strong central performance from Kate Dickie is the centre piece here, and a number of other supporting roles that come in strong support.The direction and script is strong, but the pace of the film can be seen as a problem, at nearly two hours the film can be seen to take to long to get to a resolve, there are interesting character studies with Jackie and a number of other characters. Still although a satisfying ending, it takes a long winded way to get there. A few shaping with the editing would have made for a much tighter less baggy film. Still except a lot from Andrea Arnold in the future.