The Midnight Story

The Midnight Story

Beloved priest Father Thomasino is murdered in a San Francisco alley, and the police have few clues. But traffic cop Joe Martini becomes obsessed with finding the killer; he suspects Sylvio Malatesta. Ordered off the case, Joe turns in his badge and investigates alone. Soon he is a close friend of the Malatesta family, all delightful people, especially lovely cousin Anna. Uncertain whether Sylvio is guilty or innocent, Joe is now torn between old and new loyalties.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   priest,  

Beloved priest Father Thomasino is murdered in a San Francisco alley, and the police have few clues. But traffic cop Joe Martini becomes obsessed with finding the killer; he suspects Sylvio... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leslie R (br) wrote: It started off kinda lame, but ended really great. Someone who suffers any kind of addiction can definitely relate to this inspiring story.

Jacky L (gb) wrote: so was this supposed to be about the queen, her reader, the queen and her reader or? well, one doesn't know any more about either characters by the time credits roll. quite a bloody snoozefest and imho this flick didn't really know which direction it wanted to head. the movie felt as 'cold-hearted snake' as the queen depicted in here.

Ian J (it) wrote: it reminded me of "Mail Order Wife" but wasn't half as funny.

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Fine performances from all involved (especially Cheadle and Taraji Henson) Talk to Me is a story about relationships that shouldn't work but do. Though it isn't brilliant in any way and relies heavily on the performances of its actors for its credibility it succeeds in telling the story of Petey Greene and his unlikely successes because of its actors. Talk to Me is worth the watch if for nothing more than to see Cheadle give an award winning performance of a man that most people have never heard of but who changed the lives of those who had heard of him.

Amreen G (ag) wrote: a good entertainer.. performances were good.. songs were sweet.. its the usual story, with comedy.. does strecth at one point of time, but overal u can wtch it once!! the lead act really well.. and im ran remains u of aamir.. a taller version of him hehe..what works in the movie is the realistic portrayer of characters. i am sure everyone can identify with them. It shows that makers can remake typical stories, but should have strong characters.

Ginny (ru) wrote: The some parts of the movie is mixed from Chinese classical novels and literature, so it might be a bit confusing (or even absolutely nonsensical) for those who dont know about it. Xuanzang (in the story he is called as Tripitaka), is a budhist monk that is on a pilgrimage to india, to obtain Bhuddist religious texts called Sutras. He is accompanied by 3 protectors during his journey, namely Sun Wukong (the Monkey King), Zhu Bajie (the Pig Monk), and Sha Wujing (the Sand Monk). The story takes place on middle earth, when they arrive in the city of Sache..... Although the plot displaying on the movie board says that its a love story, honestly, theres so much more to it than that, theres evil tree spirits, a millenium bug deamon (lol crazy !), swarms of bug soldiers, lizard people, imps, and time travelers from the future. Hawayy! I loved the CGI! It reminded me very much of Final Fantasy slash Stargate slash (Dragon ball Z??!) Okay so the movie made me cry a bit, ehehe! I wasnt really expecting to be blown away by this, this exceeded my expectations by a mile wide! I was only expecting cheezy comedy when I got this, but lo and behold Im very suprised and quite pleased with this one! :D Im mighty interested with getting a copy of the Journey to the West (book), all just because of this movie. Please keep in mind that this movie is, as the title says, A TALL TALE, it is not to be analyzed or taken so seriously. It is after all a chinese comedy/drama/fantasy/sci-fi/action-adventure movie, and their target market included kids.

Michael H (au) wrote: Seriously, what was the plot? It didn't have one until nearly the end, and by then, I had lost all interest. Good acting though.

Private U (fr) wrote: One of the best Gibson short stories became a decent movie. Dafoe and Walken make a good tag-team.

richard c (ca) wrote: Gloved it. Really liked the music better than first one.

Brian D (kr) wrote: A fone classic from the 80's.Dated but enjoyable altogeather.

Gonalo D (gb) wrote: No la recuerdo tan mala.

Sa M (nl) wrote: One of the few films that does more than credit to a brilliant book - very subtly, so much so that it's hard to decide which is "better".

Wes S (it) wrote: Many kaiju, a decent story line, and some awesome scenes. The final battle is very worth it. The movie does drag on a little at certain points but it's highly enjoyable of the original Godzilla series and it's nice to see so many monsters on the screen, including a few we've hardly got to see before.

WS W (gb) wrote: Even though with some solid acting & good vibes building-up, it's just another same old thing from the horror genre.

Jordan W (nl) wrote: this movie is a classic with an excellent plot and one of the best acting job i have seen from gregory peck

Gabriel F (mx) wrote: A base de grabaciones de entrevistas, sesiones de terapia e hipnosis, y diferentes registros de films, Listen to Me Marlon reconstruye fielmente la vida de uno de los ms grandes actores de la historia totalmente bajo sus propias palabras. Listen to Me Marlon, es una excelente obra documental, principalmente por su maestral edicin que hace aparentar que la pelcula fuera una verdadera autobiografa de Marlon Brando. Pero el documental no slo sorprende por su particularidad tcnica; l hecho de que sea contada por la propias palabras del protagonista le otorga al espectador la posibilidad de poder profundizar en los verdaderos pensamientos, preocupaciones, emociones y tormentos del actor con una honestidad tal, que separa a este film de otras tantas Biopics de celebridades.4.5/5

Calvin C (ru) wrote: There is absolutely no plot, just mermaids, bikers, and half naked teenagers dancing and singing their way through life. That is why I had a fun time watching this silly comedy. Grade: B-