The Mighty Boosh Live

The Mighty Boosh Live

The Boosh returned to the stage in 2006, touring the UK for the first time. Though drawing heavily from their earlier material, the main story combined these elements into a new narrative.

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Panayiota K (nl) wrote: No connection to the characters. Boring af

Rahima D (jp) wrote: Good and surprising story, great acting performance by Vidya Balan !

John C (us) wrote: A remarkable and powerful film, all the more effective for what it withholds as for what it shows. Perhaps the closest I've ever seen a traditional film come to cinema verite.

Robyn E (nl) wrote: Yawn. What a tedious movie. An exercise in over thinking. Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz were wonderful and the screen lit up with them. Then Rachel Hall's or Scarlett Johansen's character would return and ruin it.

Bayu A (au) wrote: Not really a cinematic masterpiece, and the beginning tend to goes slowly when the character was built through the drama, also there's an addition of a cartoonish swordsman which tend to disrupt the whole realistic impression of this movie -- which supposed to picture the real character of Kyokushin Karate style founder; Masutatsu Oyama. However the fighting scenes are great, and it worth enduring the slow parts.

Terri H (gb) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Craig B (us) wrote: Not one of Romero's best films, but I liked the premise (a 'nobody' underdog type fed up of being walked over becomes faceless to go on a revenge killing spree) although the execution was more than a bit off. File under: slight curiousity.

James D (br) wrote: Fun, frenetic kiwi comedy of two small-time con artists working their way through small-town 1940s New Zealand, on their way falling foul of a nasty piece of work whose schemes involve illegal gambling, moonshine, and an insurance scam which has caused the death of an elderly local. The con-men fall in with a local eccentric - a dream role for New Zealand much-loved comedian Billy T. James - "The Tainuia Kid", the greatest Maori Mexican bandito ever to have patrolled the Rio Grande... Occasionally dark, often hilarious, and constantly entertaining.

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: A fun and breezy spy comedy with old people. Ronald Neame just lets his actors have fun in front of the camera.

Private U (br) wrote: wow, super movie, my favorite, love it. the best of soviet movies

Stephen C (ag) wrote: Otto Premingers later works are given very short shift by critics and its true that his later works are nowhere near his peak.But this film is not the total disaster that critics would have you belive and in todays unstable world the film does have some resonance.Peter O Toole was cast at the last minute as Orginal star Robert Mitchum walked due to the directors now legendary firey temper.O Toole is pretty good as Larry Martin the jack of all trades CIA man called upon to gain the release of 5 young women who have been kidnapped from the yacht Rosebud.What follows is a globe trotting thriler as Martin has to deal with all sides in his quest to free the gilrs.The terrorist mastermind Sloat is played by Richard Attenborugh which is very odd as he is an Oxford educated muslim who lives in a cave.It may sound like miscasting but it works quite well and the terrorist part of the film raises plenty of questions.The film does feel a little flat in places but on the whole i enjoyed the film even if you forget what happens five minutes afterwards.A film which will improve with repeat viewings and i for one enjoyed it .

Juuso L (es) wrote: I think this is my favourite Franco. Beautiful stuff, and I don't just mean babes.

Bill W (de) wrote: With Godfrey Cambridge in the title role I was expecting this to be one long concatenation of laughs. Well there are laughs in it, but director Melvin van Peebles had some other ideas and he managed to stab the viewer through the heart with some very deftly rendered poignancy. Never mind the big words in my review, just find this and watch it.

Robert M (ag) wrote: Jolly enjoyable Sunday afternoon fodder.

Rafic H (de) wrote: They don't do them like they used to anymore...

Elia D (ag) wrote: I'm not a fan of boxing, but I really liked this movie. Errol Flynn was great as usual and it was a pretty good story.

Michelle L (de) wrote: After reading the book, I wanted to like this film, but unfortunately, it misses the mark. The acting is forced, the writing is clunky, and it plays off of too many cliches to be believable. After 20 minutes of watching this movie, I turned it off.

Scott W (au) wrote: Peter Ustinov isn't the best Charlie Chan ever but he's the best Peter Ustinov ever and he was incapable of making a bad movie.

Frank H (us) wrote: It's nonsense. But, you know, it's compelling nonsense.

FoxxPix P (it) wrote: I hate to say it but the best part of this movie is Rob Schneider. After reviewing it I realized that the plot is almost exactly the same as Demolition Man. Again, the best part of that on was Rob Schneider.