The Mighty Quinn

The Mighty Quinn

Police chief Xavier Quinn investigates the gruesome murder of Donald Pater, one of the wealthiest residents on a Caribbean island. He was found decapitated in his Jacuzzi. Although the local political establishment, especially crooked Governor Chalk, insists that small-time thief Maubee is responsible, Xavier has his doubts. This view is complicated by the police chief's personal history with Maubee: The men have been friends since childhood.

When police officer Xavier Quinn's childhood friend, Maubee, becomes associated with murder and a briefcase full of ten thousand dollar bills, The Mighty Quinn must clear his name. Or try to catch him, which could be even trickier. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mirkku S (br) wrote: Cute and heartwarming story with great humour. It was better than I expected and has one of the best ending scenes ever!

Dan M (br) wrote: Still keeping up with this interesting Spanish based zombie franchise where the zombies are pretty much like the RAGE infected ones in 28 Days Later. This time it takes place on a boat, so of course a storm is going to come at some point. The whole explanation as to how the zombie outbreak is a bit silly as they connect it to an exorcism that took place years ago(weird I know). Points for originality I suppose, and I don't think I've seen zombies on a ship yet. Maybe the next one can be zombies on a train or in space. Time traveling zombies would be a cool idea too.

Bryan P (us) wrote: 102 minutes that changed the world uses different Video footage from that terrible day and shows you the 102 minutes from start to end

Rob M (ru) wrote: It's not news to say that many of the movies in the After Dark Horrorfest series are of borderline watchability. Nightmare Man is in a wretched class of its own, however. A married couple finds themselves in possession of an African fertility mask, and no sooner is it out of the box than the wife begins having hallucinations (or are they?) of a masked guy chasing her with a knife. When the wife finds herself pursued through the woods, she takes refuge with a group of horny 20-somethings, and it's only then that we come to learn the secret of the mask.This is horribly schlocky stuff, even by low-budget movie standards. Script, acting, editing, cinematography, directing ? it all comes straight from the bottom of the filmmaking barrel. And pity poor Richard Moll (Bull from Night Court), whose career has sunk so low he's relegated to making a late-innings appearance as a local cop. A dire enterprise.

Joe S (gb) wrote: quasimodo would probably be turning in his grave right now if his back wasnt so hunched

Barrett T (nl) wrote: The movie O is a great adaptation of shakespeare's play Othello. In the movie, the characters are portrayed as best as they could be in the form of teenagers attending a prestigious college prep school who, for the majority, make up the school's basketball team. The main character ,Odin , is similar to Othello in many regards. Both are noteable athletes/warriors who have earned a respectable position in their teams or groups. Othello is a general, and Odin the team captain of a would-be championship winning basketball team. He is the teams most valuable player who scores lots of their points. He, like Othello, is manipulated by a close friend, Hugo or Iago, into believing that his partner was cheating on him with his lieutenant, or in Odin's case, his best friend. The makers of Odin did a great job of transforming the script into a more modern version. The plot is very similar, except for a few additions to make it appeal to more modern audiences. The ending scene has the same outcome as the book, and you can see the similarities in the character's final lines in the play and movie. I would rate the movie an 8, as even if I hadn't read Othello, it was still entertaining enough to watch, and the language was such that it was much easier for me to understand. I would rate the play a 7, because it has more intricate lines that allow for a more in depth look at the plot, and each character's personalities. The detail, and genius, in Shakespeare's writing are non universal and can only be truly seen in his original work. I did not enjoy having the decipher the more challenging lines of the play, but it did help me understand how Shakespeare writes and forms sentences. I preferred the movie just because I thought it was more relatable and had more modern touches, like the gun used to shoot Emilia and Othello in the last scene. I enjoyed both versions and would recommend them to whoever would read or watch them.

Simon R (de) wrote: Funny on places but not side splitting.

Frank M (es) wrote: This movie is charmingly funny. Although the daughter gets really annoying at times with her naive thoughts and actions.

Lee M (nl) wrote: Borrowing intelligently from This is Spinal Tap, writer-director-actor Rusty Cundieff has crafted a mock music documentary that is as irreverent, hilarious, and tough-minded as its model.

Shantel D (mx) wrote: The humor was pretty much the only thing that made this interesting for me. It had all of the elements a horror flick should have - violence, boobs and really dumb victims... I'm not sorry that I saw it. I've seen worse.

J K (ca) wrote: It never ceases to amaze me how every great comedic actor or actress has truly believed they can pull off a serious dramatical role portraying a character unlike anything they've ever done. Aside from Robin Williams' Oscar-winning role in Good Will Hunting, there are virtually no successful comedic actors who have been able to pull off a good dramatic turn. Ever. Proof of this statement can be found in this film. Belushi was one of the all-time greats, maybe even the greatest and he goes and does a rather depressing and unfunny mess. I remember watching this on TV some 20 years ago and don't recall laughing once or even being riveted by the drama. A poorly written and directed film. Felt cheap and felt like Belushi did this for the paycheck.

Erik W (au) wrote: Aside from being yet another star studded entry into the Airport series, this movie isn't anything to shout about. The Bermuda Triangle where this airplane is supposed to go down, really doesn't get mentioned a lot. I figured with as much controversy and mystery there is with the Bermuda Triangle, there would have been a little more of it in this story. This movie is worth seeing just to see another part of a four movie series.

TRACI B (fr) wrote: Susan Hayward gives an Oscar-worthy performance as singer Jane Froman who triumphed over tragedy.

Jacob L (it) wrote: This is an absolutely phenomenal film based off the notoriously bad cross-dressing director Ed wood who made campy cheap cheeseball films in the 50's. The film is filmed in ravishing black and white, which of course is a tribute to the era of Ed wood. Johnny deep is great as the eccentric fruity title character and actually makes you have more appreciation for Ed wood's work. Another beautiful performance is Martin Landau as horror icon Bela Lugosi. Landau not only is spot on but also actually, creates a very complex and emotionally driving portrayal of Lugosi that makes it much more than any old impersonation, I didn't see an actor playing Lugosi, I saw Lugosi himself in this performance and I think this is something truly magical about this film. I think this is one of the films everybody should be required to see! I consider this Tim Burtons best work! 5/5 stars

Scot C (es) wrote: A fable about a bunch of kids that kidnap Elvis.. I like this story. David Keith doesn't even look similar to Elvis Aaron Presley, but he does a good job playing him.

Toni K (gb) wrote: Language but a fantastic movie!!