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Magnus S (ag) wrote: Good documentary about one of the greatest scientific finds and the absurd criminal court cases that follows.

Dustin P (fr) wrote: A decent enough documentary about Night Of The Living Dead. It covers a fair amount about how the film came to be, how it was sold, and how the movie broke barriers in a racially divided nation. I think it could have gone into greater detail on some things and it would have been nice to have interviewed some more famous people/people involved in the making of the film. The only people I recognized were George A. Romero and Gale Anne Hurd. Did they even try to interview Judith O'Dea (Barbara)?

Devon W (nl) wrote: Interesting start to a movie that slowly morphs until you end up with an absolute festering turd by the end.

Johnny T (kr) wrote: Good film not the best

Todd S (it) wrote: This show has some of the worst writing I've ever seen. It is so stupid on so many levels. I would have liked this series if they hadn't tried so hard to insult our intelligence on every level and at every point in the story. It's almost like they are snubbing their noses at the audience. And strangely, I loved the casting, it could have been really good.

Darrin C (br) wrote: I wasn't a big fan of this letdown film. It was nearly identical to the superior first Lost Boys only played out like a TV movie. I mean it had some parts, but they were mostly already done.

Paul S (fr) wrote: Interesting film by novelist Paul Auster , very David Lynch-like!!

Sweetilusion69hotmailcom S (it) wrote: casos de la vida real

Rob M (gb) wrote: I can't remember a movie that's as perceptive about families and the unspoken truths that hold them together. It's both laugh-out-loud funny and unbearably sad; as a huge fan of director Mike Leigh, I'm not sure how I missed this one the first time around.

Michael B (au) wrote: Post-apocalyptic schmaltz. Battle of the Sexes, things blowing up, and REALLY big hair. Aggravatingly repetitive hair-brained dialogue, and not enough female skin showing. Might be the worst thing I ever watched. But at least it is in English. Sorta.

Tim W (it) wrote: Not a fantastic movie, but humorous. And great performances by Henry Winkler and especially Michael Keaton.

Marlena E (de) wrote: Love this movie. One of my favorites that I think didn't get the positive reviews that it deserved. Great Futuristic love triangle that is Horror and Sci-Fi .... Not really for children due to gore and nudity... Ahead of its time .... A great movie !!!

Jason K (au) wrote: Watched an older movie via Netflix, funny story of infidelity

Harsh C (de) wrote: Amusing premise but the movie itself isn't. Except for the sound effects.

Bastien M (kr) wrote: Sous influence du film noir am (C)ricain, dont il d (C)tourne les codes par ailleurs, D (C)tective bureau 2-3 (pr (C)f (C)rez le titre original : "Crevez, vermines !") est un film (C)tonnant, pop et presque kitsch, ancr (C) dans les ann (C)es 60, celles de la musique jazzy et de la libert (C) de ton. Suzuki ne respecte rien ni personne, et s'en amuse en proposant un film sans temps morts, allant l'essentiel, visuellement superbe et au sc (C)nario riche en rebondissements. Joe Shishido et son visage si particulier incarne magnifiquement un personnage "so cool", mi-chemin entre James Bond (la classe en toute circonstance, le charme, l'humour flegmatique) et Philip Marlowe (la fin justifie les moyens, pas de scrupules, la violence dans le sang). Du bonheur.

Scott J (ca) wrote: Pretty faithful to the Elmore Leonard book, and it was pretty brave for Newman not to play the prototypical Western hero, and for the movies stance on race relations at the time.

Weul S (br) wrote: Two beautiful showgirls, one after love & the other after money, go on an adventure across the atlantic to gay Paris & end up right where they want in this technicolor musical featuring Marilyn Monroe doing her most famous song.