The Millennial Bee

The Millennial Bee

A historic mega-film, one family saga, three generations (1887 -1917) assimilated to the bee community in the hive. The queen bee serves as a big mother that symbolizes the family and ...

A historic mega-film, one family saga, three generations (1887 -1917) assimilated to the bee community in the hive. The queen bee serves as a big mother that symbolizes the family and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wrik S (fr) wrote: This one could also have been a serious one.. Though it did manage to garner interest right till the end, it made a mess with all the graphics and animation, making a joke out of serious art of hacking.. Elli, as wonderful as she looks, could do little with her acting, and needed a greater challenge, but then, the hopes were never high with her in the scene..

Ariel P (nl) wrote: Horrible shit acting

Honey 2 (mx) wrote: I loved it... it was a campy low budget horror film. If you are not a snob... and just go with it you can have fun watching it. Would it have been better with a larger budget and better sound and special effects... maybe... but it would have lost the cheesyness that Bmovies have that is so endearing. And besides... Dani Filth looks frigging HOT in this movie.

jake b (it) wrote: best film ever good graphics for the era

Christian C (kr) wrote: Interesting bit of history. Steven Rea does a good job. Donald Southerland could have passed on this role.

Vincent H (fr) wrote: Moral to the story: you may have to sacrifice dearly for the sake of good art. The pertinent quote, from Sheldon Flender: "Say there was a burning building, and you could rush in, and you could save only one thing: either the last-known copy of Shakespeare's plays or some anonymous human being. What would you do? You cannot deprive the world of those plays."

Luke K (de) wrote: Cameron Crowe's directorial debut Say Anything is a beautiful, intelligent and subversive coming of age story, and is one of the definitive films of the 1980s. The movie centres on the 'mismatch' relationship between John Cusack's Lloyd Dobler, the original 'likeable, underachieving everyman', and Ione Skye's Diane Court, the beautiful, popular Valedictorian. While I feel the transition from strangers to relationship happens unrealistically fast, the central romance of Diane and Lloyd is really convincing and engaging. Both actors do a great job of conveying the subtle details and little intricacies of a relationship - the seemingly insignificant moments that ultimately give the film weight and a powerful human believability. The fact that this movie came out in the 80s is crazy to me - it seems like such a postmodern, self aware rom com. This is perhaps why it has this striking quality that makes it a classic; it's so intelligent for its time, yet it's still embedded within such a rich, timeless 1980s aesthetic.The story also takes some turns, and the plot ends up having more edge than it appears at first. Lloyds character is expertly written and executed, and he embodies such a profound late 20th century mentality/identity crisis for young people not knowing where they want to go in the world, and it always feels natural because of John Cusack's amazing performance. Lloyd also gives us one of the biggest movie moments of all time with Peter Gabriel and a boom box, and an iconic moment is always a testament to a film's impact.In a time of countless carbon copies of The Breakfast Club, Say Anything was a funny, heartwarming, but offbeat and subversive romantic comedy with uncommon heart, intelligence and insight. It's meditations on love and teenage romance, and it's commentary on societal pressure upon young people were really ahead of its time, and it remains a great showcase for both John Cusack and Cameron Crowe, and a gem of Gen X filmmaking.

Bubba M (fr) wrote: good little movie about Moses's brother-in-law who thought God was talking to him to get the Slaves out of bondage

Nicki M (it) wrote: Decent older film. Wasn't quite my type of thing, but really couldn't find fault with it. May be a little dated for some tastes, it was for me, though I could appreciate it.

Kudo A (nl) wrote: This movie reminds the 21st-Century-Audience about Inception. This movie has a great story but the execution is really dull. The screenplay of this movie really ruin the taste of the story. But, The imagination is really high.

Jessica R (de) wrote: It's beyond me how this movie got 100% let alone anything beyond 3 stars. No depth, no development, absolute snooze fest. The only thing I enjoyed was that it was shot in Alaska, simply because I live there.

Christine M (gb) wrote: Maybe not as scary as I remember it when it first came out but it's great to watch with a group and make comments at it - sort of your very own Mystery science theater 3000 without the robots.