The Million Dollar Hotel

The Million Dollar Hotel

The Million Dollar Hotel starts with a jump from a roof top that clears up a death in a hotel that was burning to the ground where a lot of strange people had been living.

Tragi-comic, romantic whodunnit set in a run down hotel which plays host to mentally ill people too poor to afford medical insurance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tessa V (au) wrote: So so sweet but the ending was a bit unsatifying in my opinion. I would've liked more answers about the previous borrowers, why Haru hated them so much and what happens to Sho

Tom B (ag) wrote: 'I'm sorry about your father but we all come from tough situations. Lob taught me that we always have choices about what we make of ourselves; but we don't always know where the choices will lead. Yours closed a door for you but opened one for me. Wish me luck.'

Lori W (fr) wrote: Good cast..Pretty good storyline..

Tyler R (ca) wrote: Still a great movie. Still very funny and full of great action scenes. Great dynamic between the leads.

Kangsun C (ag) wrote: It a one smart classical comedy

Jon C (es) wrote: for any comic book fan or general moviegoer this a fun, entertaining rideyou'd think it'd be just the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight but no, it actually has Wonder Woman and Supergirl of all thingsit has a lot of well-staged action, slick animation, and is very character-driventhe focus is mainly on Kara-El who lands on Earth and is lost on how to find her place in a strange new worldBatman is very skeptical seeing as she's the only last survivor of an extinct planet but Wonder Woman feels she may be better off in an advanced-trained environment with the Amazonian warriorsall 3 heroes clash over what's best for Clark's cousin and Kara only wants to be her own championon the planet Apocalypse the villainous Darkseid is looking for a new guard warrior under his command, Kara looks like the perfect candidate the film teaches the viewer that the best we can strive towards is heroism no matter where we come fromit's our own choices that have us aspire to be normal while still doing the extraordinary fun fun fun