The Minis

The Minis

A talented team of basketball players made up of little people enters a tournament to help a teammate's son go to college.

Dwarfs playing basketball... with Dennis Rodman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh L (ca) wrote: It was a great movie and I recommend for every MH lover

Angelo Dean B (es) wrote: 2 StarsDon't know why critics liked this, this was just as bad as it can be

Garrett S (gb) wrote: Paranormal Activity 3 uses suspense as its main shtick, it goes to regular cameras instead of security cameras that the 2nd one used and it works well, the camera that pans around from the kitchen to the living room was especially unsettling as i kept thinking that something was gonna jump out at me. The acting is solid and the ending doesn't get too weird like some horror films, it is a little confusing at first, i did not really understand it but i later realized that it is setup well eariler in the film, its just not obvious. all in all this movie once again succeeds as an effective entry to the franchise, and it was scarier than the 2nd one. 3.7/5

James T (fr) wrote: an alright story but felt like they were just trying to hard to put music to hockey

Jacob F (ag) wrote: i fucking love this movie!

Chelsea K (gb) wrote: The movie title is pretty accurate, this film is nothing like the other holiday movies we usually see. A great family dramady, that just happens to take place at Christmas-time.

Melanie K (de) wrote: Well...let's just say I have definitely seen a hell lot of better movies. "The Pagan Queen" is a low-budget production with a plot (and based on an idea) that is (are) not totally bad...however, the script is poorly written, the acting is a catastrophe, the editing is not exactly convincing either and the dialogues are...well, they actually ARE really bad. Pretty shots of landscape and a decent score cannot save this movie anymore. Pity.

Sarrenna M (gb) wrote: Hilarious if you grew up a church kid.

Philip w (us) wrote: Bored. This is not a strong women movie. I hit the fast forward for part of this one.

Jon E (mx) wrote: I'm not really a horror movie or no blood and gets movie but this is crazy believe this was written in 1588 best guesstimate

WS W (kr) wrote: Another feminine text. Typical down-to-earth style of British Cinema. It might be new & provoking back in 1997 but kinda cliched & stereotyped for today's standard, though it was already a quality film. However I like Carine Adler's debut [Fever] in the bonus a bit more.A very wonderful & captivating Samantha Morton.

Shannon N (it) wrote: problem--WHERE am i going to rent this film in the states?

Aaron A (gb) wrote: Chad Lowe is in this.

Kleine Y (br) wrote: Better in richer contents than the first one. Good.

Alisha H (au) wrote: i have wanted to see this forever! lol

Doctor S (de) wrote: Strange movie starring the 14-year-old Jennifer Connelly, which should be the reason most people would want to see It. This was her first starting role and it shows, demonstrating that she worked hard at her craft to rise to the level of Oscar-winning actress 17 years later.. demonstrating that she worked hard at her craft to rise to the level of Oscar-winning actress 17 years later. what she liked and talent at the time she made up for in being a trooper, performing in several grizzly scenes and interacting with all kinds of insects . You see, she plays a character with a peculiar telepathic link to the insect world, a trait that helps her but also ostracizes her from her classmates at her new Swiss boarding school. For starters, she gets paired with the worst roommate ever who tells her of a killer on the loose the first night, and then the next leaves to be with her boyfriend after she said she would watch after Jen's sleepwalking problem. And speaking of problems, this film has plenty, primarily a dreary pace and bearing dialogue - LOTS of boring dialogue. Donald Pleasance doesn't add anything except an amusing Scottish accent, and his pet chimp is a real pain yet somehow gets the most character development. I've seen lots of worshiping reviews, but even if I was in Argento devotee I don't think i'd be anything but apologetic about this one.