The Minister of State

The Minister of State

A man uses a case of mistaken identity to gain the confidence of a small village, and in the process exposes universal human traits: honour, greed, honesty, and eventually love.

A man uses a case of mistaken identity to gain the confidence of a small village, and in the process exposes universal human traits: honour, greed, honesty, and eventually love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mouhannad S (jp) wrote: / Incendiary / This film is about a woman who lost her husband and son in a terror attack. Her life goes into a mess as she deals with her loss and hunts for the truth.I have mixed feelings for "Incendiary". On one hand, it is beautifully shot. Every scene is nicely planned and constructed. Camera work is great too. On the other hand, the plot is confusing and strange. The pacing is excruciatingly slow, with a lot of repetitive scenes (such as London burning).The movie is clearly intended as a pamphlet against terrorism, by showing the human cost at the level of ordinary people. It also takes the time to "explain" the resilience of London in a voice-over. It is a little desperate to save a movie through nationalism, but can actually be fit in here, although it could have been better prepared, by, for instance, by making her a more integral part of London. This is no masterpiece, nor an entertainment jewel, and can easily be missed altogether. A pity, because it does have some potential.

Mloy X (kr) wrote: Irv (Richard Dreyfuss): I'm not a god. That's just a rumor my mother started.Initially I thought I was watching the sequel to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"; I kept waiting for hottie John Corbett to show up, and wondered where the hell he was, "I thought they got married in the last film". All throughout the film Nia Vardalos face was distracting-- she had an unusually "plastic" looking mug; it was a little distracting, if not a bit disturbing. The best thing about this film is "Irv" played by the ubber talented (and what bet he lose to be in this film) actor Richard Dreyfuss. His character was funny and multi-faceted that his absence made so much of an impact, the film should have revolved around him. Overall, this film was too cliche, too predictable and (most of the) characters too flat and boring, including the main protagonist, Georgia (played by Nia Vardalos).

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: Shallow, silly and irritating, Mamma Mia is a poor excuse to put a popular bands' songs in a soundtrack.

Peter K (nl) wrote: WOAH just WOAH....great movie...espcially the third story....gave me the creeps...

Sylvain C (ru) wrote: C'est triste d'avoir de l'argent.

Mickey B (de) wrote: Though I went into this film expecting to see another b or even c-list horror film I really enjoyed what I saw. The story was actually a nice departure from many of the current horror films and harkened back to a primal fear of the unknown. The great performance by Pamela Gidley, the erie setting that seems just a little to familliar, and the stunning visual effects make the movie. Though it has its gross-out moments the film is ripe with terror and definitely and must watch.

Barry T (mx) wrote: -Too much blood to soon after he gets shot in the back -Whoopi Goldberg doesn't age at all in 10-30 years in the timeline in the movie -The lines are TOO obvious we know Mississippi prides itself on having his own little way about it but a guy boldly saying 'America doesn't matter' is trying to hard too communicate this -The dialogue is imaginary and unauthentic and the movie is relatively slow moving. -You can predict the dialogue very easily -vigilante trailblazing lawyer fights for right against all the other ill conceived notions about as original as a romantic comedy. -The story is just not evolving naturally, he part time pursue's some old case regarding racism and he's wife leaves him, predictable and once again unauthentic -There has been no development here literally. He is pursuing this case as he quotes only in his spare time and now his wife is leaving him for it, is this serious?

Ahmad J (it) wrote: I for one liked this movie!

Dwayne D (mx) wrote: i wan itI love this moves 2 thums up

Logan T (es) wrote: A fun and clever film from the Star Trek from franchise.

Juan P (de) wrote: It is so bad it is funny!

Niki S (ag) wrote: Sofia Loren is an icon. She could run around shouting in Italian in a grocery store & it would be great. Actually, that's not far from how this film starts. It's not perfect, but that's 49 years of hindsight.

RC K (nl) wrote: I picked this up despite middling reviews because, hey, it was Bogart, and it was pretty cheap. I figured, "What the hell, Bogie should be enough."By and large that was true. It's a pretty standard 40s suspense/thriller type movie, with Bogie as ex-Col. Joe Barrett, former owner of Tokyo Joe's, a "joint" (as he puts it) in Tokyo which he had "decided to make [his] hometown." Now he's returning about seven years later, after the war has ended and is given repeated run arounds by the occupying United States forces as he tries to re-establish himself. He's forbidden to enter his own former place of business, but ignores these orders and there meets up with his partner Ito, who gives him a polite brush; here we see one of the endemic problems with films of this age. Now, I should be fair--this is pretty nice and well-meaning in its approach to the Japanese, considering the time it was made. Nothing is made of them as a people on the whole, and this brush is Ito claiming social responsibility for Pearl Harbor, to which Joe says--"Oh, you were the one who planned the whole thing, huh?" A good sentiment--at least pointing out that no, they are not all responsible, but suggesting that it's not unreasonable for a lot of them to feel humbled by the way the US came in and treated them so nicely after bombing the crap out of them. Er, right. Maybe there's some basis in fact here, but the whole thing plays out like they very well should be sorry--as a society. Madness.Anyway, that was the only bothersome thing, beyond one social stereotype that makes an appearance late in the film, is handled poorly and comes off as a ridiculous attempt to be aware of a culture the writers were apparently not thoroughly up on.The rest of the cast is decent enough, with a plot that revolves around Bogie's old flame from Tokyo (of course, SHE's not fromTokyo, she's European...) re-appearing despite his belief that she's dead, and learning that there's a dark cloud of guilt hanging over her--and what Joe must then do to protect her. Things roll out pretty much as expected from here, and we come to the conclusion of the film about as we expect. Joe is basically another Rick, US citizen out for money and business in a foreign land, who secretly harbours immense patriotism which we see come out in a time of need. Blah blah. Not really all that great, but Bogie is always magnetic and charismatic, so it's a passing grade for it; an enjoyable bit of fluff.Dig that judo scene near the beginning--that whole bit with Ito is actually handled pretty well, previously mentioned stumble aside, and the judo looks not only "real" but pretty well choreographed. Shame the silly romance and hamfisted military/patriotic aspect had to rear their ugly heads, really. Still, worth seeing for fans of Bogart, I suppose.

Rachel S (nl) wrote: Interesting story but the book is better

Kevin C (gb) wrote: Christmas movie with Gertie.Stronger cast and Herbie falls in love with a Lancia. Better Christmas fare.

Gunter V (ca) wrote: It's hard to dislike Prefontaine outright, because the acting is basically good, and because when you want to watch a movie about running, pickins is slim. But if you want a GOOD movie about Pre, get Without Limits. This film's script is a joke.