The Miracle

The Miracle

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Dolby W (ag) wrote: It's charming and has it's moments. Nothing too special, but it is likable.

F B (nl) wrote: Like a luxurious bath with a good book, this is Bollywood Terrance Malick style. Quiet, sumptuous, simple. Even as it turns into a typical potboiler, it keeps a dignified grace. If you need a break from loud summer movies, this is it.

Countess N (mx) wrote: 3 April 2011 Total sucked big style. Stupid film with a stupid story and stupid ending.

Timothy S (fr) wrote: In the plentiful world of made-for-video horror movies, a film can be a surprise and better than you ever expected and still be a failure. Such is the case with "Drive Thru", a twisted and mildly amusing slasher flick. There's a lot here to like, but I still can't quite recommend it simply because the movie never breaks free from its low-budget confinement. It's good by those standards, but not by the higher standards that are set for theatrical releases. The plot is a paint-by-numbers retread of the first "Nightmare on Elm Street" picture without any of the scares of legend-making horror film icon. Horny the Clown is a lot of fun, and kind of creepy-looking in some scenes, but he's never going to be on lunch boxes like his predecessor Freddy. Like the "Elm Street" movies, the murders are inventive to the point of being absurd (the microwave killing especially had me rolling my eyes), but the make-up effects are well done for the most part. The cast is full of likable, spunky new faces but none are spunkier than the film's star, Leighton Meester. I sure hope to see her in a lot more movies because she's terribly attractive and has a lot of charisma. She sure elevates this B-movie material with her looks and engaging performance. Also funny is Morgan Spurlock in a winning cameo. I don't know who he owed a favor to in oder to explain this bizarre appearance, but it's one of the film's highlights. With a little more momentum, this film could have made it to the winner's circle, but "Drive Thru" just can't quite overcome its shortcomings. There's a lot here to like, but it just can't quite make the cut.

Matthew D (br) wrote: It, obviously, is not as good as the first one, but definitely better than the horribly mediocre Cinderella 2. It's imaginative, the voices are great, the animation is smooth, and the jokes are mostly hit and miss, but the last ten minutes are terrible! Great songs though.

Robin H (mx) wrote: Not to bad pretty typical for a kid/ish fantasy film. Although Piper Perabo more than made up for any crap parts in the film :p

Bruno G (es) wrote: real shit been there done that!!!

Sarah A (br) wrote: that would never happen.

David S (ca) wrote: Entertaining homage to hard-boiled detective fiction, Sinatra gives a fun performance as a private eye detective trying to recover some stolen gems. The plot isn't anything original or surprising, and the direction is rather flat, but its entertaining enough to keep the viewer watching.

Bruce B (it) wrote: This is a wonderful movie of the fifties, with a cast of stars that in today?s film world would be unheard off. The budget to get these stars together today would make anyone faint. Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman, and Agnes Moorehead. I grew up thinking Agnes Moorehead was a witches mother and she looked like one on Bewitched. But in this movie as in others from the fifties she proved to be a glorious actress. Rock Hudson plays the part of a young Millionaire with not a care in the world till his life is save at the expense of another?s. He then falls in love with the wife of the man who dies, and the only way to win her is losing his spoiled ways and obtaining a Magnificent Obsession. How can any film the Rock appear in be awarded anything less the 4 stars.

Ben C (us) wrote: I saw this movie when it first hit the theaters in 93, I was 13 and couldn't wait. I fell asleep half way through. Saw it recently and it has so many plot holes and weird cut scenes that it never makes since. TNG is my favorite series and this one is so bad it makes Star Trek 5 look good.

Russ B (it) wrote: 6/18/2012: good story! Overall not too bad a movie.