The Miracle of Berlin

The Miracle of Berlin

A TV movie that follows an East Berlin family torn by political strife and the fast-changing events that led to the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989.

A TV movie that follows an East Berlin family torn by political strife and the fast-changing events that led to the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teryn S (gb) wrote: My uncle watched this all the time, and I've grown to not like it.

Luca D (fr) wrote: Il mattatore del botteghino italiano ritorna in sala con il suo terzo film. Io non ho mai sentito la mancanza delle sue battute scontate e della trama inesistente.

Lucas G (jp) wrote: Excellence on point.

Jo K (es) wrote: I haven't watched the whole thing yet (I'm watching it on youtube), but so far it's really good.

Steven P (es) wrote: I will watch anything with Lisa Kudrow in it, but this really was a load of old shit. I really hoped the presence of Jane Krakowski and Christine Baranski would outweigh the presence of Damon Wayans, but no. The only reason it gets any stars at all is because despite myself I did laugh at Lisa Kudrow rapping 'The Power in the Purse'.

Kerby H (ru) wrote: Denzel Washington gives an incredibly powerful performance, and Ray Allen is surprisingly good too. Spike Lee does a great job of creating characters that audiences are immediately invested in and making you care about the decisions they make in the film.

Luis O (us) wrote: People that do not like this film concentrate on Mrs. Dalloway's party, when in fact this is a deeper socio-political message that Virginia Woolf is illustrating specially about the casualties of war that linger way after wars are over and re emerge when new ones start.

Jordan K (fr) wrote: Cher's performance is just great.

Jack B (fr) wrote: some great moments and momentum, nice metaphoric sets- similar to German expressionism.

Andrew W (ag) wrote: This was a childhood favorite. That doesn't make it great though.

Lovro H (ca) wrote: Dominion is basically the same movie as The Beginning, except for a few things. Dominion was actually made before The Beginning, but the studio thought it wouldn't be successful, so they gave the job to another director to make The Beginning, when The Beginning failed miserably, they gave another chance to Dominion and released it the following year. Is it any better? It is a bit better, but it's still far from a great movie. The story is the same, except in the ending rather than Rachel/Sarah being the possessed, it's Cheche, a character which wasn't at all in The Beginning and frankly, I prefer this ending, even though it's still far from being a good ending. Most of the actors are the same, so the acting is the same. I also liked the direction in this movie more and it seems a lot like an 80s movie at times because of it. I really don't know what to say about this movie since I already basically reviewed it. The CGI is still bad, they didn't improve in that territory. All in all, a better movie than The Beginning, but it still suffers from most of the problems The Beginning suffered from, too. I'd recommend this movie over The Beginning.

Lucas M (gb) wrote: The undeniable chemistry between Murray & Johansson along with the fantastic plot and warm tone makes this film about a romance of two friends (not lovers) a classic.