The Miracle of Life

The Miracle of Life


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1915
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Miracle of Life torrent reviews

Tom L (kr) wrote: Combining quantum physics, fantasy, strength of character and a love story, this movie may fly over the heads of unthinking mono-dimensionalists. I loved it.

Ian C (kr) wrote: as slow and dull as it is obvious..

Stevie M (fr) wrote: More sentimental than most can bear but it does tell a powerful true story aswell as having a superb cast.

Nikki T (mx) wrote: Horrible. Boring and meaningless storyline. Corny beyond belief. Unbearable to watch.

bill b (nl) wrote: FUCKING WEIRD.THERE ARE SOME AMAZING AND CLEVER MADE SCENES, WITH SUPER DIALOGUESBut its a difficult film to follow. Maybe it is too intelligent or too stupid. watch it and let me know:)

John B (ag) wrote: This is the film that had everyone aflutter because here we have Ally Sheedy coming out of the woodwork years after the Breakfast Club and she is a les-bion. She does a wonderful job but what happened to her co-star Radha Mitchell?

Dan D (ca) wrote: Waayy too much unintentional comedy. An inferior Cannibal Holocaust that tries to duplicate all of it's styles, including real animal abuse, sigh.

Tim S (au) wrote: Medium Cool was a radical and revolutionary slice of docudrama when released in 1969. A strange confluence of documentary and narrative (at least a semblance of one), the film tells the story of a rogue news cameraman (Robert Forster) caught up in the turmoil of the times in 1968. Mass media, black suppression, poverty, war and political anxiety all play a part in Haskell Wexler's subversive masterwork. Despite it being dated because of the time that it takes place in, the film left a mark on other filmmakers who would go on to follow its example, whether they were serious or silly with it. There's definitely a film nouveau influence on Medium Cool, and Robert Forster is one of the coolest cats around. He's terrific in it. My only problem with the film is that it does feel a little heavy-handed at times, and the themes that it's tackling are a bit obvious, and they really shouldn't be in a film where you're mixing fact and fiction. Maybe that's just me though, and maybe it's just because we're all a little more self-aware than we were in 1968. It can be a mixed bag for someone expecting a concrete narrative, but if you relax and open your mind to it, the film will soak you in some very vivid imagery and also give you something to think about.

Justin R (br) wrote: Full of funny ideas and interesting, cool-looking design concepts, but overall not that great of a movie. The guy playing Mr. Freedom is really good and perfectly cast, but eventually he gets boring playing the same note for 95 minutes.

James M (mx) wrote: I wasn't really sure what to expect from this outing, because you never know what you are going to get when you watch one of these skin-flicks from the 60's, as the quality of them tends to run all over the place. But "My Tale Is Hot" is, if not a solid effort, at least stays on the right side of entertaining. There's really not much to this film, as it's basically a string of burlesque-type shots of fairly attractive babes, which has a bookended plot about a super-faithful husband (played by Jack Little, under the name "Little Jack Little") being tempted by the devil (played by Max Gardens, under the name "Manny Goodtimes") to stray. That's about it. Deeply involving this is not, but it is a good bit of fun and never really takes itself very seriously. As noted, the women are remarkably pretty attractive for the most part and have little problem peeling for the camera, while Little and Gardens provide somewhat humorous double entendre commentary during it. There's even a clever "little twist" (no pun intended) in the end, when the devil learns just why he can't tempt this most faithful husband to cheat. The dialogue is totally cornball throughout, with puns-a-plenty, some of it funny and some of it cringe-worthy. Really, though, the film is pretty much centered on the buxom figures of the ladies, which is only to be expected. There is a nice go-go dancing scene about midway through, featuring the talents of Ms. Candy Barr which is very nice. At just under an hour long, the film doesn't tend to overstay it's welcome, even if a couple of the burlesque scenes do seem to. In the end, it's just a fun and campy nudie-cutie romp, which is pretty indicative of this brand of film. It is certainly far from the worst effort this kind of film-making has created. If you are a fan of the genre, you might get a few chuckles of mileage out of this one.

eric v (ca) wrote: Nothing really new, but RomCom as enjoyable as this are hard to find.

James O (us) wrote: Lame overstated acting from what should be a reasonable cast is disappointing. The plot is ludicrous and nonsensical. Just shoddy but easy to watch if you switch mind right off.

Kelsey F (it) wrote: I love the entertainment aspect of this movie. However, it does kind of show what society has turned into.