The Miracle of P. Tinto

The Miracle of P. Tinto

Wafer factory-owner P. Tinto and his wife Olivia want a child of their own more than anything else in the world. Years of trying, however, have left them with nothing but a pair of extraterrestrial midgets living in the spare bedroom. When they decide to try adoption, a series of misroutings and chance encounters results in an escaped adult mental patient arriving at their door with adoption papers in hand. P. Tinto and Olivia accept this without question and welcome him in as their son. Can this family arrangement work?

Wafer factory-owner P. Tinto and his wife Olivia want a child of their own more than anything else in the world. Years of trying, however, have left them with nothing but a pair of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabe F (gb) wrote: Genuinely enjoyable film with sharp comedy, a great central character and an interesting twist on an old premise. Not to mention I found myself relating and learning from the main character. Really enjoyable.

Mayank A (it) wrote: Good movie, quite educational, first time got to know about the injustice still happening to Native Americans with the screwed up laws. As for the movie its slow paced but Jason Momoa carry's it with his charm and some great cinematography. The ending is amazing, the intensity kept me at edge.

Ralph R (fr) wrote: If you like the Flash, a turdy superhero, and Lee "the Fall Guy" Majors and bad cinema, well awful cinema, thin you may want to check this out, but I would still hesitate. Other than being able to check all of the above, then, stay the heck away, butt tard.

James H (kr) wrote: 6.5/10. Sweet film, very pleasantly acted. Interesting story, nicely paced. A very likable movie. A nice diversion, it's nothing too deep but it works.

Gerald G (es) wrote: Synecdoche, New York [sih NEK duh kee] is a synecdoche of Schenectady, New York; the city where the film begins. This film is thought provoking in a way that first attracted me to independent/Foreign/art-house cinema and has stirred this veteran film enthusiast to sit down and pen his thoughts for the first time in years. For that, I am grateful.First of all, the film is not great, but it does steep the viewer in a dark and gritty alternate reality and leaves a deep impression. The meaning of the film can be summed up in three quotes:"I will be dying and so will you, and so will everyone here. That's what I want to explore. We're all hurtling towards death, yet here we are for the moment, alive. Each of us knowing we're going to die, each of us secretly believing we won't.""What was once before you - an exciting, mysterious future - is now behind you. Lived; understood; disappointing. You realize you are not special. You have struggled into existence, and are now slipping silently out of it. This is everyone's experience. Every single one. The specifics hardly matter. Everyone's everyone. So you are Adele, Hazel, Claire, Olive. You are Ellen. All her meager sadnesses are yours; all her loneliness; the gray, straw-like hair; her red raw hands. It's yours. It is time for you to understand this.""As the people who adore you stop adoring you; as they die; as they move on; as you shed them; as you shed your beauty; your youth; as the world forgets you; as you recognize your transience; as you begin to lose your characteristics one by one; as you learn there is no-one watching you, and there never was, you think only about driving - not coming from any place; not arriving any place. Just driving, counting off time. Now you are here, at 7:43. Now you are here, at 7:44. Now you are..."Kaufman's blend of surrealism and a seemingly 25-to-30-year thread of stream-of consciousness is admirable. As for the surrealism, the film brings to bear the truism that we all see with our emotions. No two people see the same thing the same way. We are, as sentient beings, unable to see purely photographically. In it's surrealism, the film is sometimes comical, sometimes haunting, but always apt. As for the film's attempt at stream-of-consciousness, it lacks sophistication. Considering the film's Demille-esque sized ensemble-cast and the scale of the film's cinematic and rhetorical reach, Kaufman invites comparison with landmark works. And, when compared with the 1927 film Metropolis by Fritz Lang or William Faulkner's novel The Sound and the Fury , Synecdoche, with it's faux-obscurity, simply does not measure up.The dramatic arch of the film effectively supports the premise that "We're all hurtling towards death, yet here we are for the moment, alive." However, when Caden is provided the financial means to build an enormous alternate-reality city/movie-set in a huge abandoned dome in Manhattan though funding from a MacArthur Genius Grant, it is difficult to suspend one's disbelief. The grant pays a whopping $625,000. Nice, for sure, but really? Also, the death of most of the cast at the end, whether real or surreal, does not serve the plot but rather seems like a cheap exit strategy from a movie that would otherwise never end. In all, the film steeps the viewer in a dark and gritty alternate reality and leaves a deep impression. However, the film's cloak of art and intellectualism covers a poorly constructed premise. This may be why I had not heard of it for seven years.

Vihang S (ag) wrote: Different story . Using Kick boxing in background talks about relationships between Pak and India. It could have been intense but lacks depth and story. Though enjoyed watching some kick box scenes. Movie has it highs but more lows. Loved to see Farook Shaikh after many years.

Will S (us) wrote: It's understandable why there are some mixed reviews of Nowhere. The acting feels cranky, there is not much in the way of a plot and the characters are about as sympathetic as the cast of a soap opera. But you can't help but feel that this is all entirely intentional from Araki. The finished article is a surprisingly atmospheric, eerie and insightful - albeit unusual - take on teenage sexuality, drug culture and coming of age. Nowhere is a dystopian future where no ugly people exist.

Maurel B (ca) wrote: timo suspense com o humor negro tpico dos irmos Coen

Mark R (ca) wrote: "Then maybe you shouldn't be LIVING HEEEEERRRRREE!!!!!"

Kevin O (kr) wrote: One of the best westerns around, but little-known. Superb acting by all, especially by Lee Marvin's sexy character.

Don S (au) wrote: Not a usual zombie movie: this is a more cerebral attempt to tackle a zombie apocalypse in a measured, medical manner and allow the tainted to return to society as contributing members. As you might imagine, this takes all of the best moments out of a zombie movie. I was able to figure out nearly all plot points before they unfolded. Only a couple of decent scenes.

Don S (ag) wrote: Another Bryan Singer helmed excursion into the lives of everyone's favorite mutants. Another stylishly shot effects laden nugget of goodness to enjoy. The characterizations drive this series, as they did when Claremont wrote the comics - these are real people to me. Imperfect, but always striving to do better. Tons of cameos brought on by the conclusion to the storyline (but kind of a cop out too, without getting into details). Tremendously powerful. Needed to focus on more than just the few characters it did though.