The Miracle Woman

The Miracle Woman

A phony faith healer falls for a blind man and seeks to go straight.

After Florence Fallon's father dies unappreciated in the church where he preached for many years, she becomes embittered and loses faith. She teams up with Horsby, a con man, and performs ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Douglas L (es) wrote: A watchable film with a good cast. Its almost like a Bonnie and Clyde story. I like the setting in the 40's and 50's, but I didnt see much depth from the characters, and Travolta's connection of being "alone" like the murderers may have been there, and if it was, it wasnt very strong. Although it kept me interested and entertained, no more, no less.

Matt G (kr) wrote: This movie should be a comedy bc it's a joke. Nothing but dudes tryna look cool banging nasty hoes not knowing what's going on the whole time . ... Same facial expressions the whole time and a staring contest smfh great acting let me tell ya and Colin's stoosh lmao .Should be called the eye job..... The action is all in the eyes !

Mikael K (nl) wrote: A very sympathetic and daring comedy about the unlikely kinship between a totalitarian youth and a free spirited gay man. The dialog is very funny at times, and more importantly raises some very poignant questions about life and politics.

Ne K (mx) wrote: This story is based on the true story of Japanese historical fact.To contrast the generals and their hero's Kagemusha.Thereby telling the great generals.

Jenna I (ca) wrote: A fantastic first film but ugh, it's just so depressing. What really interested me in this was the focus on the women and their lack of control. The daughter steals in order to feel some sense of accomplishment and who can blame her when her mother spends all day waiting for her husband to return with money? A sympathetic look into the lives of women and the impoverished.

Mike L (au) wrote: An interesting take on the future where the cars looked old and so did the neckties. It definitely worked though and was a pleasure to watch.

Peter B (au) wrote: Going to the cinema having read the critic's reviews first, is very 'hit & miss'. I really enjoyed this film - then I'm looking back 20 years ( wait until you get to where I am now).

Vlanca J (jp) wrote: Justin is my life! This shows who he really is not who the haters want him to be seen as! Great movie over all ?????????

Dennis B (it) wrote: Best way to describe this movie is useless. Only watched it to see Kaley Cuocco as soneone else other than Penny on Big Bang Theory