The Mirror Crack'd

The Mirror Crack'd

Jane Marple solves the mystery when a local woman is poisoned and a visiting movie star seems to have been the intended victim.

The film starring Angela Lansbury, Tony Curtis, Rock Hudson is directed by Guy Hamilton. It is about Elizabeth Taylor plays an unsuccessful actress wants to come back but she gets problems by dint of the mysterious incident in the past. Unfortunately, there are many murders happening in the village where filming, which makes her stress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin C (es) wrote: I had never heard of Phil Ochs but this documentary was very interesting and informative. The span that his life and career follows is incredible.

Andy S (mx) wrote: I can't claim to have known too much about this one before giving it a look; I have seen/heard Rhys Ifans interviewed quite a few times and this is one of his films that gets a lot of mentions. On the strength of this I decided to give it the once over. Not the best production ever, but quite a compelling (true) story nonetheless. Here's a very brief summary before I give you my thoughts.Based on his book, we are told the story of Mr. Nice; a.k.a. Howard Marks (Rhys Ifans). From his humble beginnings in a small town in Wales, on to Oxford University and then into the world of international drug smuggling. On the way he meets his wife, Judy (Chlo Sevigny) and is involved with an IRA arms dealer, Jim McCann (David Thewlis). He is recruited by MI6, lies in court but is eventually brought to justice. It's quite an enthralling tale but one I ultimately found was very unbalanced (more on that later).I don't know whether it was deliberate or not, but I found the picture quality very poor. It may have been to make it look more like a period piece, but more likely it was the best the budget would allow. I thought Rhys Ifans did an excellent job, although he never seems to age all through the film! I loved the small part David Thewlis played; the mad-cap Irishman was just brilliant. As to the plot; well I found it far too sympathetic to Marks; not surprising since it was based on his book I hear you say. But I would have thought the filmmakers would have put a little balance in there; what effect did all the drugs he sold all over the world have? How many innocent lives were affected? All this seemed inconsequential and probably explains why, despite some excellent performances, the film didn't perform very well both at the box office and also critically. For me, whilst I enjoyed the performances, I found it a little too self-indulgent.SteelMonster's verdict: RECOMMENDED (...Just)My score: 5.8/10.

Baylee J (nl) wrote: Love all of their movies and more.

O S (de) wrote: Nice war movie, nothing more.

Kate T (mx) wrote: Strange, but good turns by Tucker and Goodwin.

John W (fr) wrote: Slick action, some funny moments, but an overall lacking plot drags this movie down.

Luis O (it) wrote: As horrible humans can be to each other, there always someone out there willing to do an act of selfless kindness. Great direction by Dillon.

Dom W (it) wrote: This was difficult for me to get into but the theartical standpoint was pretty decen, being that I am somewhat familiar with what was going on. The Tibetans refer to the Dalai Lama as 'Kundun', which means the "presence". I learned that from my sister who has actually watched this a dozen times. He was forced to escape from his native home, Tibet, when China which was influenced under communism invaded and enforced their own ways against the peaceful nation of Tibet. The Dalai Lama escaped to India in 1959 and has been living in exile in Dharamsala ever since. In 1937, in a remote area of Tibet close to the Chinese border, a two year old child is identified as the reincarnation or the second coming of the Dalai Lama, which is the Buddha if I am not mistaken. Two years later, the child is brought to Lhasa where he is schooled as a monk/student basically and as head of the culture.Throughout this time, he experiences some visions of his people's slaughter under the Chinese dominance and rulings which is wild. While the movie tells the story of a couple of adventurers who wade into the Tibet and become very much acquainted with the young Dalai Lama, I am not sure exactly how accurate the film is to the real life version. I know that films tend to add a spin upon things but I am not sure. I actually had to watch the film twice just to get a good grasp on what was actually going on. One of the adventerers, mainly becomes the Dalai's closest friend and shares some thoughts on many areas of life itself. The most important factor that shapes the Dalai Lama into realizing the reality of the cruel world that he is engulfed in is when the Chinese invade their country with modern weaponry, while Tibet didn't even have a sole army, let alone any advances in weaponry which was a major disadvantage to them. The way the film was shot was pretty good in my opinion though.

Sean P (nl) wrote: So bad it's good. This is one of those intentionally found b-movies that become a classic among friends. Financed by Sam Raimi and filmed in Toledo, Ohio.

Joshua D (es) wrote: The film that stole the title from my beloved Raging Bull,turns out to be a powerfully emotional tale about family, love, and life. A simple and delicate punch to your tear-ducts.

Marvin N (ca) wrote: too chatty and slow moving

Eric H (de) wrote: This film is a fact--content and style a fact--it is women's life as a matter of fact. As dictated by men's freedom. Thus, the ending, which might be a step to dignity--or might not. Perhaps it's a metaphor for rebellion, which also belongs to every woman.

Chad P (gb) wrote: One of John Wayne's later movies and nothing short of a Saturday morning Western classic.

Mitchell W (br) wrote: Does more to make you understand faith than any other film. This picture is indeed slow and difficult to watch, building to a draining, horrific climax...but the final minutes are an unforgettable experience. Without giving anything away, a family devastated by enormous loss is asked to believe in something truly insane. Nothing, not logic nor the grim story we've witnessed up to this point, gives them any concrete reason to do so. But there is one person who does, and there's nothing like those final moments anywhere else in cinema.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: One of the best things about this docu-noir about an innocent man imprisoned is the very believable undercurrent throughout that nobody believes the guy is innocent, not even the reporter (Jimmy Stewart) assigned the case. Well, that and its shot in Chicago. The cast delivers, especially the washerwoman mom of the convicted.