The Missing

The Missing

When rancher and single mother of two Maggie Gilkeson sees her teenage daughter, Lily, kidnapped by Apache rebels, she reluctantly accepts the help of her estranged father, Samuel, in tracking down the kidnappers. Along the way, the two must learn to reconcile the past and work together if they are going to have any hope of getting Lily back before she is taken over the border and forced to become a prostitute.

In 1885 New Mexico, a frontier medicine woman forms an uneasy alliance with her estranged father when her daughter is kidnapped by an Apache brujo. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Meleki S (de) wrote: This movie is even worse then the first one and as a fan of the books it is nothing alike them the acting is terrible, the story and everything.

samuel j (au) wrote: An amazing superhero horror film. Completely captivating. Definitely indistinguishable.

Qasim Arif S (ca) wrote: Excellent Animation + Cartoon + Comedy + Family + Mystery Movie.......................Excellent Work.....................

Marco C (fr) wrote: A shocking and uplifting look into Afghani society that brings to light the controversial issue of artistic censorship under Sharia law.

Janicka P (es) wrote: The best movie I've seen this year! After seeing this I was totally breathless and wanted to cry. :)


Travis H (mx) wrote: January Got a Gun. Or at least that would be a more interesting title for the moribund Western, Sweetwater, which somehow manages to screw up having Mad Men's sexy star January Jones as a gun-toting harbinger of vengeance. But then again writing/directing duo Noah and Logan Miller show utter incompetence merely getting the look and feel of the Old West right, and their haphazard attempts to add a touch of comic madness leave this version of the tumbleweed era totally flavorless.Jones' ice queen demeanor may work on AMC's hit show but they make for a dull and lifeless heroine. In a grim and ugly New Mexico border town, she plays Sarah, a steely ex-prostitute now hooked up with Miguel (Eduardo Noriega), a wimpy landowner who absolutely doesn't wear the pants in that relationship. When he runs afoul of maniacal and murderous Mormon priest (Jason Isaacs) and winds up taking a dirt nap, Sarah is left alone to fend for herself, which she's more than capable of doing.Literally dancing to the beat of his own drum is Ed Harris as Sheriff Jackson, who makes his comical entrances twirling like a ballerina before kicking the old lawman in the ass. It's a far cry from the more traditional gunslinger roles we've seen Harris play in the past, and perhaps is inspired in some small way by the off-kilter anti-genre flick Walker he starred in years ago. As the Sheriff and Josiah trade religious verse (and acts of violence) on their way to an inevitable showdown, Harris and Isaacs go waaaay over the edge in their performances to spruce up fairly generic roles. It may suit the off-beat tone of the film somewhat, but all of that is negated by how stiff and disinterested Jones seems to be. Her character suffers the most of them all; she's a town pariah, her husband's been killed, she becomes pregnant, gets raped, and much more happens to her along the way. But do we see any of that reflected in Jones' face or demeanor? She misplays nearly every emotional beat; even her quest for violent retribution is strangely dispassionate. Jones does get one terrific scene, though, using an umbrella to penetrate a would-be "peeping tom".The west has never been less gritty, less pulpy than it is here, with the locale fading into the background when it should be a character in its own right. A more skillful hand could add a touch of stylized flair to the violence, and perhaps ratchet up the deadly slow pace which makes Sweetwater's 90 minute runtime feel like an epic wagon train.

Catherine M (nl) wrote: This was hysterical! I thought it would be more scary with funny undertones but it turned out to be the opposite. Definitely recommend this one.

john o (gb) wrote: Silly and unneeded but if you get past the sillyness then it's actually very fun and entertaining just to see Charles Bronson shoot the hell outta the "Creeps". Good sequel, but the main problem is the random characters that are flung in like Paul's new girlfriend, her death had no impact on him whatsoever so I found that annoying, but it's still cool to see the community fight back against the creeps as you can imagine what you would do in that situation.

Slashergirl V (nl) wrote: Suprisingly this movie has a lot of horror elements but I guess it'd ultimately be classified action ...has a lot of great comedy moments by the "Barney Fife" type deputy...but stil over all enjoyable watch

Hobie P (de) wrote: Classic from the 70's. Has originallity,suspense,& gore.

Jessica H (ag) wrote: my theory is that everyone was on drugs during the entire production of this film, but it has comedy.

Brad S (es) wrote: I enjoy this one. It dated for sure, but Poitier's performance is so strong, it makes it captivating all the way through. I enjoyed watching it again and highly recommend it!

Kevin R (de) wrote: The sins of the father shouldn't rest on the daughter.A career art thief recruits a younger aspiring thief to help him complete one final job. The older crook has a debt to the Russian mob that has to be paid; and if he doesn't get them their money, people close to him are going to be hurt. The young thief is reluctant to help at first, but when he falls for the older crook's god daughter, he'll join the project to ensure her safety."Are we real?"Mimi Leder, director of Deep Impact, Pay it Forward, The Peacemaker, and episodes from the television series LA Law, The West Wing, ER, Luck, and the Leftovers, delivers The Code. The storyline for this picture is interesting with some clever characters and plot twists. The acting was better than I anticipated and includes Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas, Tom Hardy, Corey Johnson, and Robert Forster."Your lack of trust is really depressing."I was looking through Tom Hardy movies on Netflix and decided to add this older picture of his to the queue. He wasn't in this much, but I did enjoy the interactions between Banderas and Freeman. This reminded me a little of Assassins with Banderas and Stallone. Overall, this is worth a viewing and an entertaining addition to the genre but far from a classic."Guilt is not even in my vocabulary."Grade: C+