The Missing Lynx

The Missing Lynx

A group of animals look for a way off of an eccentric billionaire's own personal Noah's Ark 'n stuff

Directed by Raul Garcia (as Raúl García), Manuel Sicilia, this animation revolves around a group of animals. They look for a way off of an eccentric billionaire's own personal Noah's Ark. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sunny S (gb) wrote: yehh....finally desi funniest movie evaa....dis iz so hillarious...PARESH RAWAL AT HIS BEST....

Neil J (au) wrote: Very average, battered, gun selling, sex obsessed woman drama.Not many redeeming features.

Aaron B (kr) wrote: This movie was released in 1986, not 2002.

Matthew S (mx) wrote: In 1984 Frears was largely known as a part of the UK Comic Underground writing and directing with the iconic forces who go on to impact popular culture with TV shows like "The Comic Strip" "The Young Ones" "Alan Partridge" and the comic duo who would become famous as "French & Saunders" and "AbFab.He had directed an odd movie featuring all of these players and followed that with a brilliant cult film, "The Hit." But it would take a year or two before "The Hit" found it's way outside of the UK. It was this film that made it to us first."My Beautiful Launderette" was a major game-changer for Frears, Day-Lewis and Independent British Film.Set within The Pakistani "community" of South London at the height of "Thatcher's England" -- an upper-middle-class family man tries to help his struggling immigrant brother and his son. The head of the family wants to help his once successful brother, but has pretty much given up. His nephew is a different matter. Ambitious, smart and good-looking he is able to quickly earn the trust of his uncle to take over the running of one of his many businesses. A tiny launderette.Omar played by with realistic ease by Gordon Warnecke. As this business venture requires a great deal of "elbow grease" he seeks out his old pal, Johnny. Played brilliantly by a very young Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny has been running and living with a gang of white thugs -- all of whom seem to be on the verge of becoming full blown skinheads. Desperate to find a way out of his dreary life, Johnny agrees to help his old pal out.It doesn't take long to realize that Johnny and Omar are both victims of a corrupt England and of "ideals" that are more easily stated than achieving. Both feel and are "outsiders" looking and trying to find a way in.Along the way they each end up fully owning their real feeling toward each other and sex. As their happiness starts to bloom, the threat of being pushed further outside of "Thatcher's England's" dream forces them to make a choice.Stephen Frears' film remains gleefully angry, bold, gritty, explicit and funny. But no punches are spared. Sexuality, racism and an oppressive government are at the core of this story. Fears' pulls us into a cultural and societal mess that refuses to release our eyes from the screen.The audience, like the two lead gay characters, are also forced to confront ideas around identity, faith, family, economics, love and the all-important decision to stand and fight -- or give up and conform."My Beautiful Launderette" is as angry as it is beautiful.Almost immediately after this movie, Stephen Frears would go on to make two amazing and underrated films, "Prick Up Your Ears" and "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid."Those two films and especially this one retain a level of unrestrained rebellion, energy and grit that he would never regain. It is both hard and sad to believe that this is the same director who now creates mediocre films. One of which essentially honors The Queen.The road to success and fame can lead some right into what they used to rail against. But there will always be 4 nearly perfect movies:"The Hit""Prick Up Your Ears""Sammy and Rosie Get Laid"and this one. "May Beautiful Launderette" remains his greatest cinematic achievement.

Jonathan G (us) wrote: Almost perfect, and what's not to like about a film starring David Warner, Peter Cushing, Diana Dors, Ian Ogilvy and Donald Pleasance? Four powerful stories by a master of the genre (the last is less effective, but still memorably executed), some wonderful visuals (the opening scene features a clever cut from a cemetery to the antique shop, and there's a wonderful shot of a seance centrally shot from a candle), and just enough humour not to unsettle the sinister foundation. I think I love this film a little, to be honest.

Eliabeth J (kr) wrote: I really loved the movie. They did adapt a lot from the book, maybe was a little bit loaded with new info but I found it easy to follow. The plot may have many themes repeated from other books or movies but what books and movies aren't repetitive nowadays? The chemistry within the cast was amazing, likeable characters, good effects well done for it's target area. I've watched it so many times and I love it!

Jei P (br) wrote: another Clive's gem. "All i can say is *sigh*, it is indescribable"