The Missing Star

The Missing Star

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Labourer Vincenzo travels from Italy to China in search of a machine with a deficiency that was produced in the now defunct establishment at which Vincenzo worked for years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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shea l (ag) wrote: low budget foolishness. plotless, mind numbing bad acting coupled with a silly scrip--equals crap.

Robert H (au) wrote: For lovers of cheesy schlock from the 80s, this little flick from Director Steven Kostanski shows just the kind of magic that can be created on a no budget picture thanks to some skill, knowledge, friends, and faithful.Now if only we could get that BioCop movie made... everything would be complete and world peace would be at hand... or we'd just have yet another awesome flick from Mr. Kostanski to add to our collections. Manborg is full of so many things I love, stop motion animation, cheesy one liners, a bat shit crazy story, references to old school movies from the days of VHS, and really bad humour.As low end as Manborg is with it's high end youtube level visuals from the top of the cheese scale (there is a scale right?) it is truly enjoyable. If it was taking itself seriously, the film would be right up there in the SOBIG masterpieces but since it is tongue in cheek homage to films that might be considered SOBIG, it actually manages to rank itself among the great scifi films such as Star Wars, Robocop, Terminator, Alien, Species, and Eliminators. So sit back and enjoy this scifi masterpiece but make sure to stay to the end of the credits to watch the even better... BIO-COP!

Cory A (es) wrote: It was all right. I love violent torture films, but this one just got boring after a while.

DanielandAsia W (nl) wrote: david gordon green is a master of atmosphere.

Moeeshang P (us) wrote: This movie was actually a pretty good one you know!!! I also loved the way that the movie was shot, as well....

Cindy L (au) wrote: Saw it on my first date!


Art S (de) wrote: Vera Chytilov's 1966 film features some original teenage riot grrls, cutting up sausages and bananas (with scissors), exploiting old men by eating and drinking up their money (and ditching them at the train station), not to mention having an exuberant anarchic crazy ol' plotless surrealistic time. Chytilova plays with film stock, uses camera tricks (yikes they're headless) as well as some kooky color special effects and editing (butterflies). This is what happens when girls "go bad" and thumb their noses at the patriarch -- in Czechoslovakia in the '60s anyway.

Joseph S (kr) wrote: Absolutely fabulous film. While the symbolism seems too clear and glaring, it really becomes a part of the film like any of the characters. I love the way the events serve as a background for the inner turmoil of the main character. Everything is brought together perfectly in this.

taisia k (de) wrote: It's Shirley Temple wat more can i say??