The Mob

The Mob

An undercover officer (Broderick Crawford) tracks waterfront corruption from California to New Orleans and back.

Police detective Damico, outwitted by mob killer Blackie Clay, is nominally suspended; actually he goes undercover (as Tim Flynn, ex-con longshoreman) to find Clay and expose the waterfront... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jan M (kr) wrote: Lightweight French take on gay adoption - nothing this unpretentious could have been made in the US or elsewhere. All in all, not very original but nice.

Steve D (kr) wrote: Nothing really happens but you will enjoy the story anyway

Harry W (mx) wrote: Another You was, for lack of a better word, too poorly directed and constructed to fit the context of being a comedy. Or at least being a good one, it didn't make any sense and it was confusing. It's characters were excessively strange and the plot dynamics were too senseless. There was no plot structure, there was nothing sufficient enough to connect each scene to the next one. Really, Another You is the dumbest visual experience I've seen in a long time, and for a comedy I never laughed. I didn't smile. I merely felt sorry to see the Academy Award nominated actor who portrayed Willy Wonka suffer on screen, with the only benefit being his and Richard Pryor's screen presence and their chemistry. Aside from that Gene Wilder basically just suffers in Another You.I couldn't even figure out why anybody called it Another You, because actually it was just a waste of storytelling which didn't have any real appropriate reason about why it was titled Another You. There isn't really anything all that appropriate about Another You, and it plays on stretching a script which has no sign of existence to all the jokes that it's lead actors can convey, none of which I found to be successful or acceptable.Another You even downplays Richard Pryor's comedic talents and makes him a half assed version of his own personal comedic stereotype, and it makes his attempts to reconnect with that stereotype a load of pathetic failures, while Gene Wilder just plays off a mix of being mentally disabled and the discarded remnants of his Willy Wonka persona.Really, Another You isn't funny and doesn't make sense. The rest is just the rotten cherry on top.

Lisa S (ru) wrote: Not the best pseudo vampire movie, but Springfield is great, and I thought it was fun.

Stuart K (ag) wrote: Written and directed by Alex Cox, then hot of the success of his feature debut Repo Man (1984), this started life as a script Cox wrote in 1980 called Too Kool To Die, lightly inspired by the death of Sid Vicious, however when he heard of a potential Hollywood version in development starring Rupert Everett and Madonna. Cox quickly got this version made, and it's a tragic and very painful love story. This tells the story of how Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) met American groupie Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb), who came to England to bed the Sex Pistols, the two fall in love but after the Pistols split up after their ill-fated American tour in 1978, that brings Sid and Nancy closer together, it gives Sid more freedom to do what he wants. They move to Paris to start a solo career, but no-one will take Sid seriously, because he has a very bad heroin addiction, and he's become very unreliable. Sid and Nancy take residence in the bohemian Hotel Chelsea in New York, descending into a hellish abyss of dangerous drug usage. It might not have been historically accurate, but Cox succeeded at creating a punk Romeo and Juliet in a weird, twisted way. For a film about the noise and angst of the punk movement, Cox finds a sweet and doomed love story in the eye of the storm, but the film briefly made Cox a big name in Hollywood, shame it didn't last.

Jose Luis M (it) wrote: Obra maestra del film noir absolutamente genial y un acierto rodarla en Paris.IMPRESCINDIBLE

Robert B (es) wrote: I saw this film when it came out in 1994, and I've always remembered its brutal hyper-realism. It starts out with a picture of idyllic New Zealand -- an extraordinarily beautiful scene of the lakes and mountains. But wait... It's just a bill board, which as the camera pans across, we see that it sits above a super highway with cars speeding past. Then a woman pushing a baby carriage comes into view. She lives in the projects right next to the highway. All the while an acid guitar version of "Little Wing" is playing. Wow...

Chantal B (br) wrote: That Julian Assange is pretty strange... Another fine acting job by Mr Cumbersomething!

Johnny R (it) wrote: such a good film. from start to finish this film delivers