The Moelleby Affair

The Moelleby Affair

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Robert B (gb) wrote: Jiro Dreams of Sushi is, of course, about more than Jiro and sushi. It is about work, dedication, mastery, family, and (changing) Japan. There is much one can get out of this simple little film. However, as others have stated, the material feels stretched out (more appropriate for a one-hour special). Jiro tells of many things but does not really tell a story. That said, I would recommend it to the hard workers out there that could use a bit of inspiration and a sense that dedication does pay off.

Blake L (ag) wrote: Warm and really funny. Love those quick endings.

William D (ca) wrote: Lo is something like Clive Barker's idea of lofty romance. The visuals aren't particularly interesting, and the actors can be far over-the-top, but the interesting plot is worth the price of admission.

Andrew J (ca) wrote: Joaquin Phoenix is sensational as usual, but this film really opened me up to how talented an actress Reese Witherspoon is. The fact they both sang their own parts is a wonder. If it weren't for the lulls in the plot I would have given the five stars.

Rodney E (jp) wrote: I couldn't make it through 20 minutes of this even when it originally came on TV. How pathetic 20th Century Fox must have been to try and make a franchise out of raunchy teen sex comedies. Just a thought "we've got bush" never works out when watered down for television.

Pete S (br) wrote: Very good western. If you like Sam Elliot, you will like it as he puts in a great performance.

Armando B (it) wrote: I think this movie was okay, it's not a movie I would buy because its not convincing. Julia Roberts plays her part well and its believable, the book was much better and way more detailed, if you seen the movie, you owe it to yourself to read this book. If you liked the movie read the book to get an entirely different and nuch better form of the main plot. If you hated the movie, read the book so that you think how the movie should have been. As that being said for this being a solid movie with a solid performance from the main actors, I give " Sleeping With The Enemy " a C.

Maria B (de) wrote: There are very few movies about the Boer War, so this one with an Aussie flavour is a rare gem. Good portrayal of commando style tactics of the latter period across the veldt. The film's main theme highlights the growing differences between the egalitarian Aussie culture and the officious Imperial desire for control.

Veronique K (de) wrote: "un homme et une femme"(a man and a woman) is one of the popular french new wave movies which had swept over america with its monpoly on the market of foreign cinema then in 1966. the intertextuality of the synchronized events in various field is my usual thinking mode, the approach new wave applies on non-linear story-telling is highly influenced by the rising popularity of french new-novel like margret duras. the theory is to dissect the fragments of living events then sew them up together spontaneously as the protagonist's freewheeling minds lead. so you witness one segment of past or the envisage of future jumps to the present as our mind usually reels randomly into various visceral images at one moment. you could deem it as the deficiency of attention focus or lack of concentration, but the course of sentimentaity and human emotions are inclined to occur more often in this way since distractions've become more of common symptom due to the contagion of media. the most frequent set in "un homme et une femme" is within the car when the leads are chattering about each other, but you cannot really grasp too much within the conversations but the rampant images conjured up by the leads as they utter their tales of life. rather than dialogue-driven, it's prompted mainly by visionary scenes, intermittent narrations there from the man to speak of his mind and his motivations and hesitations on certain actions of his, but never the woman's? woman here stays as the enigmatic muse for the man to covet just like the conventional state of genders. (so it cannot be a sentimental chic flick but a romantic male-centered movie about a man's infatuation over a woman,) for audience like me who watches too many american or anglophilic films may find it a slackening dozer but still somehow refreshed by such novelty of story-telling, at least it is faithful to its simplicity without over-flaunting the new-wave expertises to over-complicate the matters. the soundtrack is dreamily metropolitan and the views of those locations seem to be idyllic to demonstrate those ordinary but lovely sceneries in france like mobile postcards. boredom may strike you during watching it, but it gives you a hearty smile at the final 15 mins with a reasonable twist like the miracle most people in love would pray for. the notably creative scene would probably be two leads making love when the woman thinks of the memories of intimacy with her demised husband that leaves the man cold as his partner's mind drifts over somewhere else, and the lady's comment is simply "i never lie to you that he's dead but he still lives in my heart"..such frastrating honesty. there's no melodrama but brief moments of life's absurdity in a realistic way. also there's nothing too intense or provocatively passionate about "un homme et une femme" but those possible scenarios which might happen to some of us who have the bless to fall in love. (ps) my best advice would be listening to the soundtrack, as the director claims that he chose the music for the story he wrote first then everything else was built along the moods of melodies. indeed the soundtrack of "un homme et une femme" is probably one of the best in cinematic history, without it the movie could be a complete bore.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Even with Randolph Scott, this is pretty much a western off the studio production line, rather generic in all aspects of this genre.

Dorianator F (kr) wrote: Too predictable, very simple plot. The acting was decent though, except for every girl in the movie. But, I did enjoy the style and speed of the film.

John K (it) wrote: Not bad, but more is expected from Disney.

Gerald N (us) wrote: This is one of my favourite animated films of all time. It was so magical and i loved all the fairies, old and new. The negative comments here really annoy me. Tinkerbell movies are definitely not aimed at sad, mean-spirited critics who get paid to write snarky reviews, but for disney fans.