The Money Pit

The Money Pit

After being evicted from their Manhattan apartment, a couple buys what looks like the home of their dreams – only to find themselves saddled with a bank-account-draining nightmare. Struggling to keep their relationship together as their rambling mansion falls to pieces around them, the two watch in hilarious horror as everything – including the kitchen sink – disappears into the 'Money Pit'.

Attorney Walter Fielding and his musician lover Anna Crowley want a home of their own so they save up really hard to buy a house that turns out to be a hopelessly dilapidated one without a main stairway or even water. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike L (br) wrote: The guy who plays Scotch Evans is fantastic. Maudlin and inebriated with a love of fried chicken and Marlboro's...this guy knocks it out of the park!

Chris L (mx) wrote: My biggest problem with this film is that they took the changes from the first movie, like Justin Long's character getting out of the restaurant business, and shitting on it by having him going back in his cameo. Also the movie seemed like a bunch a people going about the night acting like morons.

Dorian Q (nl) wrote: Its watchable, but its no IPman.

Trotsky Q (us) wrote: This movie got me hooked on Matthew Montgomery

Daniel G (ca) wrote: I always knew it was a comedy, but it took me a while to understand what kind of comedy it was. Don't get me wrong, it's a good kind of funny, but it's a bit hard to distinguish at first, which may count as a foul. Eitherway, I wouldn't call this "hilarious", but it's a pretty good parody of what american summer camps are, and I guess what american summer camp movies are too.

Mark A (fr) wrote: Better than most shitty bloody kung fu movies, but not that great of an action film. It's one of those movies where the blood looks like red paint. The kind of movie where you see someone like Sonny Chiba rips someone's nuts off. If you like the over the top gory foreign films like Riki-Oh, this is right up your alley. I don't get the big deal about Sonny Chiba. He's got the build and the skill, but the fights in this movie aren't that great. There's a few moments of some cool martial arts, but most of the fights are slow and don't flow very well. Sonny Chiba is like a poor man's Bruce Lee. He doesn't have the finesse or the charisma, so he just compensates with blood and making retarded faces. Overall, the movie's alright. It's not all that it's made up to be, and it's a decent martial arts movie. If you're looking for a martial arts film that shows skill, power, speed, or fantastic stunts, this isn't it. Watch Enter the Dragon or Legend of the Drunken Master for those things. This is a bloody, campy, over hyped action movie. The good thing is it's a public domain movie, so you can watch it for free.

Sarah P (fr) wrote: fantastic movie! bravo! an honest portrayal of un-medicated bi-polar. i expected it to be an over exaggerated version of the disease, something along the lines of mozart and the whale's inaccurate view on aspergers, but was pleasantly surprised at the validity of it all.

Andrew L (au) wrote: Not as good as the novel on which it's based, but still one of my favourites from my childhood. Still to this day has the best CGI effects in any film.

David C (ru) wrote: Hugely enjoyable comedy-drama, the film that made Lynn Redgrave a star. She more than holds her own agains the likes of Alan Bates (at his most loveable), Charlotte Rampling (at her most bitchy) and James Mason. Far better than it's reputation suggests, it's a film that sums up the 'sixties for me.

John M (gb) wrote: I know I'm supposed to love Dreyer, but this is a glacial piece of theodicy that has loads of great ideas and no will to execute it artfully. Painfully astringent and brutally ideological.

Matthew T (fr) wrote: Pretty tedious forebear of You've Got Mail with Judy right near the end of MGM's tether and the wooden Van Johnson. The only watchable feature is an ageing Buster Keaton shoved right to the back of the shelf. Pedestrian.

Mesha R (de) wrote: I new personal favourite. I adore this film!

Mark S (fr) wrote: An attempt at anti-fascism as art, the sentiments of this film are good but unfortunately as entertainment it's quite dull. Spencer Tracy is decent as the journalist investigating the death of a national hero, but Katharine Hepburn struggles in the poorly-written role of the hero's widow. The film looks very good for its time and the message is timeless, but it's put across in a very heavy-handed way and the film hasn't aged too well.

Kade C (kr) wrote: Though the story is a bit lacking and the villain isn't anything special, Chris Evans's performance as Steve Rogers/Captain America is fantastic and makes the film enjoyable.

Johnny W (us) wrote: Edge-of-your-seat action is shared with feel-good comedy in arguably Marvel Studio's best movie yet.

BRiana C (fr) wrote: V for Vendetta is without a doubt a book-to-screen movie gone bad. While trying to simultaneously trying to achieve a biting social commentary while remaining a nail biting action thriller, the true purpose and spirit of the movie is lost.The thread of red roses the film was meant to keep constant the message that not one is above scrutiny in a society and that due this equality, it is everyone's job to scrutinize the government that governs them. However, this thread often gets lost in the film.I also believe that the so called "romance" between V and Evey was beyond forced. There was no need to include it within the film, and if anything it detracted from the storyline itself. It was underdeveloped and useless to the storyline and character arch. While V and Evey's friendship or even mentorship would have sufficed, the writer's sacrificed the point of story to fulfill the needs of middle aged housewives watching.What I did appreciate about the movie was the foreshadowing early in the film with the parallelism of V and Evey's scenes. For a viewer that is paying attention, these scenes allow you to understand early that while Evey may not understand it yet, her and V are more alike than they are different.Overall, the film left me unsatisfied and underwhelmed. The social commentary however did ring true: a government should be afraid of its people not the other way around.