The Monster Club

The Monster Club

A writer of horror stories is invited to a "monster club" by a mysterious old gentleman. There, three gruesome stories are told to him; between each story some musicians play their songs. In the end, it's recognized he's the greatest monster of all ...

A vampire (Vincent Price) and a horror writer (John Carradine) visit a disco for monsters, framing three tales of the unknown. Between each story some musicians play their songs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin K (de) wrote: Fantastic Canadian made documentary on TMNT starting from the 80's comics, tv series, films, toys and video games. They managed to interview every key player in TMNT history including James Avery (Uncle Phil) before his death & Jim Henson's son. The behind the scenes of TMNT (1990) film are a significant highlight along with all the interesting business issues none of us would have understood back then.

Zach M (nl) wrote: This was a decent enough family animated movie.Animation was simple enough and the story had good morals.

Kenneth B (us) wrote: It's always a pleasure to see the Toy Story characters in action, this is no exception.

Travis K (nl) wrote: This movie is hilarious and Barry Bostwick does an amazing job! I enjoyed it more than Lincoln as far as president movies go.

Steve D (ag) wrote: liked it a lot lohan was very convincing and her predicament was tear jerking

Johnny D (gb) wrote: 1 title that's on my list.. got to see and every collector should have

Bill J (kr) wrote: Story drug on too long.

Hades N Spades (us) wrote: Cute movie, worth a watch.

Alexandre S (it) wrote: revu en VF sur France 3 le lundi 27 juin 2011 de 22h55 00h45 !

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Joe A (it) wrote: The story of Dracula has been told and retold so many times that I don't fault anyone for taking liberties with the original story... though very few, if any, film or TV adaptations have been very faithful to Bram Stoker's novel. That being said, this Masterpiece Theater production has Lord Arthur Holmwood (Dan Stevens) seeking help from a bizarre religious blood cult to find him a cure for the syphilis he contracted from his father at birth. Their solution is to bring the mysterious Count Dracula to England (Marc Warren) so Arthur may use his blood to exact a cure. Things obviously go awry as Dracula has his own plans for his stay in London that include Holmwood's wife Lucy (Sophia Miles) and her friend Mina (Stephanie Leonidas). Despite the liberties taken with the story like the whole cult/syphilis thing and having no Renfield but, a slightly off kilter Van Helsing, this production is actually effective and entertaining. Director Bill Eagles gets a lot of atmosphere out of his shots and lighting and is capable of building tension and gives the scenes that need impact the strength they recquire to work. The acting is a mixed bag to a degree. Stevens' Holmwood is a little over the top at times as Tom Burke's Dr. Seward is a bit bland. Marc Warren gives a very creepy performance as Dracula channeling both Klaus Kinski and Malcom McDowell from Clockwork Orange and Sophia Miles is hot as always especially when she turns seductive and thirsty vampiress. Overall this is a decent and somewhat original adaptation that could have used more then it's scant 90 minutes as some scenes go too quick and some characters, like Van Helsing, needed to be fleshed out with more screen time. But, for Dracula and vampire aficianados, it sure beats the Twilight saga.

Will L (mx) wrote: Relies solely on the fact that everyone wants to see 'Twilight' get skewered.