The Monster of Piedras Blancas

The Monster of Piedras Blancas

An old lighthouse keeper who lives with his daughter secretly keeps a prehistoric fish-man by feeding it scraps and fish. One day he misses the feeding and all hell breaks loose.

The monster, which looks like a nastier version of "The Creature from the Black Lagoon," invades a sleepy lighthouse town. The superstitious lighthouse keeper is worried for the safety of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Monster of Piedras Blancas torrent reviews

Tim F (fr) wrote: I want to watch it again! Loved it!!!

Cita W (us) wrote: This movie covers everything from religion, romance, culture, nature, people's interaction that are different in modern and traditional syndrome. With two parts, the first part is the traditional syndrome and the second part is the modern syndrome. The differences lay in the first part, the nature and religious value are very obvious, along with the more humane relationship between people, while in the second part, everything is the opposite of the first part.

Alana K (us) wrote: Really low quality, kind of boring and stupid. I mean, it's about gays and outcasts, so how good could it be, right? No, but seriously, its heart's in the right place, but really it's not that good.

David S (kr) wrote: Has some good points to make but not enough to fill 90 minutes worth of film in an interesting way.

Spencer S (jp) wrote: Stories of England's many queens have been overflowing in the past twenty years, "Mrs. Brown" being one of the first examples, followed shortly by "Elizabeth." Judi Dench is phenomenal, as always, and courts the film as a strong leader, a wailing widow, and a great friend to her manservant, John Brown. While the film alludes to the two having an intense bond, this is not a torrid romantic drama, and very much retains respect for the monarchy. Victoria is a grieving widow throughout, as she was in life, but Billy Connelly's performance as John Brown spices up her life and brings her out of seclusion. The ending would have to be the least enjoyable thing about this film, as it just sort of ends without much explanation, and this beautiful relationship that they've built up throughout the film is abandoned. It feels like there wasn't a point in the film in the first place and upends everything they've alluded to throughout the film. Otherwise it was an understated period piece that told a much underappreciated story with zest and life.

Andrew D (it) wrote: Not as good as Gone in 60 Seconds but a decent follow up

Tom B (ag) wrote: How many times have I seen this now? 15? 20? Starting when I was too young to get half the jokes, for sure. The best stand-up comic of all time in his best recorded performance. Nobody else had Pryor's natural ability to make everything seem effortlessly improvised--as perfectly polished as every one of the bits is, right down to the last syllable, each of them flows like it's something that just occurred to him to say. He really comes across as somebody who's just hanging out and eager to have a fun conversation. His whole stage presence is flawless that way--he runs around, dances, and pantomimes fights, sex, macho posturing, and a heart attack, among many other things. In a room full of a couple thousand people, he does a couple routines lying on his back, and manages to get the crowd to go stone silent a couple times. One bit get an enormous ovation because he tells the whole thing so quietly that no one dares interrupt him with laughter. He comments on race, addiction, rape, and million different kinds of bad decisions, making all of it unbelievably funny. As a writer, social critic, humorist, and performer, Pryor was hard to match. A lot of what he does has influenced so many comics working ever since that we take some of this kind of material for granted--but Pryor was the first one to bring so much of it so successfully to the mainstream. He was an unbelievable talent and it's still hard to accept that he's gone.

Jesse K (ag) wrote: I pretty much spent 70% of this movie crying. Shocked it's so underrated. Oh and the costumes/special effects are some of the best I've seen in recent years. 4 1/2 out of 5.

Private U (mx) wrote: The most incredible bedroom scene I have ever witnessed. Threatening and hilarious at the same time!

Laura N (fr) wrote: Brilliant concept. Minimalist set, which makes you concentrate on the characterizations and the plot. Quite a math involved idea. I also really enjoyed how every character played an important role to solving the cube.

Forrest M (mx) wrote: Fast paced and full of action. This film has not stop get up and go from start to finish, along with an excellent cast.