The Monster That Challenged the World

The Monster That Challenged the World

Giants Mollusks are released from the earth by an earthquake and start killing people.

By dint of an underwater earthquake, a long-extinct monster appears and procreate at an unbelievable rate. They make everything becomes chaos and threaten innocent people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chinmay O (jp) wrote: These 2 star only for super shining performance by Prashant Narayanan.

Alex B (gb) wrote: An Algerian, apolitical, petty/street hustler/entrepreneur in Petainist/fascist France becomes (naturally) a spy/snitch/informant, but then finds himself joining the Resistance (even, sort of, the communist resistance, which of course is the real/true resistance). Anyway, a much-needed corrective to the Islamophobic, reactionary view which equates Muslims/Arabs (or communists!) and Nazis.

Suanne W (jp) wrote: I thought that the ratings/reviews on both sides were a little off kilter. It was a good movie, kind of a nice slight twist at the ending. The title "Monagomy" definitely rings true. I suggest giving it a holds your attention...may be a little predictable but umm...not so much.

Mephisto P (ca) wrote: Not every skit was earth shattering, but there were some brilliant points to be made here! Absurd: of course! How else to treat some of the most absurd parts of our accepted culture but with an equal dose of absurdity! Brilliantly poignant! Perhaps especially the iBabe, Homeschooled, and Middleschool Date (menstruation) skits, for their jab at the mindless, pathological corporatization of our lives, our brutal institutionalized education system, and misogyny, respectively! Some very funny moments to boot -- assuming you don't take yourself and life too seriously...The Catch, admittedly, had me a little unnerved, which is great! Hard to do with something so basically banal. Nicely done. And a little insightful social commentary to boot.Propositioned was ok. But maybe you can see here, more than anywhere, how this movie was targeted to the mainest of the main stream. And that's it's biggest flaw: that "underground" themes were presented to the masses. If it's not Marvel or DC, so we don't want it.Veronica was ok.Super Hero Dating: This was just some good old SNL fun!Machine Kids: Felt disturbed. Powerful! Loved it! Kid with tear running down her face: brutal!Happy Birthday (the leprechaun): meh.Truth or Dare: not bad. A few good laughs. Nice light social commentary. (mind you, blowing out blind kid's candles: brilliant!)Victory's Glory: Some good hard laughs on this one! Good social commentary too. The final free throw was nice touch!Beezel: no social commentary, but another good one for SNL...

felipe m (jp) wrote: Fragmentado, cheio de flashbacks com doses de violncia e drama, o filme vai cruzando informaes e montando o quebra-cabea, indo e voltando nas cenas (muitas, repetidas quase integralmente) pra contar a histria e desvendar o "mistrio" do assassinato de um jovem.A estrutura (ou desestrutura) montada exatamente da maneira que precisava ser, criando uma ansiedade em quem assiste, fazendo pensar em vrias possibilidades at que apresentada a concluso.

Samis S (ag) wrote: 2 stars becuse in not a good comic book movie

gustavmarkovic31 (kr) wrote: i was apprehensive about this film, knowing it is another kids-doing-great-and-unbelievable-things-to-achieve-a-sporting-goal, and i wasn't surprised. it was dull and boring fantasy/sport starring bow wow, jonathan lipnicki, and a bunch of NBA superstars. my baketball-freak brothers adore this film. jonathan lipnicki ruined it however, as he further proves how overrated he is.

Matthew C (jp) wrote: One of Paradjanov's bests.

Cris S (au) wrote: the film is overrated. cliche love story.

Ky K (ru) wrote: The adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's book is pale; the movie has good things and corrections; however the story and characters are not stronger than those of the novel.

Ellie B (ag) wrote: I think I saw this movie

JW M (au) wrote: a good laugh. and I loved the reverse-motion bits.

Ben H (au) wrote: Very average film in my opinion, all about Kate Winslet with Liam Hemsworth not lasting the film length, a little too eccentric in places but an interesting storyline