The Moon in the Gutter

The Moon in the Gutter

A dockworker seeking revenge on the killer of his sister finds himself the object of desire for two women.

He is a revenge-obssessed stevedore whose sister was brutally raped and murdered. She is a wealthy, elusive woman. They try hard to get together... or do they? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vladislav K (de) wrote: Just a piece of crap.

Nate J (ca) wrote: I've got to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of the same horror film being made with different actors. I genuinely felt the strongest sense of d (C)j vu, because it's a tired old routine and there is literally nothing new or exciting about this. Shame, but it's 90mins of forced jump scares and "meh" acting. Don't bother.

Huma T (fr) wrote: Beautiful LyricsYash Chopra styled romanceMemorable acting from SRK & Anoushka Sharma. Katrina Kaif could have been better.

Lee M (au) wrote: The Zigzag Kid's irresistible charm leaps off the screen thanks to Bal's flourishing imagery and gifted cast.

Michael B (fr) wrote: Too much unnecessary bad language, but a film with a worthwhile, and intermittently funny, message of tolerance.

Amit A (ag) wrote: Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lora R (gb) wrote: The movie started of funny and cool, as the story developed I felt that there were too many songs and too many fight scenes. I personally dislike Bollywood fight scenes, because they always look the same. The hero fights with like 10-20 guys and always wins the fight and that makes no sense at all.Hansika's performance wasn't all that, all I saw her doing throughout the movie was either just smiling or crying and playing the victim. I liked Allu Arjun's performance though, but like I said there were more fighting scenes than good acting.The humor in the movie was ok, I liked that they put some Tamil into this Telugu movie. I also liked that old Tamil woman villain, I've seen her in some other movies and she is good.This isn't Allu's best movie, that I can tell you for sure.

Darrell I (jp) wrote: strange little movie. One I suppose could call arty. One messed up family thoughNice to see Hugh Dancy in another role cos only seen him in Hannibal

Danielle S (ca) wrote: A classic fish out of water story gets an 80's teenage makeover in this flawed vehicle for the very talented John Cryer. Jon plays Andrew Morenski, a successful stockbroker in his late 20s wanted by mafia hitmen after a sour deal with a criminal kingpin. After a workmate is killed he flees, and with the aid of a razor and strategically placed hair dye, he passes himself of as a teenager back in high school. The script wants to suck out all those silly 'I've been in high school before' moments, which it does unconvincingly. The real gem of this film is Keith Coogan as Patrick, Andrew's teenage cousin. Coogan, who people might recognise from the 1987 hit Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, is charmingly silly as Patrick. His attempts at driving provide the few funny moments of the film. Cryer is stuck in a role that takes him nowhere fast. Without room to move and demonstrate at least some gravity or comic ability he is wasted in this dreary role. It is a shame to see that after his breakout eccentric performance as Ducky in Pretty in Pink this role in a top-billing movie is so run of the mill. Patrick Morenski: "Okay, on one end of the spectrum you've got homo, and on the other you've got hetero. Then there's me, way the fuck over here! "

Lisa B (jp) wrote: I loved this when I first saw it. Awesome soundtrack. And a cult classic of the 80's.

Meag M (fr) wrote: Tennant is absolutely brilliant! (of course when is he not?)The best Hamlet performance."Except my life! Rrrr, raah rrr" XD

Caitlin L (ca) wrote: Even better than the original.