The Moon Is Blue

The Moon Is Blue

Two aging playboys are both after the same attractive young woman, but she fends them off by claiming that she plans to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Both men determine to find a way around her objections.

Two aging playboys are both after the same attractive young woman, but she fends them off by claiming that she plans to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Both men determine to find a way around her objections. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John S (it) wrote: Finally, the faked moon landing conspiracy nuts get their proof, and then some.Not only does "Operation Avalanche" tell the cold war truth of America's ridiculous claim to lunar escapades, but it's also a nifty espionage thriller, complete with gun play and classic car chases. A pair of documentarians, originally hired to sniff out a Russian mole, soon hatch a plot to film the impending (impossible) moon landing with some clever cinema magic. A tricky plan for sure, but when spy agencies heat up the cold war plans, our filmic nerds are in for the ride of heir life.Filmed on crackly old stock, old school, old film, "Operation Avalanche" captures the bizarro undercover adventures of the CIA, when the fate of everything America felt near and dear to her heart rested on conquering a barren, grey hunk of space rock.Could this found footage documentary be the real deal? You decide, and along the way, enjoy the greatest in-car filmed chase since "Bullitt".

Bill B (ag) wrote: Hard to turn a 20 min show into 90 min movie - but I was happy to see the movie and hope they can do another one!

Andy G (us) wrote: Java Heat is an action drama about American over in Indonesia trying to solve the murder of a princess with expensive jewelry. not bad for a low budget action movie. B-

DibbHansen D (mx) wrote: Wonderfully acted and visually gorgeous.

The R (nl) wrote: A low budget DTV action flick done right. The film isn't very strong in terms of plotting, characterization or acting (although Scott Adkins has a solid screen presence despite lacking finesse), but director Isaac Florentine wisely doesn't spend too much time dwelling on these aspects and keeps the focus on the action. The use of longer takes and fluid camera movements makes for some impressive camerawork during the fight scenes and effectively evokes the physicality of the fighters. In addition, while the daytime and brighter looking scenes can have a somewhat flat appearance, the visually darker scenes at times look quite striking. The film comes together in a lean action-packed 86 minutes, making it easy to overlook its flaws and revel in its pleasures.

Dann M (ca) wrote: The Biblical epic One Night With the King is a compelling story of faith and duty. A Jewish peasant girl named Esther wins the heart of King Xerxes during his search for a new queen, but when a nefarious prince named Haman plots to kill the Jewish population she must risk everything to save her people. James Callis gives an incredible performance as Haman; creating a tantalizingly evil villain that's smart and crafty. Tiffany Dupont's performance as Esther on the other hand is quite poor, and she's unable to hold her own against her co-stars. However, the production valves are extraordinarily well-done; from the costumes to the set designs, to the sweeping score, the film does a remarkable job at creating a grand, historical look and feel. A powerful tale of faith, One Night With the King is an inspiring spiritual drama.

Andrew W (ag) wrote: Funny engaging film held together by Joanna Lumley and Anna friel. Great scenes with the member of parliament.

Ibraheem M (nl) wrote: An unnecessary installment in the Psycho series despite having Anthony Perkins in its leading role.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Hanks is magnetic as a naturally gifted comic whose funny is the direct result of being a lousy human being. Somehow though he befriends I-want-to-be-more-than-just-a-housewife Fields and so they help each other in the toxic environment that is stand-up comedy. It held my interest, especially Hanks whose struggle against self-destruction is riveting.

Michael K (ag) wrote: Cracking kung-fu/ horror comedy.

Aaron C (au) wrote: some excellent singing, especially from the frenchman. the vibrant colors are nice, except for the times it gets saturated in one particular color to convey a mood... then it becomes downright cheesy (like a lot of the movie), but it works :)

Abigael B (ca) wrote: Brilliant actors were casted -- from JK Simmons to Jeremy Irons and excellent performance of Bradley Cooper. Amazing layered plot. I thought it was much better than it was given credit for.