The Morgue

The Morgue

Trapped between the physical world and the afterlife, between dusk and dawn, six strangers, brought together through a series of unusual events, are an enigma to themselves and go mysteriously unnoticed by others. In their futile attempt for survival, they latch on to each other at a desolate mortuary in hopes of making it through the night. There is an astonishing twist in this INTENSE psychological thriller...more is happening at the Morgue than meets the eye.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:statue,   ghost,   suicide,  

About six strangers who find themselves stranded overnight at a rural morgue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Morgue torrent reviews

Rob R (br) wrote: Great documentary full of unexpected mystery.

Alan H (us) wrote: Uninteresting and managed to take away any frisson of excitement associated with the film or its history

Joshua N (br) wrote: this film made me swell with respect for the johns. i grew up on they might be giants, but the older i got the less i appreciated them. after seeing this, i do not merely like them. they are one of my favourite bands, again.


Laura W (jp) wrote: Film can take you all over the world!

Ryan H (es) wrote: 3 Words: Great action, gross....

Fahren T (fr) wrote: Genius cult classic. This film is the epitome of a dark comedy. Those who don't get it, won't like it. If you do get it, you will laugh your ass off.

Wrik S (us) wrote: Amamzing!!!!! So touching, so inspiring... it makes you want to be socially productive... i feel this movie should be recommended for school children.....

Ryan R (it) wrote: A movie that can give you a good laugh every once in a while.

Art S (jp) wrote: Richard Burton is grave and Clint Eastwood is laconic in this WWII spy thriller that is all about methodical action -- and keeping the viewer in the dark about what Burton knows. He's the leader of a special MI6 team sent to a remote castle stuck high in the Bavarian Alps to rescue a downed American general with special secrets that the Nazis will likely torture out of him. But things aren't particularly straightforward and you often need to wait for the next plot twist to get your bearings. Unfortunately, there are also some longueurs as certain actions (such as escaping the castle) simply take too long (across 2 1/2 hours). So, it's kind of like eating a big twisty pretzel: pretty tasty overall but a little bit dry in the middle and once it's gone, well, that's it.

Harrison W (kr) wrote: This felt much more cohesive than its predecessor. It felt about a decade ahead in production value. Very entertaining stuff. There were a few cheesy, unexplained parts that certainly wouldn't have been left in a modern movie, but overall, it held up.

Zo P (br) wrote: Excellent movie! I love Bette Davis, I wish people still made movies this good.

Private U (nl) wrote: could it get any worse? maybe.

Mark G (it) wrote: [font=Comic Sans MS][size=3]Twisted and unusual, in only the way, Dan Aykroyd could be. It's not for everybody and uncomfortable for some to watch.[/size][/font]