The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

Ethan Green (Daniel Letterle) has no problem finding guys who want to sleep with him or even date him, but finding someone to settle down with is a different story. Given three choices -- a sexy teenager, a hunky jock, or his ex-boyfriend who is about to get married -- will he find a Mr. Right, or is he destined to an unfabulous existence. Based on a popular gay-themed comic strip.

A young gay man tries to balance his career as a personal assistant while searching for love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samantha S (it) wrote: Linda Lee Tracey is a fascinating human being and a fantastic narrator on this journey. I love her so much and all she goes through to explore the edges of her own comfort zone. Overall a bit saccharine, especially in the score and Sherr Klein's approach as a documentarian.

Carlos Z (au) wrote: Do not waste your time. I was so offended by so many of the sketches.

Blake L (de) wrote: I heard this is good.

Mike P (au) wrote: This was absolutely the worst horror movie that i have ever seen. Not just the worst horror, but the worst of all types of movies that i have ever seen. It looks like it was filmed with a couple of crappy home movie cameras. I don't think the camera man ever got out of the van. The music sucked. My God, I don't know how to express how bad the movie is. I was going to start listing all of the reasons that it sucked, but it's really everything. The only reason I would recommend it is so you can also tell people that you have no doubt in your mind that you have watched the worst movie ever made.

Jordan L (it) wrote: Very loveable film! Cheesy at times, but a great movie.

Jordan R (fr) wrote: A very fun, interesting horror film that does something fun and different with the idea of a found footage horror film, without relying too much on the brutality of the murders to tell the story and send the "message" that the character is looking for.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Some good laughs--mostly delivered by Alex Baldwin--and some good messages for young people. The character "Drugs" dies in a car accident, showing the consequences of mixing intoxicants and driving, and the main character learns to take responsibility for his actions and that work in school makes a difference to your whole adult life. This movie is really nothing like Dazed and Confused, which had no moral compass.

Vincent T (mx) wrote: Qu'est-ce que j'ai pu aimer ce film. Je me demande encore pourquoi j'etais si a fond. L'heure de gloire de Wisley Snipes. Le film reste tres banal, proche de la serie B meme. Mais bon, nostalgie oblige, je continue a aimer.

alex f (au) wrote: Didn't really buy in (which was a shame). Too emotional on Duvall's part

Ben D (ag) wrote: It's hard to watch this now and not think about Airplane!, the comedy that stole so much from this and mined it for gold. There are still thrills to be had here, and some exciting sequences, but it doesn't quite hold water, especially in our modern age.

Steve W (ag) wrote: This may be Woody Allen's homage to Some Like It Hot. Its got similar plot points and vibes, and plenty of great self deprecation in his hapless manager role. The movie is alright, but I don't consider it one of Allen's greats.

EWC o (jp) wrote: Completely botched adaption of the book. Almost nothing similar, and negates the powerful symbolism of its literary counterpart.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Very good movie. Very suspenseful, great action, led by a great performance from Denzel.

Elena S (es) wrote: not really interest in horror movie actually

Jonathan G (de) wrote: I usually dislike all animation movies with talking animals, but... i am making an exception for this one. Saw it was nominated at the oscars so i thought, give it a shot! What a lovely and funny family movie. Watched on Netflix.

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