The Mudboy

The Mudboy

Police try to hunt down a serial killer in 1912 Buenos Aires.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish,Gallegan,Catalan
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:1910s,   murder,   police,  

Police try to hunt down a serial killer in 1912 Buenos Aires. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Mudboy torrent reviews

Michael L (gb) wrote: White people problems. Yawn. This movie reminds me of Bono. It thinks it's more poignant than it actually is.

Tit M (de) wrote: comedie avec pas mal de cliches et pas trop bien jouee mais sympa quand meme

Richard M (ru) wrote: Great story about the bar that launched 1000 bands!!

Bryan B (es) wrote: Good movie, some slow times but over all it's really good!

Wesley M (ag) wrote: Awesome zombie flick. The gore was done so well in this one. I loved all the throwbacks to Evil Dead and past cabin in the woods/zombie flicks. The music was also pretty rad. Who doesn't want to hear metal tunes while mowing down zombies!? Hopefully the sequel doesn't disappoint!

cli o (nl) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Maximilien K (it) wrote: Un film qui commence mal. Mal film (genre comme un mauvais film de vacances), avec des personnages pas crdibles, des acteurs dont on ne sait que penser, aucun figurant, bref c'est du cheap cheap cheap.Et puis, avec le temps... On se prend au jeu de l'histoire qui commence basiquement, mais qui se dveloppe de faon pas si banale que a. Et qui ne se finit pas comme on s'y attendait. Les acteurs, un peu dstabilisants au dbut, finissent pas tre assez convaincants, mme dans leurs rles parfois caricaturaux. (Et Clifford est super bien foutu.)On oubliera la musique... ou plutt on aimerait l'oublier, parce qu'elle est vraiment enttante... On oubliera aussi les plans ridicules sur les rochers et la mer. ?a marche quand on a une super photo, mais l a fait plus rire qu'autre chose.Un film qui se regarde plutt bien, qui laisse une bonne impression grce sa fin plus originale que prvu, mais loin d'tre un chef d'?uvre.

Wendy N (it) wrote: Takes a bit to get into it, but it sucks you in. Fairly accurate depiction of life in the early twenties, I'd say. You're trying to figure out where the heck the movie is going, and I'm not sure that question was ever really answered, for me...but the ending was not disappointing and so I'd say it was a decent movie all in all.

John K (es) wrote: This quickly-made sequel is apparently based on the novel-sequel of Ringu. The story begins right where the first film left off, but it follows Takayama's classmate / girlfriend after his death. The backstory is clunky and far from creepy and engaging as the first film. The film and, no doubt the novel too, were created to capitalize on the success of the original. Ando receives the video from Takayama from beyond the grave. In a weak moment, he watches it, and must solve a mystery to save his life. The task at hand is fairly different from the first film, but it still follows a familiar path. The problem with this one is that it fails to establish mood or build character to a point where one cares. The clever extension of Ringu's plot feels rather trivial as we sort through the muck of backstory and plot twists. The movie is competently made, but the script / screenplay feels rushed and unorganized, and that may be the fault of the source material.

bob b (nl) wrote: I thought it was pretty dank

Laura L (de) wrote: good mood film smiles and weeping! :-)

Alex A (kr) wrote: Stargate is a fairly underrated Sci-Fi picture from Rolland Emmerich, and much better than his style-over-substance mess I recently watched, known as 10,000 B.C. While I did find the story to be a little thin and the main antagonist unremarkable, I was genuinely entertained nonetheless. The production design and soundtrack were very well done here. It's not perfect, but with good performances from Russell and Spader, likable characters and a satisfying amount of action, Stargate is a thoroughly serviceable B movie.

Katie Y (it) wrote: A great legal drama with an impressive performance by James Woods.

Kyle B (gb) wrote: I really tend to appreciate some of the lesser known or less appreciated Scorsese movies and I really appreciated this different movie in his catalog. Scorsese incorporates a lot of music in his films but this is the only time he really made a musical. DeNiro and Minnelli surprised me with how much great chemistry they have in this movie. Minnelli is always a ball of energy in any movie she appears in but she brings out a much warmer side from DeNiro. The music is great, the art direction, costumes, hair/make up, and sound are all great as well though it has some stretched out parts that may have needed some fine tuning

Joy B (es) wrote: I like this and the costumes (designed by Ms. Ross) were fierce! I do have to say, though, that I'm not sure I'm crazy about the message I got from the movie -- a woman will never be happy pursuing her dreams; better to become a secretary for the man you love. Perhaps Bernadine from Waiting to Exhale should have a chat with Mahogany. Also, did anyone else see Beyonce's live written all over this movie? In some scenes, you could have swapped out Diana for Beyonce and not a thing would have changed. Maybe it's just me...

Kato H (us) wrote: a great french drama-comedy classic. Ive watched this several times in Russian. Cant' say it was my favorite flick. de Funes is funny as always...

Reece H (kr) wrote: This was a intresting watch but got a bit dull but it is not a bad movie at all quite good.

Hunter A (jp) wrote: If you loves 80's horror/comedy b rated movies this is the perfect movie to watch. Loved it!