The Mule

The Mule

In 1983, a naive man is detained by Australian Federal Police with lethal narcotics hidden in his stomach. After being apprehended, ‘The Mule’ makes a desperate choice... to defy his bodily functions and withhold the evidence – literally.

The film is based on a true event. It is about a man who is hold by the police because they suspect he hides lethal narcotics in his stomach. Do they find the evidence to bring him to justice? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna S (kr) wrote: this movie is amazing I want watch it again and again and again

Tammy Z (it) wrote: Your conventional Christmas movie. It's very hallmark. But it is a nice holiday movie. True, the plot is predictable, the dialogue is cheesy, and the chemistry it cute. But it is what you would expect from a movie like this. Sometimes it's nice to just sit back, drink cocoa, and enjoy a a cute holiday movie that will tug at your heart strings but won't make you reach for any tissues.

Mark A (fr) wrote: Kaja (Agnes Kittlesen) may not be the brightest bulb in the pack, but she is a delightful hausfrau who only wants to know that she is valued and loved. Her husband, Eirik (Joachim Rafaelsen), is a brute of a man, who dismisses her desires and aspirations and is raising his son to be just like him. So when the perfect couple, Sigve (Henrik Rafaelsen) and Elisabeth (Maibritt Saerens) move in next door with their adopted son, Kaja begins to understand just how bleak her life is. As events unfold, we see that there is a definite emotional train wreck in everyone's future, and those affected are powerless to avoid the looming disaster. Secrets, however, have a way of revealing themselves and although this viewer found the situation uncomfortable to watch, he could not tear himself away, either. Kaja comes off as a much stronger, more aware and resilient creature than the opening scenes would have us believe. By the end, we know that she will survive. Not only that, but the way is now open for her to thrive.

Jason S (nl) wrote: Although it is kind of slow and long, I really enjoyed this simple study.

Lasse C (ca) wrote: Interesting ideas squandered in this below average action romp.

Ken S (de) wrote: David Wain hits all the right marks in this comedy. The cast is great, the jokes are hysterical, and the story (at the very least) makes sense. I found the movie to be both hilarious and completely quotable, especially from people like A.D. Miles. Definitely recommended.

Jess C (es) wrote: hehe i love this film so funny

Edgar C (de) wrote: Some thoughts...Visitor Q is a very special film. Some people find it incredibly disturbing, and some other people find it hilarious. I find it hilarious. I almost laughed! It's unbelievable how depraved the human mind can be, and this little film puts it right to the screen. The opening scene gives a clear idea of how the movie will be the following 75 minutes. Like surrealistic Miike films (such as Gozu), this film gets "crazier" as the minutes pass by. The acting is acceptable and so is the script. But what I truly loved about this film is that the camera does never hesitate and it deals with very disturbing thematic material in a brutal, awesone and hilarous way.Critics and pretentious folks are blinded by the fact that Miike wanted to attempt Teorema in his on way. I say he raped it and cheerfully, since there is not a real social criticism here, but just plain fun for the whole family :)94/100

Sam M (au) wrote: Gary oldman's 1997 film "nil by mouth" is undoubtedly the most emotionally powerful, brutal, out of hand film I've ever seen. It is more of a documentary the acting is so good and realistic. The film has great emotional power in it in that this is the way many households are throughout the world. The film definitely won't appeal to most due to it's sheer brutality and ugliness. But for you people who want a different kind of film experience I urge you to check this one out a solid 5/5 for me.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: This started out interesting in a campy sort of way, but got too silly at the end.

Kevin D (fr) wrote: A number of good performances are undermined by ham-handed, melodramatic treatment.

Aaron W (nl) wrote: Beautiful. Surreal. And the crowning jewel of this wonderfully kick-ass/delirious series. It takes a much more thoughtful tone than the others while not shying away from the harsh brutality and over-the-top violence. Meiko Kaji as the silent badass, Matsu, is wonderful as always.

Dawson B (kr) wrote: This movie isn't very challenging or novel, but it's harmless. Kids will enjoy it and parents will be relieved that this isn't nearly as annoying as some other family entertainment options.

Ryan B (gb) wrote: I had hopes that this might be great, and my hopes were shot to the ground. Strange 5 or 6 stories of complete randomness and for which made no sense. Score was great but didn't go with the flow of action. Bad just bad.

David B (fr) wrote: Let the dead bury the dead this time, Mr. Finch

Andy G (jp) wrote: Hayride is low-budget trashie horror movie. About serial killer killing kids on hayride. D+

Becky P (nl) wrote: The movie synopsis is wrong -- Hester's lover Freddie isn't troubled, SHE is. Drama queen! She needs to get a life. Seriously. Imagine trying to commit suicide because your significant other forgets your birthday! She needs some hobbies or something. The movie shows how important it is to have your own life experiences and not depend on someone else to complete you. The script feels a little amateurish though -- almost like it was written by someone in high school.