The Mummy

The Mummy

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Universally recognized as one of the greatest Egyptian films ever made, The Night of Counting the Years is based on a true story: in 1881, when precious artifacts began showing up at market... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam Q (br) wrote: One of the saddest excuses for millions of dollars I've ever seen. Take every cliche apocalyptic genre movie you have ever seen and mash it up with a bad MTV show and you get this. Disappointing because Emile Hirsch has so much talent, but the "evil aliens" in this movie must have sucked his energy out too.

Harold N (nl) wrote: If you are a fan of horror than you will like this movie, some good kills and a few laughs make this a fun movie. Not a scary movie but fun to laugh at or get grossed out at like when someone is thrown in a woodchipper. Enjoy!

Braxton F (au) wrote: The star is for Weird Al.

Thas J (ca) wrote: h que se fazer agrados para a namorada... =D

Jamison R (it) wrote: Hilarious and often overlooked. A classic Bill Murray performance and many great supporting characters. Phil Hartman, Jason Robards, Tony Shaloub, Randy Quaid, and Geena Davis are all excellent in this grist comedy.

Joo N (br) wrote: Pre-Bond Brosnan film. Pretty good actually!

Paul A (ru) wrote: Argo is a good (best) picture, but Gone Baby Gone is on another level, but not for everyone, both for the same reason.

Private U (kr) wrote: A thrilling film by Griffith that wasn't racist (?!).

Gareth D (ru) wrote: Brilliant epic. Surprisingly satisfying ending, considering what it is. Only weakness are the 'silly female' scenes. Otherwise, it's a finely edited, clipping Western that could never be made today.