The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie

Kermit the Frog is persuaded by agent Dom DeLuise to pursue a career in Hollywood. Along the way, Kermit picks up Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and a motley crew of other Muppets with similar aspirations. Meanwhile, Kermit must elude the grasp of a frog-leg restaurant magnate.

A story of Kermit - the Frog who is persuaded to pursue a career in Hollywood attempt to find success with his friends & colleagues . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raistlin S (de) wrote: This is by far my favorite movie adaptation of a video game. I have been a huge fan of the games since the beginning and this movie is one I loved to watch. All the reviews that talk about how they couldn't follow the story seem to me that they we're not paying attention to it at all if you go into this knowing the story from the game it makes complete sense. But I know that is a problem because most people haven't and the movie did leave out some things that would have made it more clear. I loved this move and I hope that some day there will be a sequel

Jason H (mx) wrote: Epic! About like Morpheus'- or The Architect's-monologues in THE MATRIX series!

Wade H (fr) wrote: If Nazi's in space is your thing, then that's what the film offers, and only that. It's cheesy story and bland effects make it fun to watch, but you should be doing something productive or just watch another movie...

Shonna N (fr) wrote: The reality of people spying on each other, with all the equipment that's available! This movie is scary and realistic. The man who's spying on her is so obsessed. Cameras are positioned at every angle in every room in her house! This movie is brilliant and I loved it.

Al M (mx) wrote: Rave to the Grave takes the campiness of this serious to new heights of stupidity as a group of young ravers synthesize a drug from the infamous trioxin chemical that certainly gets people high but of course also turns them into zombies. Stupid and funny, Rave to the Grave is a fun zombie comedy that never does anything overly clever but is still enjoyable throughout.

Maru E (it) wrote: Un verano inolvidable

Jeff B (nl) wrote: If you like a movie along the lines of "If These Walls Could Talk" you will probably enjoy this. I really didn't care for the first two stories, but the rest of them seemed to get better, especially when they began to intertwine more. Two people I normally do not like at all - Calista Flockhart and Cameron Diaz - made this.

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: Monsters Inc. has funny slapstick, charming characters and a heart rarely seen in modern kids cartoons.