The Murder Farm

The Murder Farm

The young Kathrin returns to the small village where she was born to bury her mother, whom she barely knew. Piece by piece she learns the details behind the gruesome murder of an entire family on a farm near the village. It has been two years since the murder happened, but the memories are still vivid and Kathrin's visit is stirring up the past. Almost everybody seems to have had a reason to be the murderer. The murderer who was never found.

On a remote farm an entire family is murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bj H (us) wrote: Finally somebody got it right in terms of how true to life.

Alexander P (us) wrote: terrible acting, no real plot if there is one it is similar to NOTLD but thats where similarities to the classic end - not worth watching - Hinzman is obviously did this for the cash

George P (kr) wrote: Magnificent. I'm dying to see the remaining parts of the trilogy.

Eduardo L (nl) wrote: 8.5/10, 9-17-2015. Original rating: 8/10, circa January 2012.

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