The Murmuring Coast

The Murmuring Coast

Based on the novel by Lidia Jorge.

Based on the novel by Lidia Jorge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (kr) wrote: Supernatural Activity (Derek Lee Nixon, 2012)What was the last spoof movie that was any good? I can't actually answer that question, but it certainly came before Scary Movie, team Wayans' Scream spoof that spawned an entire genre of critically-savaged, ever-worse movies that continually redefine the term "dumb". Worse, they've spawned second-rate imitators, and second-rate imitators of fourth- or fifth-rate movies, well, you can see where I'm going with this. While I'm not going to deny that Supernatural Activity does generate some laughs (certainly more than team Wayans has managed collectively since the death of In Living Color), this is a movie for which the phrase "beyond stupid" could easily have been coined, had it not existed already.Nixon, an actor (Hallettsville) directing his first feature, gives us a presumably-comedic take on the currently-hopping horror subgenre of reality-TV-takeoffs-where-supernatural-investigators-actually-encounter-the-supernatural. And while this movie has no redeeming qualities whatsoever-it is bland, unfunny, stupid, and not worth a single minute of your time-I have to admit that once I started watching it, some masochistic part of me couldn't stop. And I hate myself for continuing to watch, but I did, down to the bitter, all-too-predictable end. Please don't make the same mistake I did, but be warned: if you stumble upon this on TV late one night, you'll be trapped in a situation more horrific than you'll find in any movie of the type this monstrosity is supposedly spoofing. *

monsieur r (kr) wrote: An indoor, medium size venue, live concert.* Epic used some nice camerawork to cover the concert. No large scale theatrics here, just the band playing their style of Metal to a enthusiastic crowd. Filmed in October, 2004, in Philadelphia, the play list includes 16 songs. Running time: 3 hours, color. Stereo or 5.1 available from set up menu. An insert in the dvd, the band describes this dvd as a look at a few days of a hard working band on the road or not. There is no doubt this is a gritty and no gloss or glitter view of the band's life. Not a flashy, Rolling Stones concert here... more of a garage band feel, refreshing. Special features on this one disc include: Band interviews Out takes Sound checks with band explaining gear 3 music videos DVD, Dolby Digital Stereo or 5.1, color. Good introduction to the sounds and the band in concert plus all the behind the scene work involved. Camerawork is better than expected, Epic Music Video shot the concert befitting more established and well known mainstreem rock groups. *The rating is for quality of the production, direction, camerawork, etc., not musical content. That's your decision.

Marius L (nl) wrote: Black Books, ja, bedre enn Black Swarm! Det gr an se denne filmen, men den er ikke bra p noen mte, egentlig. Billig og lettvinn med en historie som hopper hit og dit. Og stusselige kills.

Kevin P (au) wrote: Underrated movie. Hill and long have done good one liners. It's over the top goofy and cheesy but I found this movie very enjoyable

Hollywood H (nl) wrote: not a top xmas movie by any means

Naoya K (kr) wrote: Absolutely stunning.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Monday, April 18, 2011 (1984) Blame It On Rio COMEDY This movie may have started the trend often shown on raunchy comedies coming out of France and Italian cinema and in Italian horror, in terms of the idea of fortunate old men and young teenage girls falling head over heels for them is basically an excuse to see young girls topless all the time! In this scenerio stars the always chrismatic veteran actor Michael Caine, but if they use some other unknown no- name Joe Blow, in my opinion may not have received very much attraction or understanding between it's one-note characters! Even though, much of the audience are going to be males (especially underage teenagers whatever that would be) who would enjoy this which if the jokes fall flat, don't mind galvanizing often topless scenes of actress Michelle Johnson! To sum it up, both the harmless "G" rated story and it's jokes can be overshadowed by unfamily like R rated nudity, a film that may have done before, perhaps with Jack Lemmon or some other but without the nudity! 2 out of 4

Paul D (br) wrote: A masterpiece. Better than is given credit and always has something that's more than meets the eye.

Anneke R (jp) wrote: The cast was great and I loved the heartwarming storyline of two young men from India coming to the States to play baseball. And I believe to show JB (John Hamm's character) that there is more to life than money and other superficial things. A true feel good Disney movie.

Lucas G (us) wrote: Paranormal Activity is scary and smart, the perfect combination.

James L (it) wrote: Entertaining and scarily familiar

Pavan R (jp) wrote: Fantastic movie. A good story and well presented and directed . Agu does such a fantastic job in the lead role .