The Music Lovers

The Music Lovers

Composer, conductor and teacher Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky struggles against his homosexual tendencies by marrying, but unfortunately he chooses a wonky, nymphomaniac girl whom he cannot satisfy.

Piano teacher Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky struggles against his homosexuality by marrying, but unfortunately he chooses a nymphomaniac whom he cannot satisfy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marco F (jp) wrote: MAD DOG TIME is such an abysmal and worthless waste of time, it's not even really worth reviewing. This film feels like it never ends, and the humor is so totally unfunny.

Joshua L (us) wrote: For an action movie, Its not that bad

Norma G (kr) wrote: I don't wanna see it but this and Under Dog is all i hear out of my grandkid....Paige

Benno V (au) wrote: pretty disappointing

Tonya N (es) wrote: It was a pretty good movie! Sigourney was amazing in this movie, her acting was simply amazing!

Courtney S (fr) wrote: = working class characters + dancing movie + Australia + Adam Garcia

Harry F (nl) wrote: Very good brit film. Paddy Considine gives a brilliant performance, the kids are fine, it has a very retro vibe that fits in with the serious tone, and while its more drama than comedy, it is easy going for the most part. Really, the reason to see this is Considine, who is great as a first happy yet weird loner, and then descends into full blown psycho. Its easy to see its low budget and to see its one of Meadows early films, and while flawed, its still very good.

Andr D (au) wrote: Clint Eastwood dirige y protagoniza una cinta mediocre con un na premisa irrisoria: El presidente de los Estados Unidos (Gene Hackman) mata a una mujer y un ladrn (Eastwood) es testigo del crimen. "Absolute Power" puede funcionar como basura disfrutable, pero no como un buen trabajo de Eastwood como director.

In Your D (au) wrote: It is said, "He who seeks revenge should dig TWO graves!" One for the other guy and one for HIMSELF! A good horror movie for people who hate gypsies. And who doesn't hate gypsies? The lead actor is hysterical and finds the perfect balance somewhere between camp and caricature with his delivery and facial expressions. There were long stretches where I thought I was watching another Scary Movie satire starring Ronald McFatass, but credit where it's due for putting on a show in heavy prosthetic makeup. He is a highly offensive character, both physically and ideologically, and we are asked to identify with him only insofar as we wouldn't wish such a curse on anyone. The desperation of his performance late in the story at least shows that the actor driving him knew what he was doing. Like a typical King yarn the entire premise is a little goofy from the get-go and the increasingly ridiculous story beats reinforce that the cast and crew aren't taking it too seriously. The whole ordeal ends up feeling like a fevered nightmare brought about by an evening at a small-town carnival and too many corn dogs, and like the best nightmares, it is often the protagonist who makes the worst choices. I would even go so far as to call it kafka-esque, though that might be giving the production too much credit. My only complaint-- besides that fact that it is an incredibly low-brow accomplishment-- is that after a series of surprising builds it comes undone and ends with a whimper; sure, it makes sense in the context of the story, but it was disappointing that the fatass "hero" ended up learning little from the ordeal and came out the other side an even bigger douchebag. Once the main threat is out of the way the film could have gone in several interesting directions but instead chose the most obvious. Bottom-of-the-barrel entertainment to be sure, it doesn't even reach the level of what could be regarded as "pop-culture". But it knows what it is and for what it is it manages to be involving throughout. Based on a Stephen King novel, you can expect mostly tasteful gore; his stories are more concerned with distasteful people caught in the vice of supernatural forces, and the gooey stuff is supplementary. At the end of a long day, sometimes you're in the mood for a good, fun, macabre horror story featuring vengeful mobsters and murderous gypsy trash.

bill s (us) wrote: great visuals,#hitty script.

Charles D (ru) wrote: love it,but then I am a star trek fan.

Ruben A (us) wrote: i liked it. i found it entertaining. i liked the whole not giving up on your dreams feel of it. and the song sung by melissa manchester as beautiful.

Benjamin W (us) wrote: While I'm really impressed by the stunts in this film, there's just something missing that puts films by Keaton and Chaplin above films by Lloyd. Perhaps it's not enough bumbling.At any rate, one plus from watching this film is now I finally understand the "Futurama" reference of "Harold Zoid".