The Mystery of Mr. Wong

The Mystery of Mr. Wong

Detective James Lee Wong must find the "Eye of the Daughter of the Moon," a priceless but cursed sapphire stolen in China and smuggled to America. His search takes him into the heart of Chinatown and to the dreaded "House of Hate" to find the deadly gem before it can kill again.

Detective tries to solve the murder of antiques collector who was in possession of a famous jewel known as "The Eye of the Daugther of The Moon." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Mystery of Mr. Wong torrent reviews

Tracy F (br) wrote: I love Samuel L. Jackson but this disappointed me. It just would not end but I felt so vested I had to finish lol.

Derek J (ca) wrote: more action and deeper in the stock trade, overheard 2 continues the excitement from the first! lol, yes, just leave it to the team that brought us the brilliant infernal affairs series. the 3 leads also get to act alongside asia's legends.

Natasha S (us) wrote: Sick and twisted but it was still a good movie!

Thomas D (fr) wrote: don't think i loved it but had some redeeming qualities.

Jude P (de) wrote: Superbly acted by the entire lead rolls. The way the story unfolded can not miss a second where you will be in a labyrinth. A true classic. Here as well we should tell the critics that the directer sure knows how to tell a story better than any one in the world !

Katelyn B (ca) wrote: Drew Barrymore was so cute! Apart from that, however, the movie wasn't as cute as I was expecting. I think the cover is misleading. Overall, not a bad movie, but not a great movie. It was alright. Enjoyed the story; was very interesting...

Dave W (fr) wrote: A powerfull film will make you shed a single tear. This film wilk make you shed two. 86% of critics panned this which tells me that 86% of critics can take a hike.

Dan S (es) wrote: I really enjoyed this twisted piece of cinema. Accordions, filth, extra appendages, pork juice and Jud Nelson. What's not to like?

Olia S (br) wrote: Hilarious :) Relaxing and easy.

Justin B (ru) wrote: Every single character in this movie is either completely insane, completely evil, or both (usually both). Including the guy singing songs on the soundtrack. Including the director. As a result, watching this movie is like entering into some kind of strange altered state, a self-annihilating collective unconsciousness; half of the film consists of madmen (mercenaries, zealots, revolutionaries, etc.) making bold, contradictory pronouncements (one guy, the White Devil of the title, is even schizophrenic) or staring and blankly into space for long stretches of time, and the other half consists of these same people committing unspeakable atrocities more for their own sake than for any "revolution." It's very bizarre, very brutal, and very brilliant, even if its radicalism veers into nihilism on more than one occasion.

City Lights b (es) wrote: a fantastic collection of movies!

Michael P (kr) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever watched. This movie was 1950's Oscar bait if there ever was such a thing. Jennifer Jones earned a totally undeserved Best Actress nomination for her role as a Chinese doctor, and William Holden is, at best, mediocre as Jennifer Jones's American lover. The story is truly atrocious and the storytelling is overdrawn and generally awful.

James H (mx) wrote: Not exactly the best possession/exorcism movie out there, although it did have some creepy scenes.