The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen

The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen

Tex is up against a group of hooded outlaws. When he shoots one, he uses the hood to infiltrate the gang. Almost caught by them, he escapes only to be arrested by the Sheriff who thinks he's one of the gang.

Tex is up against a group of hooded outlaws. When he shoots one, he uses the hood to infiltrate the gang. Almost caught by them, he escapes only to be arrested by the Sheriff who thinks ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack W (fr) wrote: An excellent and original mystery thriller, which benefits from a superb performance from Milla Jovovich.

Ryan M (kr) wrote: 0 not a half fucking star be warned stay the fuck away from this movie. I picked this up at a chinese mall bootleg so i didnt pay much but fuck i want my buck 5 back. So why is it called see jane run. fuck if i know she DOESNT FUCKING RUN, she just strolls out the house and stairs off in space at the end. the caption scream jane scream SHE DOESNT FUCKING SCREAM, she bairly talks throughout the movie. The special effects are done with Horrible CGI and i repeat CGI should not be used for gore effects at all CGi should be apart of the action not be the action. we get no explanation as to why, when i first seen the cover i was thinking saw ripoff instead its kinda like texas chainsaw, but instead of a wierd cannibal family we have a preppie cannibal.I REPEAT DONT SEE THIS MOVIE

Cristbal S (jp) wrote: Beautifully animated, 'Coraline' is an excellent work that is both scary and lovely.

Vaibhav W (fr) wrote: Pretty mundane take on the catholic-schoolgirl-discovers-sexuality genre.

Rebekah L (br) wrote: An awesome movie with an awesome cast. Obvious ending but it was a great time just getting there, and it had Walken!!!

Stephanie M (br) wrote: Peter Marciani is a professional hitman, coming out of retirement to kill his brother's murderer. He's got blood in his sight and cool at his fingertips. But is he being setup? Some will be able to appreciate the action sequences, and the editing used to pace those scenes... especially the ones at the race track. Yul Brynner (Westworld) is the highlight and foundation of this film, and I enjoyed it.

John T (ca) wrote: When a vampire's body is unearthed by a bombing raid on London during WWII, his stake is removed and he rises from the dead. With the help of his werewolf henchman, seeks revenge on the woman who staked him two decades earlier. Since Universal owned the rights to the Dracula franchise, Columbia had to make several changes to the story. The fact that the movie takes place in contemporary England, and that the vampire's assistant is a werewolf, are the only new twists in this movie, which in all other respects is a typical vampire movie from the golden age of monsters.Bela Lugosi delivers his lines with his usual flair. Althought he only played a vampire two other times on film - in the original Dracula and in the Abbott and Costello movie - he slips smoothly into the role he made famous. Nina Foch, cast as the requisite damsel in distress, is the only other actor of note and she does a credible job. The rest of the cast was nondescript, at best.Though I wouldn't call it a great movie it features a strong performance by Bela Lugosi and plenty of gothic atmosphere in the form of foggy graveyards and decaying crypts to make the film a more than passable example of the genre.

Brenda J (jp) wrote: "Freedom Write"I like this movie because this movie is really good I ever seen and its true story too. Made me feeling like so shocked and risky and good story too because they deiced ahead and share happened during past and bad history and good in future.In the movie, three things that happened, Let me explain to you talking about happened in movie , Her is name Eva, she was kid she just view in store a doll then her uncles talking with her talking about boxing and short playing with her uncles, then few day later that she sit by outside doing a draw and her uncles stand near a car then Stanger or Bad Man did (shoot gun)to him then her dad is innocent, police take him because they think that he did kill to him but not then few she growing up, start bad thing to her boys really mean hit to her during night and outside too and she became a gangs and its worst too because she use gangs and she got a new date from gangs too.His is name Marcus he did in prison for short because he was kid with his friend walking a seat at park or something his friend bring a bag its gun that he think it's so cool a gun but he just ahead shoot gun by himself near to Marcus are scared because he is die gun by himself then police find that him and his friend too ahead take him drop at prison and he was homeless too because his mother kick out house that he was in gangs that why she feeling so angry and disappoint because he already bad thing in a history so he start wonder ahead talking his mother and that he tell to her he say "I'm sorry mom "because he want to with her live too but she was okay come with him in house.Her is name Victoria she scared because her father really bad thing to mother she trying save helping for her mother but her father did kick out of her and her little brother too later few she become homeless like for only short, but she look like alright a everything.The themes in the story are Gangs, Fight and student hide gun under pants. Meet one woman survivor from holocaust time.

Kate W (gb) wrote: Some story inconsistencies, but still interesting nevertheless.

Cham O (mx) wrote: It's about a salacious chief officer who was framed by a cute woman. It's one of those 'make you feel good' movies. Actually a good thriller. Eva Mendez is superb in this.

Ben A (es) wrote: I've really come to love this movie. This is a perfect storm here of old school skateboarding, over-energetic acting, a performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a future academy award nominee in Josh Brolin- making this a classic of 'awesomely bad' films.Not to mention you have some odd 'authentic' touches, including a character wearing a SST records T-shirt and the inclusion of actual skateboarders as stunt people or other competitors. Mix in some wonderfully over the top dialog and you've created something special.