The Naked City

The Naked City

The Naked City portrays the police investigation that follows the murder of a young model. A veteran cop is placed in charge of the case and he sets about, with the help of other beat cops and detectives, finding the girl's killer.

The film follows two detectives Dan Muldoon and Jimmy Halloran who are responsible for investigating the death of a attractive model Jean Dexter. She is murdered in her apartment and they suspect the murder wants to rob her property. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elyse E (ag) wrote: Amazing!! I want to see it again and again! It was one of the best movies ever watched! I'm not joking. You need to watch it. It has a good combination of action,romance,and thrill!!

Shelly F (au) wrote: I wish they were continuing on with the series. The movie was great and book series is amazing

shelby d (ru) wrote: VERY INTERESTING. TOO GOOD!

Anna Grace W (kr) wrote: This movie was essentially brilliant. I honestly lost track of time just watching the chemistry between these two flourish. Marisa and Vincent looked so comfortable together, and played their roles life-like? shall we say? Such charm and charisma. It didn't even drag it out too long that we should figure it out. Right before the "accident" you can scream, then the very last moment of the picture of her your like, "Ohhh I get it. That makes sense." Great movie! great!

Tina20 C (au) wrote: This movie is a Cornball movie ... hilarious in its time , if you were looking for something serious ... suggestion judge yourself more serious , comedy skit Played to me very silly and entertaining, mind you this was back in "97" ... I personally enjoyed the movie ??

Tracy N (it) wrote: This modern adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is fresh, revolutionary - a truly brilliant realization! I think that even those who shy away from the Shakespeare's twisted, complex language would enjoy and relate to this fantastic piece of work. David Tennant brings charm and wit to the young Prince of Denmark like none other. The only fault (and its hardly a fault at that) is that his character becomes slightly reminiscent of the Tenth Doctor (of BBCs Doctor Who) at times. Sir Patrick Stewart is a splendid choice as King Claudius - his impatient expression perfectly displays the hidden evil behind the character. A MUST SEE FOR BOTH TENNANT AND SHAKESPEARE FANS!!!

Kevin J (au) wrote: This one is alright, but I certainly did not see the hype. The film is exceedingly slow with very little pay-off at the end, largely because the running took a backseat and then I could never be made to care about it at the end, even if it is considered the climax. In addition, Abrahams' story just did not interest me. It was well done and all, but I could not care less. Liddell's, however, was certainly more interesting and filled with more intrigue as you waited to see how it would turn out for him. Another plus was the integration of the spiritual elements, which are used very well and provided a nice backdrop for both runners and for when some events took place. However, as I said, half the story was not interesting to me and then the climax was anything but. At the end of the day, Chariots of Fire covers many pretentious people and tries to show how it is not the same as the people it covers, yet winds up feeling just as stuffy and self-important.

Alexandre R (mx) wrote: Oeuvre petit budget du lgendaire ralisateur allemand, House by the River est cheval entre la srie de films noirs qu'il venait de raliser et le cinma gothique affectionn par American International. Le minimalisme des dcors et le ct dpouill du scnario contribuent la simplicit gnrale du long mtrage qui se laisse regarder sans effort, comme on observe un joli paysage, naturellement, sans se casser la tte.Toutefois, cette sobrit n'est pas synonyme d'infriorit. Le talent de Fritz Lang est toujours bien prsent et transpire travers chacune des scnes. L'exploitation de l'ombre et de la clart est impressionnante et se marie sans peine avec le travail de photographie soign et la direction artistique minutieuse. La mlancolie des lieux n'a d'gale que celle du bon frre, tourment par un crime qu'il n'a pas commis. Les acteurs, sans tre de grands noms, font du trs bon travail. Il s'agit d'aprs moi d'un film destin sortir progressivement de l'ombre pour retrouver sa juste place au sein de l'oeuvre du cinaste.

Adam R (ca) wrote: While it tends to fall into the "forgettable" category at the end of the day, Grave Encounters is nevertheless a perfectly enjoyable ghost movie. It's the kind of thing that you and your friends can pop in on a Saturday night and watch with a case of beer. For all of the poorly done CGI shots (which are thankfully brief), annoying character moments, and overall predictability, there's enough of a genuinely creepy atmosphere and scares (and even some funny satire of today's Ghost Hunter-type shows) to make it worthwhile.

Betsy m (de) wrote: Excellent storyline and excellent cast.