The Naked Dawn

The Naked Dawn

Santiago, a jolly modern bandito, has just lost his partner when he happens on the isolated farm of young Manuel and Maria Lopez...

Santiago, a jolly modern bandito, has just lost his partner when he happens on the isolated farm of young Manuel and Maria Lopez. Manuel's aid is enlisted in what develops into a violent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill b (br) wrote: I think its overrated... That doesnt mean it is bad

jing b (gb) wrote: i was introduce to the world of art that includes forger. i didn't know this kind of business exist

Private U (jp) wrote: Quelle moluscuque ce Kevin Sorbo !

victor l (es) wrote: Maybe Vatel lacks drama and a hotter romance between the lead characters, but the movie is so wonderfully opulent that becomes hard to forget. I really had a great time watching the amazing things this man had to organize and coordinate to please his extravagant king. Depardieu and Thurman are terrific but Roth is kind of wasted as the villain, I thought he was going to be even more threatening here and he wasn't, he got lost in the mix.

Bonnie S (de) wrote: Have watched this movie at least 6 times - several with my daughter. I am 63; she is 34 and we would watch it again - and again. Every time it comes on TV we call each other to make sure neither of us miss it! It's fun!

Troy K (nl) wrote: 2/5 There is some funny stuff, but not worthy, skip it.

Carlos I (jp) wrote: Such a blast! It's such a shame Thomerson never became the huge actor he deserved. They don't make em like they used to...

CJ C (us) wrote: Wow... how did I forget to rate this one, I OWN it?? lol. Subtle, painful & beautiful. Luv DK & IH always.

John D (ag) wrote: Ustinov carries the film with some nice support from Malden, Smith, and Newhart. Genial and charming even if it never really goes anywhere.

Wahida K (gb) wrote: Sunata Maut sar per Gumti he per aaj mein Maut ke uppar gumraha hun.Translated They say death hovers over you, but I m hanging over death tonight. - MehmoodA Spy-Thriller. I really dont have proper words to describe this Movie. What I like about the Old Bollywood Movies was that the OUTDOOR Shootings. Great places of the country were shot you will feel to be there too. Ankhen aka the Eyes is a great Spy Thriller. A tiny bit of everything. This Movie proves how Bollywood has changed these days. Dont get me wrong I dont have anything against changes but the " good old touch" of Hindustandpan in Hindustani Movies has just dissappeared either in Nudity or copying the great Pieces from Hollywood Just for the sake of the good old Rupaiya. If you see a Spy Thriller of these days in Bollywood mostly 95% a Hollywood Copy the other 5% ofcourse the useless songs.I laughed my Belly off! Mehmood as Spy and his interrogation methods, great lord! The song dede allah ke naam which was partly shot in Beirut, Lebanon was so awesome to watch. Mala Sinha one of the great actress and Dharmendra in those days. Great Plot, great casting, great directing, and ofcourse the Awesome Locations. Celebrated 25 Silver Jubilee Weeks at 12 Stations. Celebrated Daimond Jubilee Winner of the Filmfare Awards. Shown at Indian Film Festival MoscowTriviaThe actress Kum Kum was one of the very few Female Actors who refused to work with Mehmood after couple of Movies.

Marrick A (us) wrote: A Hitchcock jewel. The scene where they kill Mr. Gromek is brilliant.

Daniel S (us) wrote: Even though it's an original screenplay by Williams, it still feels like a play, with few locations and characters and several long dialogue scenes, that's not a complaint by any means though, like any Williams work, it isn't afraid to look at controversial issues and deals with how life was in the south back then, all 3 of the leads are very good in their roles, some scenes may go on a bit too long, and the whole climax scene i wasnt a huge fan of, but its still well done and written overall and i recommend it for fans of williams

Michael Y (ca) wrote: It's Atheism vs. Christianity, 1920s style! Directed by the great Cecil B. DeMille, The Godless Girl is a provocative look of fanatic beliefs and struggling humanity that eventually turns into a cute and wonderful love story. The Godless Girl begins in a high school where The Girl, (a.k.a. Judy), is beginning "The Atheist Society". The Boy, (a.k.a. Bob), doesn't like this. A riot between the athiests and christians leads to a death of a girl and sends Judy, Bob and his friend to an cruel and inhumaine reform school. All of a sudden living in a society where two groups can express opposing beliefs doesn't seem all that bad. Now that The Boy and Girl are equally struggling desperately, though they are seperated by an electric fence, a love grows between them as they plot an escape. What begins kind of cartoonish finnishes as a powerhouse of emotion and suspence. The cartoonish and steriotypical beginning is like an equilizer. No side is justified, just presented at it's most ruthless in a society where you can do that. But abusing those rights can lead to them being taken away, once our freedom is taken away, all that remains is a humanity that is in each in every one of us. This is a beautiful and pretty damn romantic movie, but it's also an unsettling story because it reminds us that reform schools as horrible as the one in this movie do exist, but are much worse. Surprisingly this movie isn't just a dramatic, emotion movie, it's actually written quite intelligently with creative details, weird slang, but some great moments. What would be DeMille's last silent movie would also be his first sound movie. Confused? Only DeMille could pull it off. The Godless Girl is one of DeMille's lesser known movies, and it's surprising to see a regular style movie made by a director infamous for making epics. But DeMille still goes crazy with the budget and makes one hell of a good looking movie, especially for one made in 1928. There's some great cinematography to capture the exciting and romantic moments, and the films editing and structure of the scenes builds up for some wonderful suspence. But what's definitely impressive is the sets. A fight scene choreographed on one big staircase set is filmed very well, and a whole building was built for this movie to look like a reform.... well lets call it a prison, it really did look like a horrible place. But the interior and exterior sets look fantastic, and filmed just as well too. Make no mistake, just because this isn't a DeMille epic, doesn't mean that DeMille didn't push his ability and his actors as if he was making an epic. And if you see the latest restoration you'll hear a wonderful soundtrack as well. You're never going to see a film like The Godless Girl again. This movie was made in a time where religious and political views weren't liberalized in movies to please the general audience. This movie has a message whether people liked it or not. But what's even better is that this movie doesn't pick sides. There is no moral at the end whether The Girl or The Boy was right and the other wrong. This is a movie about humanity, and it will go to awkward and risky lengths to show that kind of movie. But what's even greater is that The Godless Girl can still appeal to modern audiences and culture today.

Graham M (gb) wrote: Although well-meaning, it's just a little too hard to take serious and very predictable. Also feels like a film that would have done better in the 70s.

Benjamin F (de) wrote: Makes little sense, but it's not unwatchable