The Naked Kiss

The Naked Kiss

A former prostitute discovers that her philanthropic fiance is involved in perversion.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   medal,  

Kelly, a prostitute, finds redemption in the town of Grantville, where she arrives working as a medium-time seller. There, she meets Griff, the police captain of the town, with whom she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kendall I (au) wrote: Letters to God is one of the best movies of all-time! I don't understand why all these critics are rating so LOW! Athiest critism? WHo knows. This movie caught a vein on me and I loved it! It made me realize to treat God more as a friend and that no matter who you are or what situation in,you can spread the news of God. The acting was brilliant too! The reason I didn't give it the full bar is because it was so sad! Sad movies and I are iffy together. But overall,great for anyone.

Katie W (ca) wrote: Very interesting. A little slow paced but kept my interest the whole way through.

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Panayiota K (ru) wrote: Great casting, Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando and Julie Harris. Having said that, wtf did i watch? People describe it as southern gothic but it was just weird. Weird people with problems. Anacleto especially, he was creepy. I was so excited to see it and now i'm numb! Also i couldn't understand what Brando was saying. What was that accent?

Tony C (jp) wrote: That is one top movie. Acting is top notch. Check it out!

Matthew C (it) wrote: Not as grand or moving as some other epics of the day, but Zulu is a large drama that takes its historical tale seriously and takes its time in preparing us for just one battle. One very big battle. Historical inaccuracies aside, of which I'm aware there are many, Zulu is enjoyable if only for the question of how Baker and Caine are going to hold off 4000 Zulu warriors with only 100 British soldiers, some wounded or sick. Goes to show how defensive positions and guns over spears can grant huge advantages. The cinematography does justice to the landscape and the characters often bring color to the otherwise blues and greenish grays of Africa. Caine is not the Michael Caine you know today but much younger and in an arch of carefree officer to embattled brave warrior. Jack Hawkins plays the reverend wonderfully but as this is the only representation of the Church in the movie and it's inaccurate, I found Hawkins' character greatly annoying and a flaw in the movie. Ulla is beautiful but underused. Not one of the pillars in historical films but a solid effort that I can check off the list.

Noel V (fr) wrote: Riveting. An anecdote says it all: Georges Auric, who wrote the excellent music score, asked what he should put on the crucial heist scene; Dassin said he wasn't going to use music. Auric was aghast: he insisted on composing a score, in case Dassin needed one. Dassin screened the heist with and without score, after which the composer approached the director and said to Dassin: "Get rid of the music." Just sayin.

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