The Nameless

The Nameless

The mutilated body of a six year old girl is found in a water hole. The girl is identified as the missing daughter of Claudia. However, only two peices of evidence could be used to identify her; a bracelet with her name on it near the crime scene, and the fact that her right leg was three inches longer than her left. All other methods of identification were removed from her body. Five years later Claudia, now addicted to tranquilizers, receives a phone call from someone claiming to be her daughter, asking for her mother to come find her before 'they' kill her. Other mysterious clues show up, further indicating that Claudia's daughter is indeed still alive, and very much in danger. Claudia, a run-down ex-cop, and a parapsychology reporter put together the clues to discover Angela's whereabouts

The mutilated body of a six year old girl is found in a water hole. The girl is identified as the missing daughter of Claudia. However, only two peices of evidence could be used to identify... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave R (it) wrote: Well it was alright but the puppets just get enough time to do anything there always taken and they dont get to kill as many people like the old movies they are kinda boring now a days

Bhavesh G (nl) wrote: An Action Packed Thrller Movie.. No Songs , No Fight , No Punch DIalogues.. shining Star CHANDRAKANTH's COmedy was to the core..TAMIL CINEMA is moving to next level..

Jason L (kr) wrote: It was a very interesting concept for a movie, and it maybe it was because I was tired. But it I found it rather boring after a while. It was all fine up until the assassination happens. But the events after were rather boring. It might have been better if it was made into a real movie.

Mahir T (nl) wrote: Pretty good, it had it's funny moments and I always love what Ben does.

Snigdha N (nl) wrote: Amazing 'prequel' which sows the seeds of character and plot for the original. Set in various years (jumping forwards in time as the film goes on) and culminating in the highly symbolic handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. Wonderful performances and a highly credible backstory means this film actually adds to the texture of the first film. The same themes of loyalty, identity, good and evil are delved in more detail. As is the question of whether people are inherently good or bad or simply shaped by the events of their lives. Sam's rise to the top of the triad gangs is dealt without hand-wringing moralising. There are always going to be criminals, it's just a question of who they are and how bad they might be. An excellent film.

Logan M (gb) wrote: Featuring some of the most brilliant and laugh-out-loud funny satire ever put in a horror-comedy, "Shaun of the Dead" is simultaneously in a league with both Monty Python and the social critique zombie films of George A. Romero.

Brian P (au) wrote: See Sylvester Stallone as you've never seen him, an out-of-shape sheriff of a fictional town in New Jersey where dirty NYC cops go to live. A series of events leads Stallone's character to question his role as an enabler and force him to action. An Internal Affairs detective played by Robert Deniro, who is out to bring down the ring of dirty cops led by Harvey Keitel, provides a conscience for Stallone's character. Great cast includes the likes of Ray Liota, John Patrick, John Spencer, Peter Berg, Cathy Moriarity, and Michael Rappaport to name a few.

Skyler B (mx) wrote: what garbage is this!

Wahida K (nl) wrote: Not really one of the best but nice to watch. Not a bad comedy. Trying to get rid off the dead body of Billy Zane s character, some nice LOLs scenes nothing special.

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: "Come on, make my day."-Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood)

Nicholas B (ca) wrote: A true cult classic. Love everything about this one, so many brilliant concepts in the one film, this is seriously entertaining shit.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Over an hour of people sitting on a spaceship and trying to avoid having sex with exiled virgins of the Atlantian empire. Boring! Decent MST3K episode.

Christine R (ag) wrote: An important movie from a dark time in history. Bette Davis and Paul Lukas are fantastic in this anti-nazi film that is moving and not too propagandist. Lucille Watson is also great as the family matriarch who comes to see the struggle of good versus evil under her own roof. This film is a definite must see.

mu s (gb) wrote: ok i want to watch this one

Sharleen P (ca) wrote: I was captivated from the very beginning. So real my instinct was to run away from this movie! James Wan you've taken a real life event and drawn our imaginations to where it points Fear Factor! Could not fault the whole movie. Nothing screams real like the actors facial expressions and what's worse is you know this has happened to a real life family. If you are a critic that says this latest technology does not scare me well see this movie. James Wan takes us further than that. Get a feel of the house, the past occupants and the relationship amongst two families.