The Nasty Girl

The Nasty Girl

When a young woman investigates her town's Nazi past, the community turns against her.

When a young woman investigates her town's Nazi past, the community turns against her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan J (es) wrote: This is a superb movie. Probably one of the most important in many years. Should be mandatory for all elected officials in every country of the world.and it is beautifully filmed.... Suspenseful, engaging. President Nasheed is an incredibly interesting man.

Inta K (de) wrote: quite a nice and warmhearted movie

Oscar M (br) wrote: Political chameleons deserve their fate.

WS W (es) wrote: Where were you taking me to?

Rick E (ru) wrote: great documentary, just like the first. while fun to laugh at these people, i think it's fantastic that they are passionate and happy. anyone who feels pity for them should re-evaluate their own life.

Greg W (ag) wrote: stanton is the reason 2 watch this slow meditation about a man

Marco P (ag) wrote: nearly good as the first one. slap & gun scene is a must.

Bengel W (mx) wrote: Evil forces, the Catholic Church and mayhem will ensue. Cinematography gives an account of the mysterious and fears in heavy ladles giving good cause to jump. Actors scream well, a sign to the fear and pain that is being told in the story. Sets are magnificent creating a very believable time and place. Interesting question; Where did Satan fall, Answer Tartarus. Nibbles: Bruschetta

Jeremy F (ru) wrote: Am I gonna get in trouble for this.....Okay, so I liked this movie. A movie that has one of the longest, and most graphic rape scenes of all time within it. Aside from the obvious flaws in the order the rapists were killed off by the vengeful Camile Keaton, Meir Zarchi's writing was a notch above most exploitation films of the time. The acting was also very solid. Helped along by the ever quotable "Suck it, bitch", uttered by Keaton, and the acting promise of Ron Schettler (as Eron Tabor). The atmosphere is very well applied into the film; the inclusion of no soundtrack was a very bold choice, that worked surprisingly well. As far as the scathing reviews given at the time, this movie lives on. It leaves to us one of film's most negatively rejected pieces in history; and even that hasn't stopped people for seeing this film as a decent piece of cinema.

Roy M (it) wrote: "hey pelican! pelican!"

Private U (ru) wrote: The original and still the best!